Fate Chose Me

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*NELISWA(the nun. The mystery woman or whatever you choose to call her)
Growing up life was messed up. Not in a bad way, I was happy with my mom in her house with the little money she made to feed us. Things were great until I fell pregnant in matric and it was either the baby or my future and like any naïve teenager, I chose the easy way out. At the time Travis didn’t even know I was pregnant with his child so it was the perfect escape. I went to do those back door abortions but instead the abortion was unsuccessful and landed me up in a hospital bed. Nothing about it made sense. I asked the clinic for an abortion and they gave me pills to terminate the child but nothing happened to it. the baby didn’t die because months later there was a heartbeat and nothing was wrong with me. I knew then and there that this was no ordinary baby that I was carrying, something about it was special and seemingly fate didn’t want me to kill it. My Christian of a mother found out about my failed attempts of aborting and she kicked me out after I gave birth to her. she didn’t even let me see her let alone hold her. she did her best to keep me away from my daughter until I eventually gave up. Travis came back from Varsity, he was studying Medicine and unlike me he was from a rich family which would afford anything he could ever desire. I told him what happened with my mom and my pregnancy and he and my mother had an altercation which landed my mother in a hospital bed. Travis wanted us to steal her and run away with her but I couldn’t do that to my own mother, she adored my daughter or maybe she saw me in her but I couldn’t let us do that to her and so I left. I figured that if maybe I left then my mother and daughter would be safe. I made it my mission to do some research on how she could have survived two abortion attempts but I never got anything until I stumbled upon a coven of witches. There I stayed with them and they taught me their ways of leaving and it was also discovered that I myself was a witch and that the baby I had been carrying was special and the ancestors were protecting her for something greater in future.
I learnt that my daughter was meant to tame a wolf… not just any wolf but a hybrid. As a mother obviously I didn’t want that to happen but our coven leader made sure that even if I tried to stop what was bound by fate I could not stop it. I was not powerful enough to break the curse she had placed on me. That curse being one that I could not be anywhere near my daughter without hurting her. Yes, Anelisa Sibeko is my daughter and I had her when I was 17 with Dr Travis Smith who was 21 at the time and is now a vampire. When Travis was 25 he got into an accident and I asked for help from my fellow witches but little did I know that they were helping me turn the love of my life into a blood sucking monster. I cast a spell on Travis to supress his need for blood and wiped any memory he may have had of me because it was what was best for him and for me and so that he may forget Lisa ever existed. Everything comes at a price with the ancestors and the witches and the price I have to pay is one to witness my own daughter tame the most dangerous creature known to humans. I am yet to find out what’s so special about her because she is not a witch nor is she a vampire or a wolf because if she was any of those I would feel her but I didn’t feel that when I held her that day. I got a job at her school with hopes in finding out the truth but instead I ended up hurting her and losing her in the process. I had been working on a way to try and get close to her without hurting her but it hasn’t been easy, none of the witches are willing to help me out with this so I’m screwed. I need a drop of her blood in order to finish what I’m making and I don’t know how I will get it if this keeps happening.
Lately I’ve been having dreams of her tied down and every time I try to help her something pulls me back and I end up not being able to set her free. Nothing pains me more than seeing her in that state. That woman is determined on killing her and I would never forgive myself if something happened to her. I was in my room with a failed spell attempt when the door swung open
“You need to eat Nelly”
I sighed in defeat
Me: how? I still haven’t found a way to save her
Her: you can’t save her if you don’t know what you saving her from Nelly. Come here
She sat on top of my bed and held her hands out to me and started chanting, I repeated after her and suddenly we were in a cemetery. We walked together to a crypt (something like a vault/cave). We saw a group of people talking
Her: Nelly we have to go.
Me: Wait Mbali
I walked closer and these people were talking
Person 1: she has to go or else they will wipe out our coven with her
Person 2: she’s only a child
Person 1: Wait. Someone is here
Mbali pulled me and we were back in my room
Me: Mbali why did you do that?
Her: they could feel us Nelly and if they had seen us we would have been trapped in the land of the dead
Me: Mbali what if those people are talking about my daughter? We have to go back there
Her: I’m not strong enough Nelly. I’m sorry
She got up and walked out leaving me on my bed lost and scared. I needed to protect her from whatever evil that may try to harm her. If I couldn’t kill her when she was in my stomach what were the odds that these people would succeed in killing her? But then again if those were witches then they could forge a blade to kill her. I threw everything off my bed in frustration. Nothing made any sense anymore. I needed to meet up with Travis maybe he could help me. he was a doctor after all. I made my way to his hospital and he was busy with a patient. I convinced the reception with my amulet to let me in. I got into his office and sat on the patients chair opposite him
Him: Miss Neliswa how may I help you?
He hadn’t aged a single bit. he was still a handsome man.
Me: uhhm high doc. I uhhm have a problem
Him: with?
Me: my uhhm… My boobs, I think I have a lump
I couldn’t think of any better excuse and it’s been too long since I felt his touch. In my hand I had powder which I needed to blow into his face in order for him to remember me. He walked over to me and he leaned in and that’s when I blew the powder into his face and then helped him sit on the chair next to mine. He had collapsed. I took this time to go through his stuff. He didn’t have a ring on his finger so it meant he was still available. I looked though his drawers and I came across a file written ANELISA SIBEKO. I opened it and paged through it and her blood samples had been taken. I now needed to convince him to hand me Lisa’s blood samples. After what seemed like 15 minutes he finally woke up.
Him: Nelly?
Me: Hi Travis
Him: what are you doing here?
He was more shocked than happy.
Me: I need your help.
Him: you need my help? Nelly you left! You came into my life and turned me into whatever I am and then packed up your shiit and left and now you walk into my office and demand my help? It doesn’t work like that Neliswa!
This was going to be harder than I thought!

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