Fate Chose Me

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*HEATHER(the other woman from Mona’s side, the old woman Mona had been seeing)
I am a witch and I’ve been practising from since I as 15. I was born in a family of witches from New Orleans and that is where my ancestors and family resides. Back when I was 15 my grandmother was teaching me the basics but I’ve always been a curious one. I didn’t want to just know the stuff she was teaching, I wanted to know more like how to appear to a person as another person, how to mix potions and how to do pretty much everything. I met Monalisa’s mom when she was pregnant in my travels for some ingredients I needed to mix a potion. I was posing as a nurse at the time, some of us witches have gifts to see/feel when a woman is pregnant and she at the time didn’t know that she was, I could feel the power her daughter possessed so I made it my duty to keep her safe but little did I know that she was carrying what is known as a doppelganger; many see a doppelganger as a curse, something that brings about bad luck… at least that’s what I grew up thinking so I made it my mission to learn more about her. I lost touch with her when she was around the age of 12 and her mother had died or at least that’s what that woman led everyone to believe. The thing about Doppelgangers is that they may look alike at times or even be of the same age at times but they are not born at the same time or same day or even the same year and are born in different places of different races, hence they are not twins. What makes them special is their blood and the things it possesses and the things you can use it for. I recently found out of her and I had to make contact with her even if it meant me turning my back on my coven.
The day at school I drew some blood from her to so that I could be able to see what it is that makes her a threat and puts her life at such risk. This friend of mine tends to get visions and she had a vision of Mona being tied down with her doppelganger by Mona’s mother as a means to sacrifice them both so that she herself could be reborn as the world’s most powerful witch of all times. Back when Mona’s mother was pregnant she was a good person but when she gave birth she lost her sister that same time and so that in turn made her feel as though her baby was nothing but a curse that she needed to get rid of. She joined a cult that practises evil and so that cult in turn cursed her daughter as a means of them getting more power every time Mona tried getting closer to someone. Hence she doesn’t allow herself to get close to anyone because she’s afraid that the person she gets close to will die. After Mona realised that people were dying when they got close to her she made it her personal mission not to let anyone get that close to her and their cult slowly started losing their power. It got to a point where they were plotting on getting the other doppelganger in order to sacrifice it to their master of the underworld where they draw their power or strength or whichever word you want to use.
With Mona’s blood I was given something like a foothold in order to see where it all started and where it’s going but for me to fully understand why fate chose her I need the blood of the other doppelganger which means I need to take a trip to South Africa and find her first because she is not easy to find, it’s like something or someone is protecting her from being found and whatever magic that she or he is using its very strong to be penetrated hence I told Mona to find her doppelganger and switch lives with her. For nature to balance one of the doppelgangers have to die, if both of them exist then our covens are in trouble in a way that we will be wiped off the surface of the earth which will allow hybrids, vampires and werewolves to roam around freely causing chaos which puts the humans in great danger. After showing Mona what I wanted her to see I wiped away some of her memory. That being her knowing that her mother is posing as her aunt because then if she knows then she won’t leave. after everything she took her things and left, all she knew was that she needed to leave ASAP! Just after she left a friend of mine, the one who has visions walked in.
Her: Tay you know that what you doing is not right!
Me: it’s the only way Kathrine
Her: there has to be another way.
Me: if they both exist then we will die! Which part of that does not make sense to you?
Her: you don’t know that! What if it’s a tail we were led to believe in order to give our ancestors more power? What if you ran into Kaylin in order to lift the curse of the doppelganger?
I shook my head!
Her: Tay look!
She sat me down as I was wiping my hands with a cloth
Her: I understand your concern but if really these children were a danger to our covens then I would have seen something already don’t you think?
I thought about it and she was making sense but them both being alive means that their blood still has the power to create more hybrids, creatures that cannot be killed!
Me: Them being alive means their blood is still useful enough to create more hybrids and more vampires
Her: we both know vampires aren’t created using doppelganger blood now!
Me: we don’t know that yet
Her: yes, we know! Vampires are created using spells and a special plant which no longer exists anymore!
Me: either way
Her: Taylor we should be lifting off the curse and not doing this to that child. She has a pure heart; she doesn’t deserve what is going to happen to her
Me: what do you mean?
Her: do you really think that you are able to stop fate? She was chosen Taylor and switching the two of them changes nothing!
With that she walked out leaving me really confused. What was she talking about? There’s always a loophole where magic is concerned and I wanted to believe that this was the loophole in the doppelganger situation!

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