Fate Chose Me

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I told my brother to go in ahead of me as I checked up on Lisa. I went to stand in front of her and touched her shoulder
Me: Lisa?
She looked up, you could tell she had been crying and she was still crying, it was visible in her eyes. She was so too beautiful for words and see her in the state she was currently in tore my heart apart, it broke my heart and made me wish I could take the pain away from her myself.
Her: its my fault. It’s all my fault
She said breaking down
I pulled her up and pulled her to my arms and just let her cry on my chest. She was really short and really cute. I let her cry until she had hiccups while brushing her back
Me: it’s not your fault
I didn’t even know what I was saying let alone know what I was talking about but she needed someone to tell her that it wasn’t her fault! She pulled away from my chest sniffing
Me: come let’s go get you a glass of water
She nodded. We walked with my arm around her shoulder to the water dispenser and I poured her cold water which she took small sips off. her big round eyes were tiny from all the crying. How does someone cry and still look that beautiful? it had to be a crime right? it had to be wrong! We walked to sit down.
Her: I found my grandmother on the floor today
Me: I’m sorry. Any idea what happened to her?
Her: I said somethings to her earlier on and she went to lock herself in her room and when I went to call her to eat I found her on the floor
Me: I’m sorry Lisa but I’m sure it’s not your fault
She shook her head
Her: I should have respected her. I should have obeyed her and not spoke back to her the way I did
Just then a nurse walked up to us.
Her: Sibeko?
I looked at Lisa. Wasn’t she Click’s daughter? Click is Noland so how was she a Sibeko?
Lisa: that’s me! how is she? Is she going to be ok?
Her: her pressure was very high which in turn caused her to have a heart attack
She started wailing all over again
Lisa: I almost killed her
Me: how is her grandmother doing right now?
Her: she’s breathing. We keeping a close eye on her but she should be ok in a few days
Lisa: can I see her?
Her: I’m sorry not now. We have to monitor her
Lisa: please. She’s all I have
Her: I’m sorry but we can’t let anyone see her at the moment.
With that she walked away from us leaving me with a crying Lisa. I just pulled her to me and let her cry until she had no more cry in her.
Me: I understand that I owe you answers and you will get all of them but first I need you to do me this favour and then I’ll be out of your hair
Him: NO Nelly. You f*cked me up..
I cut him short in his venting
Me: our daughter is in danger Travis
Him: Our daughter?
Me: I was going through your stuff and I came across her file and you took her blood samples today and I need that blood
Him: Why would you need her blood? I take blood samples on a daily. Which patient is she?
Me: Anelisa Sibeko
He gasped in shock. My eyes wondered around the office, seeing this man again after so many years made my heart feel some type of way. I still loved him and knowing that he wasn’t married gave me hope that maybe we could pick up where we left off. I wanted to grab his face and kiss him for dear life but I couldn’t do that so I let the guy be and just wondered my eyes around the office
Him: She’s our daughter?
I nodded looking at him. I saw his eyes glistening with tears. God a man crying is not a pretty sight, it’s painful to watch.
Him: how did I not know that she is our daughter?
Me: Trav I will answer whatever questions you may have of her but can I please just get this blood first and then we’ll have lunch and catch up
Him: NO! even if I wanted to give you her blood samples, they already on their way to the lab and I can’t get them back
Me: and where is your lab?
Him: I cannot tell you that
Me: our daughter’s life is at risk. Are you really willing to put her life at risk like that?
Him: No Nelly. You don’t get to do that. You don’t get to manipulate me using our daughter in order to get what you want. Why do you want her blood?
Me: you know what? Never mind!
I stood up and he grabbed my arm, that vampire super strength was actually revealing itself.
Me: Travis please let go of my arm you hurting me
Now I could give him a migraine or hurt him back but I feel like I’ve already messed his life up enough and I don’t want to do that
Him: you not going anywhere until you give me answers
Me: Travis you breaking my arm please just let go of me and I promise you I will tell you everything I know
He looked at me for a while before letting go of me. He was super angry and when you a vampire everything of yours gets heightened. Travis used to have anger issues but he never hit me or anything like that so his anger was heightened when he turned.
Him: start talking!
He walked over to the door and locked in and came to stand in front of me leaning back on the desk balancing with it with his eyes piercing right through me.
After a while of my crying and sobbing on the poor guy’s chest I got out of it. I was even embarrassed to look at him. We don’t know each other like that for me to be doing such things to him.
Me: uhhm I am… I’m sorry
Him: come let’s take a walk!
Me: what?
Him: you need fresh air and so do I. Let’s go
He was already standing in front of me with his hand held out to me and so I took it and we both walked out hand in hand in silence. We got outside and Mamu’Namhla from the church was about to walk in.
Her: hello Lisa
I nodded
Me: hello Ma
I said trying to pull my hand from Ahlume but he was determined on not letting go of it. Oh God this is the last thing I need. I can’t have people from my church seeing me parading around with a man.
Me: this is Ahlume my friend
She pulled out her hand to greet him and he held her hand and they shook them and then she quickly let go of it, her smile had turned into what seemed like a frown. I didn’t even know what to make of what just happened.
Her: Stay away from him if you know what’s good for you!
With that she walked away. What did she entail? Did she see something in him like how she saw something with me in church?
Him: what was that about?
Me: I should be asking you
Him: she doesn’t even know me Lisa, I don’t understand why she would tell you to stay away from me
Me: she sees things ok
Him: so what? She saw something in me and then decided that you should stay away from me? Oh Please Lisa!
Me: why you raising your voice at me?
I said cringing
Him: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to
I pulled my hand away from him
Me: maybe I should stay away from you!
I said walking back inside. When an old person tells you to stay away from someone it’s because they know better than you do. I went to sit in the reception waiting for anything really that I could get about my grandma.

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