Fate Chose Me

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I didn’t understand what the deal was with Lisa. I was fuming, I didn’t do jack shiit to her and then some old lady tells her to stay away and she decides to do just that. That’s BULL! I walked to the car and dialled this other chick from Steve Biko campus whom we screw every now and then. She answered on the third ring
//Her: Ahlume?
Me: why do you sound shocked?
Her: cause you never call anymore and I never see you
Me: I’ve been busy man. A lots been going on even at home
Her: yeah? Sorry to hear that
Me: what are you doing?
Her: I just got out of class. You?
Me: I’m driving around. Where are you
Her: Steve Biko
Me: I’m on my way to fetch you
Her: Ahlume I hav…
Me: see you in a bit Sinalo//
I ended the call. I know she was going to remind me of her boyfriend and tell me shiit about being busy but she knows I don’t beg and she knows she can get it just how she should be getting it and I know very well she won’t be saying any of that when she’s screaming my name when she cums. I got to Steve Biko and parked outside and called her
//Me: I’m here, where are you?
Her: I’m leaving the res now
Me: he must be mad at you huh?
Her: can we not do that.
Me: where about the res are you dude?
Her: I will meet you near the Library
Me: Ayt//
I walked towards the gate leaving the school and headed to the res. See the thing with me Sinalo is that we are compatible sex-wise, there’s nothing she doesn’t do in bed and she’s always open to trying new things. When 50 shades came out she suggested we do the freaky shiit Christian does to Ana and who was I to say no? Her boyfriend suspects that there’s something going on between us but we’ve assured him that we nothing more than cousins and he actually bought the story… Such an idiot if you ask me. I met them as they were walking out. I walked over to them
Me: Hey cuz. Nigga
Him: yeah
Me: how are you? been a while
Him: good. You?
Me: same. Ready to go?
Her: yeah sure. Bye babe
She hugged him and kissed him, I cleared my throat with a chuckle and they broke the kiss. I wasn’t even phased by their kiss but I was doing it to spite the guy. They hugged again and then I took her hand and we walked away
Her: that was really not necessary
Me: well maybe if you had a better boyfriend then I wouldn’t have
She rolled her eyes.
Me: do that again and watch me grab your ass in front of all these people
Her: fine I’m sorry.
We walked to the car over meaningless conversations and then we got into the car and I drove us to Spur to buy something to eat and then we drove off to dad’s old house. I respect my parents enough not to screw girls under their roof. We got to the room and we did all the things. We were laying in bed cuddling with her on my chest
Her: you were too rough today
Me: I’m sorry
She had scratches on her back and bite marks on her shoulder and some other parts of her body. I really went overboard with her than usual. It was like I was transferring the anger I had from earlier on to her and that in turn ended up with her bruised.
Me: you should have told me to stop
Her: I did Ahlume but you didn’t listen
Me: I’m really sorry Sina. Let’s get you something for the bruises when I drive you home
Her: ok
We laid there until my phone rang, it was already late around 7 or so. I checked my phone and it was Ahlumile
Me: I have to answer this, it’s Mile
Her: sure
I answered him
//Me: Sho Poi
Him: don’t sho poi me. where the heck are you?
Me: woah nigga calm down. why the anger?
Him: you were supposed to have fetched granny Ahlume!
Me: shiit! Where is she now?
Her: she took an uber. How come your phone was off?
Me: my battery died. I’ll be there in an hour//
He dropped the call on me. Argh Mile could be dramatic when he wanted to be. I really had forgotten my grandmother was coming to town today
Me: Get dressed so I can take you to your place
Her: what’s up?
Me: my grandmother is in town
She got up and walked towards the bathroom. The scratches on her back looked like they were that of an animal, they really looked painful even. I have never hurt her like that before and the bite marks on her back and thighs were new to me. I never bit her before let alone scratch her the way I did today. Something was really wrong with me! I got up and followed her and she was standing in front of a mirror looking at herself
Me: is it painful?
Her: at the moment no. I’m scared they might just hurt when I get in water
Me: I am really sorry Sina
She turned to me and cupped my face
Her: I’m a big girl Ahlu
She kissed me and then went to the shower. She kept flinching as I washed her back with a sponge.
Surely you guys don’t think I would lie to this beautiful man before me? he is everything for me.
Me: When I found out I was pregnant with Anelisa I tried to abort her twice, I did your typical backdoor abortion but instead ended up in the clinic and there they gave me the abortion pill to clean my womb and she still survived it. It was strange. I mean she should have died right but instead she didn’t. I knew then and there that the child I was carrying was no ordinary child and so after giving birth to her I went on a quest to find out what it was that I was carrying for it to survive abortion twice and I am still trying to find out what she is because then when I know what she is I will be able to protect her from me
Him: what do you mean protect her from you? why would you want to protect her from you?
Me: as much as she’s my daughter I cannot get too close to her let alone touch her without hurting her. the last time I touched her it was like I burnt her
Him: Nelly noting about what you saying makes any sense
Me: I know. I’ve been seeing things concerning her and I feel like she is in danger. I need her blood in order to make her something that will prevent any bad evil in hurting her. So please Travis, please get me her blood samples so that I can save her from whatever evil is trying to get to her
He looked at me thinking for some time
Him: I really can’t get that blood back but I can try to contact her grandmother to bring her back so that we can redraw her blood
Me: mom hates your guts Travis
Him: I know she does but what choice do we have
Me: if you think it’s going to work then sure
He nodded and then I got up and walked out. I saw her sitting in the chairs in the reception area. What was she doing in hospital again? I was walking with Travis
Me: what’s she doing here?
Him: I don’t know. I’ll be back
Me: she can’t see me. Tomorrow I’ll be back
Him: your number?
Me: I will be here tomorrow and I’ll give it to you then.
With that I walked away and left them there. He walked up to her and sat next to her, I was watching them through the hospital glass doors. Just as I was standing there I felt a massive power presence. The power I was feeling was none like I’ve ever felt before, this person was strong and the power she possessed was greater than any witch I’ve ever came across. I turned and there was a beautiful old woman walking out of a car, I’m guessing it was an uber because it didn’t stay and there was Ahlumile walking towards her. I clasped my mouth. I knew little detail about Ahlume and his twin but I never thought that their grandmother was a powerful witch!

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