Fate Chose Me

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After the massive power I felt I couldn’t leave. Something in me spark and I felt like I couldn’t leave Lisa in her presence. You know that feeling you get at the pit of your stomach like something bad is going to happen? Well that was me. She walked in and I walked in after her. covering my head with a scarf so that neither she or Lisa would notice me. Lisa was no longer in the reception with her dad, thank God. They walked to one of the wards but on her way she met up with this other woman.
Other Woman: I know you from somewhere
She looked at her with a raised eyebrow
Her: know me from where?
Other Woman: I don’t know. I’m Namhla
She held out her hand to her and the old woman took it and shook it
Her: I’m Lindelwa Gaba
Namhla: I’m sorry, I must have you mistaken with someone I know
Lindi: yeah I’m sure. Please excuse us
Namhla: I’m really sorry
With that Lindelwa pulled her hand away and walked away. Namhla was left looking at her hand and back to Lindelwa and back at her hand and then suddenly she went on her knees saying “No” repeatedly with her hands on her head. I walked up to her and held her shoulders kneeling before her
Her: no. Please leave her alone. Let her go
Me: Ma’am please just calm down ok
People were now looking at us
Me: Please let’s get up and get you some water
She shook her head
Me: Ma’am please
She still shook her head
Her: you need to leave! it’s not safe for you here
Me: I can take care of myself
Her: you have not seen what I’ve seen Neliswa. You need to leave
Me: What? How do you know me?
She scolded me and I got up slowly and so did she
Her: leave please!
I nodded and walked out. That was strange. Like really stranger. Why did I have to leave? What if my daughter is in trouble? I got outside and stood there for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what was going on
After buying her ointments and pills for the bruises I drove her home and then called Mile who told me they were home already. I got home and parked outside and then went in and they were sitting in the lounge eating, I looked at my watch and it was already around 8:40pm. I greeted everyone and then sat down
Mom: your food is in the microwave
I nodded, got up and went to fetch my plate and then joined them. Gran was sharing old stories about her good old days
Mom: where were you?
I scratched my head
Me: I was with a friend
Mom: and who do you think was fetching your grandmother while you were in between some girl’s thighs
I kept quiet
Gran: let the kid be. He’s been dealing with a lot
Mom gave me a death stare
Me: I’m sorry gran, I forgot
Gran: its ok. How have you been lately?
Me: I’ve seen better days. How are you? how was your trip?
Gran: tiring but worth it. Your father should wake up soon
Me: how?
Gran: I’ll tell you all about it in good time
With that she got up
Gran: Anathi show me to my room please
Mom got up and accompanied her out leaving me with Mile
Me: bro
Him: yeah what’s up?
Me: I screwed up really bad
Him: you think
He said sarcastically
Me: nigga I’m sorry I didn’t pitch ok. But can we be serious
Him: what did you screw up?
Me: you remember that chick from Steve Biko?
Him: yeah, what about her?
I took out my phone and handed it to him and he took it
Me: keep scrolling
He nodded and did just that without saying anything and then he gave it back
Him: what did that to her?
Me: Me!
Him: what do you mean? How? Your nails aren’t that sharp
I shrugged
Me: I don’t know man. A lot of weird shiit has been happening lately and now I hurt her so badly and she’s not the first
Him: what do you mean she’s not the first?
Me: I mean she’s not the first person I’ve hurt. There was a lady that rocked up at the hospital wanting to see dad and I held her wrist and broke a few of her bones
Him: What?
Me: yeah. I know! I don’t know what’s going on with me and I’m scared bro. It’s like my anger just consumes me and I turn into something I don’t know
Him: we should talk to gran about this
Me: she’ll just think I’m crazy
Him: after what I saw today at the hospital… I don’t think so
Me: what do you mean? What are you talking about?
Him: gran is a witch!
I chuckled in disbelief.
Me: yeah right
Him: nigga I’m serious. Gran mixed some herbs and shiit and then blew them on dad’s face turning him into a wolf or some animal shiiit and then he woke up a little as a wolf and then went to sleep again but he was back to his human form
Me: nah mahn stop tripping
Him: Gran said she wants to talk to us when dad wakes up tomorrow.
With that he got up and left me stunned and locked up in my feelings. Dad? A wolf? What? Nothing about all of this makes any sense at all!
After the beautiful white doctor drew some of my blood he offered me a bed in the hospital to sleep because he believed I was safer in here than out there and he wouldn’t want his patient getting sick again. He offered me something to eat and then left me with my grandmother before I could go and nap in the room he had offered me to nap in. I was just laying on the bed after having finished eating when mamu’Namhla walked in.
Her: Hey Baby
Me: Hey Ma
Her: how are you?
Me: I’m ok I guess, given the circumstances. How are you?
Her: I’m good. We have to talk about earlier
Me: oh
Her: yes. Listen that boy you were with is trouble
Me: in what way?
Her: in a way that he is a monster
I chuckled
Her: I’m serious. He is not human but he does take the shape of a human and should you stay with him you will die. He will kill you
Me: he and I don’t even know each other well for him to kill me
Her: you don’t understand. Please just trust me
Me: at the church you saw something when we shook hands. What did you see?
Her: your parents. They can save you only if you let them
Me: save me from what?
Her: this mess you in
Me: mess I’m in?
Her: look. I get visions. I see your past or your future or whichever and sometimes I might get it wrong and sometimes I might get it right. All I know is that you are not safe and that you need to leave before he kills you
Me: before Ahlume kills me? in what way would he kill me and why?
Her: it was your blood that created it and it is your blood that can end him.
Me: uhhhm ok. I think the pills the doc gave me are really kicking in hard
Her: this is serious. You need to find your parents. Your mother is a witch and she can save you from him
Me: my mother is a witch?
Her: a good one but she is no match for the one I just met. Your life is in danger child and if you stay you will be signing your death wish
I chuckled. Nothing she was saying was making any sense, she was speaking in riddles for me.
Her: at least find your mother and let her be the one to explain to you what is going on.
With that she walked out and left me as confused as one could ever get.
I was sitting in a restaurant near the hospital drinking coffee, I needed to digest what Namhla had said. Just then she sat opposite me
Her: Hi
Me: hi
Her: I am sorry about telling you to leave but it was what was best at the time
Me: in what way?
Her: Your daughter is special and witch Lindelwa is very powerful, I know you felt her power when she walked in. Lindelwa uses dark and evil magic, sacrificial magic to be exact. You see Ahlume and Ahlumile were born normal until she made a deal with the dark side creating the most powerful supernatural creatures to ever live. Your daughter was used as a means to create them but she had a twin right? they had to be separated in order for their power not to be sensed. You being there was only going to lead her to your daughter
Me: Anelisa never had a twin. She was the only one
Her: then how come I saw someone that looks just like her? unless your daughter is a doppelganger

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