Fate Chose Me

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I didn’t stay any further in the restaurant. I had to know the truth about Anelisa. How did I not know she was a doppelganger? If she is then it means her life really is in danger if she continues seeing Ahlume. Travis did get back to me with her blood two days ago and my mom had woken up but I didn’t want to see her because then she would just die, that’s how much I think she resents me. I managed to get Travis to give Lisa a bracelet that would protect her from me and to never take it off. I was with Mbali in my room doing a spell trying to figure out what exactly is going on and to try find her doppelganger. Yes, their blood is different but it doesn’t change the fact that they are identical.
Mbali: so we’ve found out that her name is Monalisa and she lives in the states
Me: yeah
Her: how do you propose we get her here? You heard those witches that night, they said she had to die in order to not wipe out their coven
Me: that’s the thing, they may have been talking about Monalisa and not Anelisa
Her: even so, your daughter is a doppelganger, she will always be a danger to the witches and some will always want her blood to complete rituals
Me: but there’s one ritual that cannot be completed
Her: and which ritual is that?
Me: the one where cults sacrifice both doppelgangers in order to gain endless power from the world of the dead
Her: and where does that live the hybrids?
Me: one of the doppelgangers needs to give birth to one of the wolves’ child that way that child can be used as a sacrifice to transition the wolves into Hybrids too.
Her: there’s something you not telling me
Me: what’s that?
Her: what you want to do is dangerous
Me: but I don’t want to do anything
Her: you want to orchestrate a meet up for the doppelgangers that way they switch lives and instead of your daughter being with Ahlume, its Monalisa.
I kept quiet. Would I be wrong for wanting to save my daughter?
Her: he will kill her Nelly. Monalisa was not chosen by fate for Ahlume, your daughter was.
Me: so I’m supposed to just sit back and watch them use my daughter for their mischief? I can’t
Her: Monalisa is cursed that’s why he will kill her. Her blood has been made impure by her mother. Her mother joined a cult after she lost her sister and because of that a curse was put on the child so that whenever she got close to someone that person would die which in turn would supply their cult with power but if she got with Ahlume then that sacrifice wouldn’t work but instead her life would be sacrificed. You are supposed to be lifting off the curse rather than putting her life in more danger
I was stunned as to how she knew all of this
Her: you not the only one that’s been busy Nelly. Your job is to lift the curse off of her and not this. her heart is pure that is why she would be a great sacrifice
I kept quiet trying to decide whether or not this needed to be done or not
Me: I can’t mess with fate
Her: we both know that there’s always a loophole where magic is concerned
Me: still Mbali. One of the doppelgangers has to die and I’d be damned if I let my daughter be the one to die.
We were disturbed by a knock.
Me: who is it?
Person: Anelisa
A lot can happen within 2 days. In these two days Imi helped me find my birth records and through that I found out that my mom was a witch and my dad was a vampire. Sounds like a start of horror movie if you ask me. Based on what I’ve read… because I prefer reading over watching a series, witches and vampires don’t get along so gran told me I’d get all the answers I need from my mom and that’s what I did, took a quest in finding her and she lived in a church… an old building, Imi wanted to come with me but I couldn’t risk her life like that so I went alone. I have not seen Ahlume since the day mamu’Namhla told me to stay away from him and truthfully speaking I miss him every day and all the damn time. A beautiful young woman opened the door for me and I walked in, the room was very clean but the woman who opened the door for me was not my mom, my mom was standing in the far end near the pedestal looking beautiful as the day I first met her.
Lady: I’m Mbali.
Me: Anelisa
Her: I know. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I have heard so much about you
This whole time we were shaking hands. we broke the handshake and then she smiled at me and walked out
Me: Hi
Her: Lisa
Me: why did you leave?
Her: can I offer you something to eat or drink? Please sit down
I sat on the couch and she came to sit next to me
Me: I don’t want anything, I just want the truth
Her: when I found out I was pregnant with you I tried to get rid of you. Travis and I were both young to have a child and I figured mom would oust me of her house so the best thing to do was to do a backdoor abortion which obviously failed because you here. I landed up in hospital and they gave me a pill to clean my womb which was an abortion pill itself but you still survived it. I knew then and there that my pregnancy was not normal. I left you at mom’s house and went to find out why I couldn’t abort you and that’s when I came across this place. You were protected by your ancestors and so they cursed me for trying to kill a doppelganger because apparently you were chosen by faith for a special purpose hence when I tried to touch you or get close to you, you got sick. The bracelet you wearing is meant to protect you.
Me: doppelgangers don’t exist
Her: yes, they do. You know they do because the dreams you’ve been having, that’s you and your doppelganger
Me: how do you know about the dreams?
Her: I just know.
Me: so what? I’m meant to die in a sacrificial ritual?
She shook her head
Her: I will protect you as I always have
Me: mamu’Namhla told me that only you and Travis can protect me or save me or whatever. Why would she tell me to stay away from Ahlume?
Her: because he’s a wolf and for him to transition into a hybrid you or your doppelganger needs to give birth to his child which in turn will be sacrificed to his ancestors and will in turn make him and his twin unkillable
I took a deep breath trying to process everything I had just heard. This was too much information for one person and for one day even. How?
Ever since my meet up with Heather my mind has been messed up like my memories are juggled up. I remember shiit I shouldn’t be remembering at all. I haven’t seen her around school and ever since my meet up with her I have been having this urge to move to South Africa for some reason. I don’t understand at all. Click will be living for SA in about a month from now and I asked to accompany him but daddy dearest doesn’t want me to go, instead he wants me to stay here with Kaylin. Speaking of her she has been acting a little strange lately. I don’t know what she’s up to but all I know is that she’s been acting weird for reasons known to her. I was in the kitchen making something to eat when she walked in dragging a mini suitcase
Me: and then the bag?
Her: I am going somewhere for a few days
Me: where?
Her: stop with the questions. It’s not like you care
Me: oh ok
Her: fine. Bye
Me: bye
With that she walked out and locked and I took my food to the lounge and started eating. I went to wash my bowl when suddenly I had that dream again of me tied down to small logs and my twin or whatever tied down in the other circle but it was life playing in fast-forward and then everything just stopped. I was in the kitchen, I looked at my wrists and I had rope marks, what was going on? I looked at them again and the marks had disappeared.

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