Fate Chose Me

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Early morning, we woke up and made our way to the garden and gran was sitting there having her morning tea, the way she held herself you would swear she was the queen of England, so much poise, confidence and all and her beauty allowed her. this woman aged like wine. We greeted her and sat on either side of her.
Me: gran
Her: yes
Me: weird things have been happening to me ever since dad’s accident
She nodded
Me: I don’t know how to explain it. the day dad got into an accident I met a lady, a nun to be exact and she said some meaningless things to me and then I manhandled dad’s girlfriend breaking a few of her bones on her wrist… strength I never knew I had. I’ve been seeing a white wolf almost everywhere I go, I’ve been having some weird ass dreams where Lisa is crying and begging me not to hurt her and yesterday I scratched and bit this girl I’ve been having sex with, the bite marks and scratch marks look like that of an animal. I don’t understand what’s going on with me and I’m scared I’ll end up hurting more people.
She took a sip of her tea and then nodded. She wasn’t giving anything away at all. I was really confused as to what was going on with me and she was just chilled, not even surprised by what I was telling her.
Her: so what are you expecting from me?
Mile: what do you mean gran?
Me: excuse me?
We spoke at the same time
Her: what are you expecting from me?
Me: how about answers. Why dad’s accident affected me the way it did maybe
She nodded and then took another sip of her tea and then placed her cup down.
Me: Mile and I are twins and yet I’m the only one experiencing all of this
Her: so you thought that just because you guys are twins you going to experience the same things? Nice
She said with a sarcastic chuckle annoying the daylights out of me. I got up
Her: sit down Ahlume!
I sunk back on my seat
Her: do you believe in Werewolves, doppelgangers and vampires?
Me: I believe that they are made up creatures if that’s what you asking
Her: even after everything you’ve seen and been through you still think they made up creatures?
I scratched my head not knowing what to respond
Her: exactly. What about witches? Do they exist?
Mile: apparently
Her: would you believe that I’m a witch?
I shook my head.
Her: ask Mile, he saw what happened yesterday at the hospital
Me: well I wasn’t there
Her: Mile tell your brother what you saw yesterday
Him: I saw dad turn into a wolf and back to human
Her: When our mother was pregnant with you guys, a month old I came to visit your parents. It wasn’t a friendly visit. You guys needed to be introduced to the ancestors so that your birth could be celebrated. But the introduction ritual was never complete. Would you guys believe that your grandfather was a wolf, he was from a long line of werewolves hence the ritual was never complete because the ancestors wouldn’t accept wolves into their sacred ground.
I chuckled. Not because it was funny but because it was unbelievable. she sounded crazy.
Her: that was the same reaction you mother had. Since the ritual had to take place with your mother sleeping, she got trapped into the world of the dead seeing that she was carrying something in humanly. I begged the ancestors to wake her up in exchange that should you guys turn a 3 and doppelgangers are born then we would give them a sacrifice.
Me: gran are you hearing yourself?
Mile: the sacrifice being us or the doppelgangers?
Her: the doppelgangers but no amount of magic could find them at all. The doppelgangers were protected and one of them ended up being cursed which rendered her blood useless and so I decided then and there that in order for them not to take you from us I would turn your guys into hybrids but that transition can only be complete now if a doppelganger carries your child. Seeing that your father had a near death experience you triggered the werewolf gene and you had already met the doppelganger so hence your brother didn’t trigger it
Mile: so if I had met the doppelganger first then I would have been the one to trigger this gene?
Her: exactly but your brother triggered it and so we have to wait until he impregnates the doppelganger so that the child can be sacrificed to the ancestors that way you and your brother don’t get trapped in the world of the dead should you die, so that your spirits rest in peace without being tortured
I shook my head. None of what she was saying was making any sense to me.
Me: I’ve heard enough of this.
I stood up and so did Mile
Him: you wanted to understand what’s going on with you bro so sit your ass down and listen
Me: this is bull Ahlumile. Such things don’t exist!
I pulled my arm away from him and walked back inside the house leaving them there, I bumped into mom
Her: and then?
Me: sorry mom
Her: what’s got you so worked up early in the morning?
Me: did you know?
Her: know what?
Me: that we are wolves. Did you know?
Her: yes
Me: why didn’t you say anything? Why did you let them do whatever it is they did to you? why did you keep us knowing that you could have died?
Her: I didn’t know at the time. I didn’t know she was a witch and that your father was a wolf. Being put in the slumber I was put in, being in the land of the dead humbled me. I didn’t want my children to suffer like that. If your grandmother didn’t do what she did, then you guys would have been trapped in the world of the dead and that alone was something I didn’t want you guys to experience. That world is evil and torturous. You relive your guilt for as long as you live and I didn’t want that fate for you guys
Me: I have to go!
I stormed out and drove to the hospital. When I got to reception I walked straight to dad’s ward but ended up bumping into her. The anger I had when I walked in was no longer there. She was just beautiful and something about her was calming. How could I get her pregnant and then take her child away from her? that wouldn’t fair at all. She looked up at me and then walked away from me quickly. I made my way to dad’s ward and he was awake.
Me: father
Him: son hey
I threw myself in his arms and he held me for sometime
Him: I should almost die all the time if this is what I come back to
I chuckled and got out of his chest
Me: how are you?
Him: fine I guess
Me: so you’re a wolf?
Him: a hybrid
Me: how?
Him: vampire, human and doppelganger sacrifice and some spell
Me: how? Gran said I would have to make a doppelganger pregnant in order for us to transition?
Him: yeah well at the time that was how things were done but since there’s two doppelgangers in existence it can be done but one of them has to die
Me: meaning?
Him: it was doppelganger blood that created me meaning you have its blood in you and you being with one will lead to her death and when she dies you get to transition
Me: and the pregnancy?
Him: she’s supposed to die while giving birth to the baby which will be a sacrifice
Me: if you had to sacrifice your child, would you do it?
Him: if it’s for a greater cause then yeah
I shook my head
Me: so we mean that little to you? there’s always a loophole in magic dad
Him: look I was fortunate enough not to sacrifice you boys but somethings need to be done son
Me: even if it means killing your own child?
He shrugged. I got up and left his room. These people were not being fair at all!

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