Fate Chose Me

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Ever since the day they told me about the hybrid story and Lisa having to carry my child and died I came to a realisation that Lisa was actually not the Lisa I had met last December. Doppelgangers apparently do exist and Neliswa was a witch… How does one take all of that in without going crazy? It’s been a week now and I’ve been keeping my distance from Anelisa because she’s much safer without me in her life. The dreams have been intense and worse than before, I’d dream of her and her doppelganger tied to logs and some woman trying to kill them for reasons known to her. Now I told my granny about these dreams and she said that that’s not how things are supposed to be done, the doppelgangers can’t die like that else we won’t transition and all that other witch stuff. she asked me to bring her Lisa’s blood so that she may try to find out what exactly the ritual I’ve been dreaming off is and what’s it for and also so that she can try and get Monalisa to come to SA… I don’t know how she plans on doing that because I’m not planning on getting her the poor girls blood. That time I’ve also been a miserable person, I think I’m in love with Anelisa so damn much that it gets my emotions all worked up and when I miss seeing her face I go crazy such that I end up hurting Sinalo in the process and the poor girl just takes the pain as it comes. I’ve told her countless times to stay away from me but she refuses or maybe I refuse… I don’t know, feels like ever since I met Lisa my life has been nothing but shambles. I was at the mall with my brother, Gateway to be exact and we were just looking around and planning on going drinking, or he was the one planning and I wasn’t exactly up for it. Ever since everything I’ve stopped drinking and I am very much all about my studies, our friends have even called me the boring twin and Mile the awesome one.
Him: dude come on, we’ll live if your visions start. It’s been too long since we last had fun together
Me: I don’t know mahn. I mean all this is just too damn much and I don’t want to go crazy in front of a crowd
My phone beeped and it was an SMS, I took it out and read it while listening to Mile go on and on, I bumped into someone… short if I may say
Me: hey watch it
Her: I’m so sorry.
We both went down and picked up the things we were carrying, she was carrying a plastic bag and I was picking up my phone. Our hands touched and I looked at them, it could only be her or I was hoping it’s her.
Her: I am so sorry. Will I have to pay that back?
Her voice was tiny and cute and it was doing things to me that I’ve never experienced before. Would you believe that I am 19 and have never fell in love? I looked up at her and she had her hair hanging loose and it was actually long, I don’t know many black girls with long her and baby hair like that.
Me: no its fine
She looked at me with shock clearly written all over her face, the screen had cracked but it wasn’t bad, it was the screen protector anyway
Her: you
Me: uhhm…. H…. hi
We both got up slowly, it felt like a movie moment were both of us were lost in each other’s eyes that we didn’t even pay attention to the people that were around us. She was beautiful with big bold eyes yet very shy. I tucked some hair behind her ear and she leaned in on my touch
Me: still don’t want to talk to me?
She looked tongue tied and very cute.
Her friend cleared her throat, beautiful coloured girl with black hair, her black hair colour looked natural and her hair texture was different from that of Lisa’s
It’s been a week now and I have made it my duty to keep my distance from mom… yes Neliswa is my mom despite everything she’s done or went through… I mean she can never have kids again because of those two abortions she did so hence I’m her only child and as for dad… the Vampire… I don’t even know what to make of it, I want to stay away from him but he seems like a good person and he hasn’t given me reason to hate him, whatever happened between him and my grandmother years back is their business and not mine. He has been spoiling me lately, I actually have a phone now… a Samsung S-something, all I know is that its big and takes beautiful pictures and it’s just perfect. Also he sends me money hence why I was at gateway with Kendra my bestie. We decided to go shopping, she believes that retail therapy will get my mind off of everything that’s happened. I needed to tell someone about what was going on, my grandma was going to pray for me and tell me to stay away from dad but telling Kendra was great. She even tried to get me to have a relationship with Neliswa and convinced me that some of the things she did were to protect me because being a doppelganger makes you a number 1 target for all witches! I was so lost in Ahlume’s eyes and gentle touch that I even forgot I was with Kendra
Her: do you guys know each other?
Ahlume removed his hand and I stood with my plastic
Me: yeah, he’s the guy I met at the hospital saying he knew me from somewhere
Her: you never mentioned he was this hot. Hi, I am Kendra Iminathi Bess
She held out her hand to an Ahlume who was chuckling at the being hot statement. He took it
Him: Ahlume Adams
Her: so I’m not the only coloured in your life… I don’t feel so special anymore
Imi and her LA accent, she was too beautiful for words
Him: this is my twin, Ahlumile
Ahlumile: hello Ladies
Him: bro this is Kendra and Anelisa
I looked him and how he said my name… God I wished he could repeat it the way he said it so nice and so different from the many people that have said it. He gave my name a different meaning giving me a zoo in my stomach
Him: still don’t have a phone Anelisa
Kendra: she does actually. Her number is 06…
I put my hand on her mouth. She was so forward that time her parents were such reserved people. I always wondered where she got the “being out there” badass attitude from and never quite got an answer.
Me: I was told to stay away from you
Imi: come on Cute twin let’s give them space
I wanted to beg her to stay with me but instead she didn’t, they left us standing there
Him: what can I do to change your mind?
Me: you can’t. It’s wrong to diso….
I didn’t even finish my sentence when he smashed his lips into mine. My first kiss was in Gateway with Ahlume Adams in front of everyone to see. God granny would be so disappointed in me! I broke it and we both looked into each other’s eyes.
Him: your number?
I said it and he typed it in his phone and then pecked my cheek
Him: see you later sweetlips
With that he hailed at his twin and then they left. I was left with a Kendra who just screamed excitedly making the people around us turn to us but my friend didn’t care. She was asking me how the kiss was and the whole thing about the number. My friend was too excited maybe even more than me. I chuckled and told her everything.
Ever since Kaylin left life has been amazing! In a sense that I’m at peace and I am happy, Click was also happier now because there was less fighting in the house, he minded his business and I minded mine, the dreams and the visions and the weird shiit that’s been happening hasn’t stopped though but I’m dealing with everything. I was meeting up with Heather and she suggested we meet at her house. I walked in and it was very beautiful, she was with another lady.
Me: uhhm hi
Heather: hello, this is my friend Kathrine
Kath: hi
Me: hello. So why am I here?
Kath: A curse was placed on you when your mother died
Me: what do you mean a curse was placed on me?
Her: the woman that died was you aunt and your mother is Kaylin.
Heather: your aunt died the same time you were born and that in turn led you mother who you believe is your aunt to join a cult group. You and your doppelganger are meant to be a sacrifice
I choked on my saliva.

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