Fate Chose Me

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My sister was dating Click and I won’t lie I was jealous and so I slept with click pretending to be my sister, I changed my hairstyle and removed my make-up and made myself look like her and Click was convinced I’m my sister Kaitlyn and up till today he doesn’t know that the person he actually slept with was me and not my sister. When I fell pregnant with Mona I told my sister everything from sleeping with Click to everything and so she ended things in order to protect me and the baby else if he found out then I would have been forced to abort the baby and then he would sell me to some human traffickers, he was that ruthless. He was deep into the $pritz and the shiit they did but when I fell pregnant my sister and I went MIA and Click could never find her so eventually he moved on with some Bess b*tch… trust me if you met her you would understand why I say she’s a b*tch. Things were good and so was my pregnancy, obviously things between my sister and I were never the same but eventually we mended our relationship and just after mending our relationship I gave birth and I lost her. The day she died part of me died with her, that loving and sweet part of me died along with her and I was never the same. It was never going to be easy raising Mona alone, I hired someone to help me with her and that someone I had hired introduced me to a group of people… A cult to be exact, they praised a God of the underworld and it was then that I learnt that my baby was a doppelganger and that there was someone out there that looked just like her. It’s easy to get drawn into the dark when your heart is filled with hate, I tried drowning Mona when she was still a baby but somehow she survived it and for that I was tied to the underworld, it was a punishment for trying to kill a doppelganger without my master’s permission. Apparently I needed to get both doppelgangers when they turned 16 so that they can be both sacrificed to him so that we could have an endless power source. For us to continue to have the power we had Mona was cursed that way whoever she got close to would die, hence she lost her friends and anyone that she tried to date but she hasn’t dated ever since she noticed the pattern or trend of her losing people and so our source of power was slowly dying out. I didn’t go to SA because I wanted to, it’s something I needed in order to sacrifice both doppelgangers and also for part of my soul to be freed and so that I can stop serving this master. It’s not nice serving something that makes you do evil things. I don’t have emotions, that part of me was stripped away from me but sometimes I do feel hurt for Mona but as soon as I start feeling sorry for her it’s like my heart gets stabbed multiple times in order to get rid of the emotions. In order for me to complete the ritual I have to be completely emotionless, forget I even have a daughter.
I landed in SA a few days ago and I won’t lie the doppelganger was harder to find than I had anticipated. You’d think being in the same country would make her easier to find but nope, she wasn’t that easy to find. Actually I had no lead at all! No locator spell worked, I didn’t even know her name to at least try find her on social media. I was in a place called Johannesburg and it was a big beautiful busy place for me. I could feel that my stay here was not going to be pleasant at all. I unpacked my groceries and then went to my room and took a knife and a special bowl and put them in the centre of the room and then made a circled with a star in the middle and then sat in the middle of the star and then slit my wrists until the bowl had enough blood, I needed my sisters from the cult to help me locate where I could find the doppelganger. See we nothing like witches, we worship the underworld and so the underworld grants us the power we require while witches practise spells and potions and all that stuff. with us it’s mostly about sacrifices to make our king more powerful so that our source of power is never ending. I spilt my blood on the five points of the star and then went to lay inside the star with my legs and arms spread out on all points of the star and closed my eyes, my blood was meant to serve as a link in order to conjure someone who would assist me in finding this girl.
I raised my head and I was on the floor in what looked like a cave. He held his hand out and helped me up and then we walked further
Me: Ruu
Him: What do you need? Have you found her?
I shook my head
Me: I don’t even know where to start looking. My locator spell doesn’t work
Him: what do you mean?
Me: I mean I can’t find her
I sighed
Him: do I have to do everything for you?!
I kept quiet
Him: follow me
We walked further and there was a bowl of blood and a mirror, but it wasn’t your ordinary mirror, it was very beautiful and had a decorated frame but you couldn’t see your reflection in it.
Him: you are connected to your daughter, you her mother and your daughter is connected to her doppelganger. Put your hands inside the bowl and think of your daughter. Picture her face, her voice, her eyes everything… just picture it all
I closed my eyes and did as told. I could see her; she was at her home in her room. But I immediately started seeing her with her hair tied up in a bun sitting behind a desk wearing a uniform in a class sitting next to a girl she called Kendra. She took out her books and placed them on the desk and the cover was written ‘Anelisa Sibeko’. All this I could see it as though I was looking through her eyes. I snapped out of it.
Me: Anelisa Sibeko!
Him: Are you sure?
Me: Yes! Her name is Anelisa Sibeko and her friend is Kendra.
Him: where are they?
I shrugged
Me: we can search her on social media
I said taking my hands out of the bowl and he took them into his and like that I was back in my room on the floor in the star. I got up and went to wash my hands and then placed a bandage on my wrist and then went back to the room and took my laptop and searched her name on Facebook but I didn’t get anything so I searched her on google trying my luck and there was an article about her stating something about being an achiever in Durban high and having representing her school some competition. I called the airport and booked a flight to Durban, I was leaving first thing tomorrow!
Ahlume and I have been talking since that day at Gateway and we have been inseparable since. he picks me up and drops me off at home, I decided to give Neliswa a chance to be in my life but I was doing all of this behind my grandma’s back. I was happy with him, he brought out a side of me I never thought existed. Kendra and I were the best of friends and we were known on campus for our academics! Me being in her life was a blessing I guess, Kendra was very smart but she never showed it or she never put in the effort, I could even go as far as saying she was lazy because she was way smarter than me. she knew things even I never thought existed. I had just finished changing and he was taking me out, gran was cool with Ahlume but sometimes I didn’t want to be too comfortable with him in a way that’s going to be disrespectful and he understood and let me be. He was so loving and so understanding and everything I could ever ask for in boyfriend.
Him: so where are we eating and don’t tell me you don’t know sweet lips
He’s been calling me that ever since he kissed me at Gateway and we’ve kissed again since then but we haven’t had sex and he’s never initiated it, we did spend time indoors together but he didn’t try anything weird.
Me: Rocco Mama’s? I heard their food was nice
Him: good choice sweet lips. Now let me taste those lips
I blushed giggling, he was such a charmer. I planted a kiss on his lips but he deepened it making me wet same time. I pulled out breathing heavily and so did he. He cleared his throat
Him: Ahem
Me: yeah…. Uhh
Him: look what you did to me child!
He said pointing at his D with his eyes. I giggled softly
Him: you so adorable you know that?
He leaned over, I closed my eyes only to feel my hair hanging loose on my shoulders and him chucking
Him: your lips are sweet and all but I’m afraid if I kiss you again I won’t be able to stop myself from having sex with you right here right now
I flushed with embarrassment. God he was too open for me. He didn’t care about me cringing at the sound of him talking about sex so openly. He would just tell me to deal with it because we old enough
Him: how come you don’t let your hair hang loose? I mean when its hanging loose you just look like a sex goddess with those charming eyes of yours
I shrugged blushing
Me: I don’t know; I hate how it gets in the way when I’m busy
Him: well I enjoy tucking it behind your ear. It gives me a chance to touch your beautiful face and kiss those lips
I covered my face with my hands and he kissed me all over my hands making me giggle
Him: don’t deny me that pretty face sweet lips
I shook my head and he started tickling me making me laugh really hard, I was pleading for him to stop and my hair was all over my face. We hadn’t left home yet
Him: and there she is looking gorgeous as always
I flushed. He just said things effortlessly with that Trey Songz smile of his doing things to me. I think I was in love with him
Him: I love you Anelisa

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