Fate Chose Me

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After telling Lisa I love you she tried leaving but I had locked the doors, I had expected her to react the way she did. My baby was too shy to express the way she felt and she couldn’t handle me expressing the way I felt about her, she was too cute for words. I loved everything about her, how she liked to tie her hair up instead of letting it hang loosely and but I was ok with that because I was always the one to untie it and then on weekends she didn’t tie it but she always held it with hair pins to refrain it from falling to her face. Things between us since that have been nothing but a bliss, now I know I was wrong for being with her but I was not going to get her pregnant so that they could sacrifice her and our child. I couldn’t do that too her. she was too precious and too innocent for such things. She was too innocent for me actually but I had to be with her, she was my peace, my sanctuary, she made me calm whenever I was mad she always found a way to calm me down and she had an angelic voice which worked in her favour. I fell in love with her on a daily. It’s been two weeks since we been dating and I haven’t told my family about us, only Mile knew about her and he promised not to utter a word to anyone. I know it was probably pointless hiding things from them seeing that my grandma was a witch and all but I had to take my chances. I was on campus texting with her, it was Saturday but I had an assignment to finish and she was at the mall with her dad. I was smiling like an idiot as she had sent me a picture of lips. I know it’s stupid but I loved it. it was an emoji from her kissing me through the phone. I bumped into someone
Me: I am so sorry
I looked up and it was the hot nun
Her: that’s a first. The normal Ahlume would have told me to watch it even though he knew he was wrong
I just looked at her with a shrug
Her: don’t hurt her Ahlume
I raised an eyebrow
Her: she’s my daughter and I need you to promise me that you will not hurt her. you will not let your family hurt my daughter
Me: you’re Anelisa’s mom?
She looked 20… I’m sorry but it’s the truth. She nodded
Her: yes, I’m her mom, I had her at a young age
I nodded
Her: I see she’s taming you already
It all came back what she said in those days we first met. What she said about her taming me. She knew I was a wolf from since long
Me: you knew I was a wolf.
Her: it was not my place to tell you.
Me: you knew I’d be with her and then the next thing you telling me to not hurt her
Her: look I didn’t know that it was my daughter that would be the one to tame you, well then I didn’t know that she had a doppelganger and now I’m worried about the things I’ve seen. I don’t know whether or not you might turn on her but I am hoping you don’t
Me: I don’t understand
Her: a friend of mine had visions of you abusing her Ahlume, physically and emotionally and I hope for your sake that those were just visions
Me: I would never hurt your daughter. She’s my everything
Her: oh please. It’s only been two weeks
Me: I don’t care but I love her that much
Her: I really hope you do because I would hate to have to kill you. you too cute
I looked at her stunned. She was smiling but her smile was not genuine at all, it was threatening
Me: I won’t.
My phone beeped and she had sent me a shocked emoji. I realised then that I hadn’t responded to her last emoji and she knows I never not respond to her emoji of the lips. I responded ‘sorry babe, just bumped into a friend’ and then sent her a kissy face emoji.
If you went through our text you’d mostly see emoji’s, we had a tendency of speaking using emoji’s as sentences and we actually understood each other’s texts. This one time my brother was on our chat and he was so confused as to what we were talking about because all he could see were emoji’s and no words. I just laughed at him. We’re a unique couple I guess. When I looked up from my screen she was gone. Sometimes I couldn’t tell between reality and my imagination. I walked to Sultan and texted her I was at the library and would call her when I was done.
I won’t lie Ahlume telling me he loves me scared the daylights out of me. I had nothing against him telling me that because I felt the same but I felt like it was too damn soon plus he’s in varsity and doing his last year and I’m scared he might just say that to get into my pants and then bounce. I’m paranoid… shoot me! Ahlume had a way with words, he could use a punchline you’ve heard a million times on you and it would feel like you hearing it for the first time or maybe I was just too caught up in him that it felt that way. he was too perfect for me, too perfect for words even. I told Kendra about him telling me loves me and how chickened and uncomfortable I was after and she just laughed at me. my friend could be an idiot at times. She told me to tell him I love him but I couldn’t, it was too damn soon! I was at the mall with dad and he had sent me an emoji of a university looking building and books; which meant he was at the library doing his assignment. I loved how we communicated, it made us unique and confused other people who would try to read our conversations.
Dad: so where do you want us to eat princess?
Yep that’s what he called me and I called him dad. He was a great person with a good heart.
Me: I feel like Pana
Him: that being Panarottis
I nodded
Him: and you couldn’t pronounce the whole name maybe?
Chuckled. It’s what Ahlume called the place because at some point their wifi password was Pana-some numbers.
Me: my friend calls it Pana
He nodded and we walked to Pana with some shopping bags. Dad spoiled the living daylights out of me, he said he was making up for lost time, he wanted me to move in with him but I couldn’t so instead I asked him to fix my gran’s house and support her financially. Now of cause it wasn’t easy to get gran to welcome him but eventually they were civil with each other for my sake. Yes, she knew about me building a relationship with my parents and of cause it caused a crack in our relationship. She was soo difficult yoh.
Him: how’s your mother doing?
Me: she’s ok I guess. I mean we good
Him: that’s good to hear
Me: do you love her?
He kept quiet for a minute before answering me
Him: is it crazy that after so many years I haven’t been able to move on. I loved her then and as much as she broke my heart but I can’t seem to move on and get over her
Me: how do you know you still love her?
Him: the sound of her voice is like music to my ears, not seeing her breaks my heart into a million pieces, seeing her brightens up my day in whatever mood I’m in. just being in her presence is enough to melt my heart, she brings me peace
I nodded with a smile. I made a mental note to get them back together. They were my parents after all… After our amazing lunch and shopping he drove off to my home and on the robots as we were waiting for them to open a car crashed into us knocking me out
Kaylin was my mother. I don’t know how I felt about that. I was told the whole story about how she was consumed by evil after losing her sister. I couldn’t keep the truth from Click anymore, I needed someone to talk to, all my life I spent it thinking that I killed my mother when she has been right under my nose. I was at Click’s office sitting on the couch having lunch with him. yesterday was my birthday and I was officially 16, I was born on the 10th of March so yeah.
Him: you haven’t been yourself lately
Me: I’ve just been dealing with a lot
Click was away on business and only came back two days ago
Him: talk to me
I sighed first
Me: my mother is alive
Him: Kaitlyn is alive?
He asked with shock written all over his face with a little bit of hurt
Me: no not her. my real mother is Kaylin
He chuckled
Him: yeah sure baby
Me: I’m serious dad. She tricked you into thinking she was her twin and had sex with you. that’s why they went MIA on you for all those years
He shook his head in disbelief. I didn’t blame the poor guy
Me: your girlfriend died the day I was born; I don’t know what her cause of death was but Kaylin tricked you into believing that her sister died when she gave birth to me
He nodded slowly. I could tell he really wasn’t expecting this bomb.
Him: how do you feel about the news?
Me: I don’t know how I should feel dad
He pulled me to his chest and I felt tears find their way down my cheeks. I needed this, I’ve been dealing with it all on my own and Heather is not really the comforting type. He then pulled me away and kissed my forehead and then pulled me to him again. I guess I fell asleep because I was woken up by a loud bang. A car had crashed into Click’s car, he was laying on the steering wheel unconscious and blood coming out of his head.
Me: Click!
I said shaking him but I didn’t get any response, I felt a bee sting on my neck and I turned to be met by people in black and I just passed out

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