Fate Chose Me

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Lisa’s birthday was on a Monday, she was turning 16 on the 12th of March, I was planning on surprising her but I haven’t spoken to her since Saturday on the 10th which was strange considering the fact that we spoke every day of every minute. I called her after writing my assignment and her phone went straight to voicemail, I didn’t stop, I kept calling but still nothing, it was frustrating. I decided to go to her grandmother’s house on Sunday to go and check on her. I knocked her grandmother opened, she looked like she hadn’t gotten any sleep which only worried me
Me: Gramps hi
Her: hi Adams, come in
I nodded and she stood aside letting me in.
Her: I don’t know whether you’ve heard but Anelisa got into an accident with her father but we haven’t found her
She couldn’t even hold her tears back. I pulled her in for a hug
Me: how gramps?
Her: I don’t know
She said in between her sobs. I could feel my muscles tense up. I had this overwhelming pain shoot right through my heart. Hearing that she was missing broke my heart but I wanted to be strong for her grandmother. Just then here was a knock on the door, we broke the hug and I offered to open the door for her and it was a white man, I looked at him from head to toe, something about him didn’t sit well with me
Me: hi
I pulled out my hand and he looked at me with nothing but disgust in his face. I couldn’t understand why the attitude
Him: Mah how are you?
Her: how is it that you don’t have a single scratch on you yet she was with you and your car is wrecked? How does she go missing and you are still here?
Him: Mah Sibeko I understand you hurting
Her: hurting? I trusted you with her and you went on to lose her! I want my granddaughter back. I knew I should have never trusted her with a blood sucking monster!
She was now throwing punches at his chest and he didn’t respond, he just let her hit him and he stood there not reacting at all. Blood sucking monster? Was this man a vampire?
Me: I think you should leave man
Her: get out of my house and come back with my daughter Travis!
He didn’t even know what to say, he looked at me and then at gran and then walked out. Just then Kendra walked in with whom I’m assuming is her mother. She hugged me and then gramps
Kendra: Gramps this is my mom Buttercup… I mean Yolanda
Yolanda: nice to meet you
Kendra: this is Ahlume our friend
We shook hands. I told Kendra I was leaving and would come check on her later and then left and drove off in full speed. I got to dad’s home office
Me: what did you do to her?
Him: what?
Me: what did you do to Anelisa dad? She’s missing
Him: firstly, I don’t even know who this person you talking about is and secondly get your hands off me before I break all of your bones!
He wasn’t kidding, the nigga worked out and he really was capable of breaking my bones. I removed my hands off his t-shirt
Him: now talk to me properly. What’s going on?
Me: Anelisa the doppelganger is missing
Him: how?
I shrugged.
Him: what her last location. I need everything, phone details and the last time she online on social media
I nodded and took out my phone and gave him all the details he required
Him: I’ll call Miso to help me with this
Me: please just find her dad!
I was afraid that the dreams I had of her would come true and I wasn’t ready to lose her. I couldn’t afford to lose her
When I woke up my head was pounding and I was tied down inside a circle with a star and I was tied to small poles inside that star with my legs spread out and then there was another circle with the same thing except there was another me in that circle and then there was a woman with a black cape covering her head standing in front of what looked like a table. Me and this other me were trying to break free from this but we were both failing dismally
Her: I didn’t want to have to do this but it has to be done. Today is a full moon and Anelisa turns 16
She turned around with a knife in her hands
Me: Please don’t do this
Her: I have to undo the mess I created before he kills you.
Me: before who kills you?
Her: the hybrid. It was your blood that created him and it’s your blood only that can kill him
Me: what about her?
Her: if we kill you then your soul will move to her body and you will no longer be a threat to him
Me: Please don’t do this
I was now in tears begging her and so was the other me. What was going on here? What kind of dream was this? it felt so real!
Her: her giving birth to that monster she’s carrying will only transition him into an unkillable beast
Anelisa: there’s no such thing as unkillable
Her: if we kill her then it will break whatever spell that’s protecting him. The spell they cast on him is tied to her
Me: what do you mean?
Her: she is the key to breaking the spell and if we kill her then we kill both birds with one stone
Anelisa: please don’t do this. you don’t have to do this
Me: She’s right. You really don’t have to do this. Look we’ll run away. We’ll do anything
For some reason I felt a connection to Anelisa or maybe it’s because we looked alike. I don’t know really.
Me: mom please. Please don’t do this
I looked into her eyes pleading, if she really was my mom now was the time to show it. for a minute I saw a glimpse of hurt but she quickly hid it with anger
Her: I’m not your mother. Your mother died the day my sister died
“if you can’t do this Kaylin tell me now so that I do it for you”
Said a male voice from the woods, he literally showed up out of nowhere
Her: Ruu you can’t be the one to do this
Him: stop feeding this kids lies. You both are great sacrifices to the great master of the underworld
I gasped for air
Him: the minute the moon reaches its Apex you have to kill them!
Her: Ruu just leave ok! I can do this
Him: I don’t trust that. You scared. Have you even taken their blood to conjure the master?
She kept quiet. He grabbed the knife from her and took a bowl from the mini table and the came to me, actually it wasn’t a mini table but it was a tree that was cut which made it look like a table. He slit my wrist and I bit my lower lip sucking in the pain, my blood dripped on the bowl and then he licked my wrist and then went to Anelisa to do the same and unlike me she cried out in pain.
Me: it’s going to be ok
She shook her head. You could see the fear in her eyes
Me: please tell me that Click is at least ok
Him: you shouldn’t care about Click considering the fact that you dying soon
Me: Mom please tell me how he’s doing?
Her: he’s in a coma
I gasped and tears started rolling down my eyes. I really was worried about Click. She kept looking up at the moon and then suddenly lights started flashing like there was lightening, this Ruu guy was mixing our bloods with the knife and dripping the blood on the logs we were tied to chanting something I couldn’t understand and then suddenly someone rose from the centre of the points where our stars connected, I don’t know if I could say he was human considering the horns and the pointy hands with two fingers only. He walked over to Anelisa and then kneeled between her spread out legs, she started trembling crying, he bent over and licked her cheek and she cried out breaking my heart. She didn’t deserve this
Him: you did good Kaylin. They perfect. Ruu leave us!
Just like that Ruu disappeared, not into the woods but as in like into thin air. The man walked over to my circle my body cringed. Suddenly there was chanting coming from the woods and then Kaylin went down on her knees crying and the man just vanished.
Anelisa: mom?
She said crying as a woman untied her and another one untied me
Anelisa: how did you find us?
Mom: your necklace baby!

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