Fate Chose Me

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When Travis and Anelisa got into an accident, I felt it in me. Something in me struck and suddenly I had visions of the accident and the dreams of Anelisa and her doppelganger in the forest. I called Travis but nothing, I called Anelisa and still nothing and I just knew that something was wrong. I called mom and she told me Anelisa was out with her father and wasn’t back and that’s when I panicked and told Mbali and we did everything in our power to find out whether they were ok or not and we found out that my baby was in New Orleans on a sacred ground where something terrible had once happened before. We drove to the hotel with both girls. The rest of the witches went about their business
Me: how are you guys?
I had never seen my daughter that shaken before. It was so scary how they looked exactly alike. She was clinging to me like I was going to leave her.
Me: you safe now. you safe baby
Mona: can you take me to the airport, I need to make sure that my father is ok
Mbali: I will drive you tomorrow morning. How are you holding up?
Mona: I don’t know. What’s going to happen to my mother?
I shook my head but knowing Mbali she was going to tell her
Mbali: part of your mother was trapped in the underworld and that’s where she was casted to, to the underworld to live a slave of the master she worshipped
Mona: so what are you guys?
Mbali: witches. The good ones. Your mother was in a cult
She nodded
Me: you guys should rest
Mona: you don’t have to tell your daughter twice
I looked at her and she was sleeping, she was so adorable for words and very much shaken. My phone vibrated in my pocket, I took it out and it was Travis. I laid her on the bed and then walked out answering him
//Him: Where the fuck are you Neliswa? Your daughter is missing
Me: Anelisa is fine. We are in New Orleans
Him: the fuck are you doing there Neliswa? If you wanted to take her, you shouldn’t have gotten her into an accident
Me: I will explain everything when I see you Travis! //
I ended the call and he called again but I kept rejecting his calls. I went to the room and then we all slept. Flying and having to save your daughter is not an easy task, I was dead tired. I was woken up by Anelisa trembling as though she was cold, I pulled her to me and kissed her head countless times. What happened really scared her, it pained me. I should have been there to protect her; she should have never gone through this. eventually she slept. In the morning I woke up and took a quick shower and headed to get breakfast and then got back and found them awake talking.
I don’t think I had ever witnessed a mothers love the way I witnessed Anelisa and her mother. Neliswa loved her daughter, to a point where she even had a necklace for her that she would use to find her, it made me envy her life. I wished I had what they had. My mother tried to kill me… imagine. Unlike Anelisa near death doesn’t really scare me, if you had seen the stuff I’d seen that type of ish wouldn’t scare you… trust me. I woke up and Anelisa was standing by the balcony admiring the beautiful city of New Orleans
Me: morning
Her: hi
She was really shaken
Me: how are you holding up?
Her: I don’t know, still shaken that’s all.
Me: isn’t it weird that we look exactly alive
She chuckled
Her: yeah it’s like looking in a mirror
Me: I never knew I was this pretty
She chuckled. Her style was really simple and girly while I was more into dark colours, her hair was tied up neatly and I preferred mine hanging loose but hers was longer, I never let my hair grow past my shoulders, I always went to cut it when it reached that far
Her: don’t get corky. Where are you from?
Me: I currently live in California with my father. You?
Her: South Africa Durban with my grandmother, recently connected with my mom and dad
Me: wow. that time she cares so much about you
She nodded
Her: yeah she does I guess.
Me: what’s the story there?
Her: she tried to abort me twice and failed both times
Me: damn!
Her: yeah
Me: so you bitter about something she tried to do and failed at? She’s here now isn’t she? You witnessed my mother try to sacrifice me. Appreciate your mother Anelisa, she’s the only one you’ll ever have
She kept quiet for a while
Her: do you know Ahlume Adams?
I thought for a minute and then the name sounded familiar. She started describing him and I could get a picture of the person she was talking about
Me: I think I know him
Her: you guys met last December. I don’t know where
Me: does he have a look alike twin with different colour hair from him?
Her: yes
Me: oh I know him. corky guy
She smiled… more like blushed
Me: you two are dating?
She nodded smiling like a retard
Me: and you not afraid he might die or something?
Don’t judge me. I have a past with people dying on me
Her: no. why should i?
I shrugged
Me: so let me guess, he thought you were me?
Her: yeah, it was crazy actually
I won’t lie I was really jealous of her life. I mean she had everything I’ve ever wanted and prayed for but nothing ever went my way. I suddenly had this crazy idea of switching lives with her. actually I had to switch lives with her while she was still here
Me: when are you leaving?
She shrugged
“morning girls”
We both turned and it was her mother.
We drove Lisa to the airport and then we boarded a plane back to SA. It was the longest flight ever…. But then again it was my first time flying. When we landed mom requested an uber and it dropped us off at Dad’s house, I wanted to know he was fine first before going to my grandmother. Lisa and I had exchanged numbers before leaving each other. I got this weird vibe from her but I ignored it. We knocked and he opened for us, it was now Thursday
Him: Lisa
He said pulling me in a bone crushing hug. Glad to know somebody missed me
Him: I was worried about you Anelisa. Neliswa what happened?
Mom: can we at least come in and stop standing by the door
He let go of me and then led me to sit down.
Me: can I please be excused?
Dad: are you ok?
Me: I just need to make a phone call that’s all
Him: your phone is in my room on the drawer beside my bed
Me: thanks dad.
With that I left them together and took out my phone, it was off. I switched it on and texts and missed calls came flooding in, mostly from Ahlume. I smiled to myself reading some of his texts. He was really worried. It’s funny how when I logged on WhatsApp he still texted me even though he knew I was missing. I called him and he answered after a while
//Him: hello?
His voice was husky and sexy AF!
Me: Ahlume
My voice came out as a whisper than it was intended. I heard some shuffling in the background, tears were already rolling down my cheeks. hearing his voice made me miss him, it made me want to be in his arms caged in and never let go off.
Me: Babe?
I heard him sniffing
Him: Sweet Lips
I smiled and touched my lips remembering the last time we kissed. God I even missed my birthday. Now I sniffed
Me: are you crying?
Him: I thought I lost you. Where are you? Are you ok? baby tell me where you are
Me: I’d tell you if you gave me a chance to speak
Him: you not funny Anelisa. I was worried sick and then you go on and joke about it
Me: I’m sorry
I said pouting as though he could see me
Him: you pouting
I didn’t respond
Him: send me your location
Me: I’m at my father’s house and I don’t think he’ll approve. I just got home
Him: I don’t care about your father Anelisa. I want to see you. I want to hold you tight and never let you go. I want to kiss your sweet lips
I shivered at the thought of us kissing and him holding me
Me: ok I’ll send it
Him: pack a bag I’m coming to fetch you
I chuckled. He knew I would never do that
Him: I’m serious Anelisa
Me: don’t be crazy Ahlume!
Him: I love you. I love you so much Ma’Sibeko! //
He dropped the call on me just like that. I didn’t understand how my boyfriend’s brain functioned I swear! I logged on WhatsApp and sent him my location and then went to bath and wore comfortable clothes, that being my sneakers and dad’s oversized basketball vest which looked like a dress on me, I wore a denim jacket on top and took my phone after tying my hair up neatly. I don’t even know why I bothered because my boyfriend was going to untie it… habit I guess. I got downstairs and dad was holding Ahlume by his neck against the wall
Him: stay away from my daughter wolf!

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