Fate Chose Me

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I won’t lie I was beyond happy I even cried. I don’t cry! But here I was crying for this girl. What the hell was going on with me? I took my car keys, wallet and phone and made my way out bumping into Ahlumile
Him: you need a shave
Me: shut up!
Him: where to in such a rush?
Me: Anelisa is around here
Him: what? I thought she was missing
Me: I guess she’s been found. I’ll see you later
He was saying something but I couldn’t even hear him with my excitement and speed. I got to her home and texted her but she didn’t answer, I went inside the yard and knocked on the door and her mother opened the door looking beautiful as usual
Her: Ahlume?
Me: Anelisa called me
Her: uhhm… come in I guess
I walked in and she shut the door and led the way
Her: can I get you something to drink or eat?
I shook my head
Me: just Lisa
She chuckled
Her: I’ll get you a drink to calm you down
She walked out of the lounge and then the vampire walked in.
Him: What are you doing in my house?
Me: your daughter called me
I said with a smirk, he was passed he was even pink
Him: you lying!
I took out my phone and flashed the wallpaper in his face and he punched me in the stomach and that alone flew me across the room and I hit my back on the wall. He came over so fast and grabbed me by my neck and raised with the wall
Him: listen here little wolf and listen to me carefully. No daughter of mine will date a fucking wolf
Me: you see mr… whatever, Anelisa and I are destined for each other. Nothing you say or do can break us up fam
I won’t lie his grip was painful but I was not about to show him that. I don’t even understand why he hated me
Him: Stay away from my daughter
I looked up and Anelisa was making her way down the stairs. The minute her eyes landed on us she ran to us
Her: dad let him go
He was so pissed he had veins popping below his eyes and on his neck and his fangs were out. he tightened his grip
Her: Daddy please.
He turned to her and I think he scared her
Her: your face.
She said moving backwards, she turned and ran out and he let go of me and I fell to the floor. Anelisa bumped into her mother carrying a tray
Mother: Baby what’s wrong?
She was holding her shoulders looking at her daughter who was shaken and I was coughing trying to catch my breath
Him: Lisa
Me: ready to go babe?
She looked at me and nodded same time
Mother: Lisa baby what’s wrong? What happened? Travis?
Lisa just walked out
Me: control your anger or you might just lose her to this wolf you hate so much!
I said with a smirk and walked to the kitchen passing Neli. I drank some water before heading out, she was standing by my car, the minute I got out she threw herself at me and I hugged her tightly spinning her around
Me: I missed you too beautiful
Her: please take me away from here
She said with her head buried in my chest
Me: ok beautiful
We broke the hug and I kissed her forehead and opened the door for her and then she got in and I went to my side and drove off. normally I would have been pissed and fought back but like I said, Lisa is my sanctuary. My sanity. My peace. I drove us up to some hills where I normally just go to clear my head, I like the place because it’s always empty. I drove for an hour before reaching the place.
Her: and this?
Me: this is my thinking spot
Her: you full of surprises. Is this where you sat in my absence?
I chuckled. I wish. I was in the gym punching the punching bag until I had no energy left in me.
Me: yeah
Her: you lying!
Me: I was at the gym punching the punching bag. I was frustrated Lisa
She cupped my face and kissed me deeply and then she broke it
Her: let’s get out, I’ll tell you everything
I nodded and we got out and I placed her on top of the bonnet and stood between her legs. She was too cute for words! I had my back on her and she rested on my back hugging me. she started telling me everything that happened from the day she was taken and to meeting her doppelganger and to the uber they rode to her father’s house. Yes, she was shy but when she spoke, she spoke and you couldn’t help but listen to her.
Me: how are you holding up?
Her: I just wanted to be in your arms. To be where you are and now I’m ok
Me: but you need to go for therapy Lisa
I said kissing her hands
Her: I’m fine Ahlume
I turned to face her
Me: you need to get me a pet name. This first name basis thing is not working
She chuckled
Her: I like your name
Me: and I like yours but sweet lips is cute
Her: Ace!
Me: Ace?
Her: Ace of cards. Ace since you always acing everything
I chuckled
Me: what’s everything babe?
I gave a naughty smile and she shrugged shyly and looking all kinds of beautiful
Her: I don’t know. your books maybe
Me: and what about my kiss? Don’t I ace that?
She giggled
Me: I can show you what else I can ace so that I actually earn the name
I said kissing her and then made my way to her boobs and she let out a soft moan
Her: Ace
Me: you want me to stop?
She nodded
Me: cat got your tongue
Her: please stop
I moved from her boobs and too her face
Her: it’s too soon Ahlume
Me: I won’t do anything to you that you won’t like
She shook her head
Her: please respect my decision
I nodded. For some reason I felt defeated and couldn’t argue with her further. She made me a weakling and I hated that.
Me: come, I have your present in my boot
Her: present?
Me: it was your birthday Monday and you weren’t around
I said with a shrug
Her: ok help me off
I picked her up and placed her down. I knew how much she didn’t like being in the air, she would get an instant panic attack if I did. We walked to the boot hand in hand and then I opened it and there was a red stuffed lips pillow with a big teddy bear and a paper bag from call it spring. She put her hands on her mouth
Her: Ahlume
I’m glad to say Click had woken up from his coma. He was actually recovering very well; I don’t know what I would have done had I lost him. I was in bed laying on his chest telling him about what I went through and he was not happy, he was hurt that he couldn’t protect me
Me: you were in a coma dad
Him: but still Mona. I should have been there
Me: you can’t always protect me
Him: so you have a doppelganger
Me: it doesn’t change the fact that one of us still has to die
Him: huh?
Me: mom said I had to die in order for my spirit to move into her body
Him: and how certain are you that there’s some truth in whatever your mother said Lisa? Don’t do this to yourself
Me: I just don’t understand why I have to die. Why I have to be the one cursed. Why couldn’t it be her daddy? How come she gets the life I always wanted and I get to die?
He just rubbed my back and kissed my head
Me: I have to go to South Africa.
Him: What?
Me: I’m going to South Africa. I can’t be the one to die and her be the one that lives
Him: Lisa you told me that your mother mentioned that your blood created this person, what if he kills you?
Me: Dad I’m not asking for permission here. I need to leave soon. If he meets me now with her still shaken, he’ll believe that everything that I am is because of what I went through
Him: Monalisa!
He scolded.
Him: that’s not going to happen. You not going anywhere!

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