Fate Chose Me

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Ahlume Ace Adams was doing the things that need to be done. When someone comes into your life when you least expect it you bound to have your doubts about them and yes I had my doubts but the man before me was slowly but surely removing those doubts layer by layer and making me fall for him. This is not because of the many things he just bought me but because of him in general. No man has ever cried because of me before, not many men allow themselves to be this vulnerable before a girls eyes and not many men go through such efforts for a girl unless they love her and I was convinced he loved me. He understood, he didn’t pressure me, he just let me be and he was open about his life before me and pretty much everything but there was something bothering him that much I knew.
Me: I don’t know what to say
Him: how about thank you Ace you the best boyfriend ever
Me: you the only boyfriend I’ve ever had
Him: cause I’m the only one that’s worthy of you Sweet lips
He brushed my lower lip and I let out a moan
Him: you need to stop this moaning business. You going to make my dick hard
I chuckled not even knowing what to say to that statement. He planted a kiss on me when I wasn’t expecting it and then he smiled
Him: you very beautiful Anelisa Sibeko
Me: thank you my handsome guy
He took my hand and closed the boot and led us to the amazing view, he put me ontop of the bonnet and stood in front of me facing me and hugging me with his hands resting on my ass.
Him: i’m damaged Anelisa. I come from a dysfunctional family which I’m afraid might hurt you
I cupped his face and made him look at me, he had hurt written all over his face
Me: don’t we all have a dysfunctional family one way or the other. My mom’s a witch and my dad’s a vampire and then theres me; a doppelganger.
He chuckled
Him: stop it.
Me: I was almost sacrificed on my birthday. How damaged can one get?
He cringed and tightened his grip on me then he chuckled and kissed me. I knew he was trying to calm himself down. He didn’t take it well when I told him everything that happened, actually he was pissed but I guess being with me calmed him down. I don’t know, Ahlume feels the need to protect me. I don’t get why Ma’Namhla would tell me to stay away from him
Him: you stupid you know that
Me: and you very smart
He smiled but the hurt in his eyes was still there
Me: talk to me Ace
Him: my grandmother is a witch. More like a leader of her coven which makes her really strong. My father is a hybrid, wolf and a vampire in one and then my brother and I are wolves
I gasped, he did tell me about the stuff he had been going through, seeing a white wolf and all that other stuff and how he was a wolf but the information about his dad and grandmother was new
Me: did you grandmother turn you guys into wolves
Him: no sweetlips we were born with a werewolf gene which is triggered by a near death experience of someone you love or close to and when dad got into an accident mine was triggered making me violent and this angry person I don’t recognise… well that was until I met you
I cupped his face and he leaned in on my touch
Him: I don’t know how this will make you feel but I don’t feel comfortable with you not knowing considering I almost lost you.
I was about to speak but he put his index finger on my mouth shutting me up
Him: my grandmother says for me to transition into a hybrid you supposed to carry my child and then die while giving birth and the child be used for a sacrifice
I removed my hands from him but he held them. I just survived death and now I’m supposed to be sacrificed so that my boyfriend can transition into an unkillable monster. I suddenly dated back to what Mona’s mom had said about this whole hybrid situation
Him: Anelisa
Me: let go of my hands Ahlume Adams
Him: so we back on the first name basis sweet lips
Me: NDIYEKE AHLUME!(let go of me Ahlume)
Him: I cant do that
Me: why? So that you can sacrifice me? when did you find out all of this? was it before or after you started dating me?
Him: does it matter
Me: why are you telling me this?
Him: because I hate not telling you things Anelisa!
I was about to speak but he told me to shut up and I looked at him with a raised eyebrow
Him: I’m sorry but please just let me explain everything to you. Just because its what my family wants doesn’t mean its something that should happen Anelisa! I love you so much and I would never let my family do that to you. I rather be tortured in the world of the dead than to have you killed so that I can be some stupid hybrid
He was sincere, I could always tell when he was being sincere. He was such a beautiful man I swear. His eyes alone were enough to make me weak. I didn’t even know what to say or how to respond to what he had just told me
Him: I’ll run away with you if I have to. Put you one contraceptives if need be Anelisa
I shook my head and he looked at me with a raised eyebrow
Me: I’m not going anywhere with you. I was supposed to stay away from you from the beginning. I was warned against you but I was stupid to fall for the charm and everything else
Him: don’t say that Anelisa! DON’T YOU FUCKING SAY THAT!
He was pissed, his eye colour suddenly changed into a colour I never thought eyes could turn into, it was like they had a flame or something, his veins were popping out. at that moment I was really scared that he might do anything to me
I didn’t mean to snap at her. I really didn’t mean to but for her to say that? For her to say that we shouldn’t be together because of what I told her was bull. I had assured her that I wouldn’t hurt her let alone let harm come her way. I looked at her once and just walked away. I went into the forest nearby and left her on top of the bonnet. I needed to breathe and not hurt her. I got to the woods and started punching a tree countless times screaming in frustration, I couldn’t even feel the pain
“you going to hurt yourself”
I looked and it was a white man.
Me: leave before I hurt you
Him: you wouldn’t even if you wanted to. Stop hitting the tree before you hurt yourself
I stopped and looked at my knuckles which were bleeding and suddenly really painful
Him: do you know me?
Me: am I supposed to know you?
Him: I’m your grandfather, the wolf you’ve been seeing
I chuckled
Me: yeah right. so what? A full moon turned you human?
Him: you could say that. Something I don’t know happened but all I know is that I was freed from whatever spell that was binding us to the full moon and keeping us as wolves this past Monday
Me: good for you. I have to go
I said walking but he grabbed my arm
Me: let go of me
Him: you always were stubborn. Ahlume Adams look at me
I looked at him properly and he looked like an older version of dad with grey hair though. He wasn’t that old but he was old, probably in his 50s or 60s.
Him: that child needs you.
Me: how? I’m supposed to kill her or whatever
Him: you don’t have to kill her son. She’s your sanctuary, she calms you down
Just the thought of her was enough to make my heart melt and think of just how much I scared her. I hated myself
Me: she’s safer if she’s not with me
Him: no shes never going to be safe if you not in her life Ahlume. She loves you as much as you love her
I shook my head
Me: I scared her. she probably hates me
Him: then go find out.
He let go of me. I walked back to the car and she was sitting inside the car with her knees up. I took a deep breath in before opening my door and getting in.
Me: Sweet Lips
She didn’t respond. She was looking outside her window. I got out and went to open her side of the door
Me: babe I’m sorry I scared you
I said taking her hands into mine
Her: Ace you bleeding. What happened?
I looked at my hands which had blood but without any bruises. I could have sworn I had bruises from that tree I punched. I could see the concern in her eyes
Me: punched a tree but I’m fine. How are you?
She pulled her hands away from me and hugged her legs.
Her: please take me home
Me: if that’s what the lady wants.
I went to my seat and then drove off to her fathers house. I parked and locked the doors. She tried to open and then turned to me.

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