Fate Chose Me

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it’s been a week since I last saw Ahlume Adams, I won’t lie I missed him. I was miserable but I needed a break from him. Gran would ask about him and why he was scarce but I would tell her he was busy with test week, well it was test week for him and I was busy with controlled tests for March-April. I won’t lie everything he told me scared the living daylights out of me, maybe if he had told me later in our relationship I would have understood but for him to tell me after what I went through, it just brought back all the trauma I went through and his anger didn’t make things any better. I knew he was a beast but I didn’t think I’d see that side of him. Dad and I haven’t been really close ever since the Ahlume incident I walked into. Kendra told me to talk to mom about what Ahlume told me in the woods and find a way forward. I was going to her place after school. Kendra and I were studying under the tree
“what happened to your blesser? Did he finally realise that you were too broke for him?”
I looked up and it was some girl from my class. Sihle or something along those lines.
Imi: what do you want Sibu?
She and Kendra were once friends
Her: just checking up on the blessee you with. nothing much buddy
Kendra chuckled
Imi: Sibu leave before I make you leave!
She clicked her tongue and walked away swaying her hips left and right. Kendra wasn’t afraid to get into trouble, she stood up for those she cared about, this one time some girl made fun of me and she punched her in the face giving her blue eye for a week and landing herself detention.
Her: you ok?
Me: yeah I’m fine. Thanks
Her: mom taught me to stick up for my friends
I chuckled
Me: thank you
Her: still not talking to him?
I shook my head
Her: but he told you all of this because it was right. he didn’t want to hide anything from you
Me: he’s dating me so that he can use me. I’m pretty much an asset to whoever has a witch in their pocket
Her: at least you don’t have to worry about me using you
We both laughed
Me: yep I don’t. I love you my friend and thank you
Her: what are friend’s for? Talk to your mother Anelisa!
I nodded. The bell rang and we went to write and then when we were done we made our way out of the school and Ahlume was standing outside his car looking all kinds of hot with his muscle hugger T revealing his tattoos and joggers with a white sneaker and shades on pressing his phone. I was walking with Kendra
Her: well he looks yummy
Me: whatever. Let’s just go
She shrugged. We walked past him and he pulled my arm
Him: so you were just going to leave me here just like that?
Me: Ahlume let go of me
Him: you either get inside this car Anelisa before I embarrass you in front of your schoolmates
Me: Ahlume I don’t have time for games
Him: and you think I do. Get inside Anelisa
I looked at him and I couldn’t read him with his shades on. Part of me wanted to take my chances and see how he planned on embarrassing me but I also didn’t want to be the talk of the school next week Monday.
Him: you going to get inside or will I have to put you inside this car?
I took a deep breath and then he opened the door for me and I got in, he hailed Kendra over
Her: you two need to talk alone. My mom’s on her way to fetch me
Him: thanks K
Her: take care of her or else I will kill you!
Him: point taken! Bye beautiful, say bye to your friend
He left me with the door open, I got out and hugged Kendra who whispered in my ear telling me to screw his brains out. I had a crazy virgin friend I swear! She closed my door for me and he drove off in full speed, he was driving a white Audi with red leather seats, it had two doors. I don’t know cars.
I drove straight home without saying shiit to her.
Her: Ahlume where are you taking me?
I didn’t respond, instead I turned the volume up. I wrote a shiit paper today but I know I passed it just not how I wanted to pass it that much I know. I hadn’t seen her since last week Thursday and today was Friday. I’ve never went that long without seeing her let alone talking to her and I was miserable which was messing with my mood and my studying. I needed to get her to talk to me one way or the other. I parked inside the garage and none of their cars were around. I got out and went to open her door
Me: come
I held out my hand to her but she slapped it
Her: take me home Ahlume
Me: Anelisa you either get out of this car at freewill or I take you out of it
She just pouted and folded her arms looking in front. I undid her seatbelt with her hitting me, I pulled her out of the car and carried her like a sack of potatoes putting her on my shoulder and then locked the car with her screaming and shouting. I got into the kitchen and it was empty, the cleaner was probably elsewhere
Her: Ahlume put me down!
She was busy hitting my back. It was cute how she got all feisty and had an attitude with me, one could say I changed her because the girl I met was very respectful and would never look me in the eye to say anything. We got to my room and I locked the door and threw her on the bed
Her: what do you want from me? this is kidnapping
Me: you got into my car at freewill and your friend was there to witness it
She folded her arms and pouted. I pulled her legs and then spread her legs out and pulled her underwear down with her fighting me
Her: Ahlume please stop
Me: I’ll never hurt you Anelisa!
Her: Ahlume please. I’m sorry for ignoring you
I went down to her pretty little tight cake and flickered my tongue on it while pinning her hands down.
Her: Ahlume
It came out as a whisper. I started sucking on her, she was very tense but as I kept going I could feel her relaxing slowly with every stroke of my tongue. I don’t know what pussy tastes like, no girl has ever had that privilege to be went down on by me but here she was and here I was between her legs and her letting out moans here and there until she came screaming my name with her back arched. I licked her clean and then went up to her and balanced on my shoulders
Me: still not talking to me?
She could barely even say anything. I moved from her and found her underwear and put it back on and took her shoes off and mine too and then laid beside her and pulled her too me, she was fighting me
Me: Anelisa come on
Her: what you did Ahlume is wrong
Me: giving my girlfriend her first orgasm is wrong?
I said untying her hair while she faced the other side
Her: everything you did! You forced me into your car and then forced me out of it and then you spread my legs and did whatever that was that you just did without my permission. You should have asked me nicely
Me: how was I supposed to ask you Sweet lips? Like, ‘Hey can I eat your pussy up?’
She didn’t respond
Me: was it painful?
Her: no
Me: did you hate it?
She didn’t respond
Me: would you let me do it again if I asked you?
She still didn’t respond. I got up and went to kneel in front of her, at least she wasn’t crying
Her: Ahlume you scared me. I thought you were going to rape me
Me: I’m all things but a rapist is not one of them
Her: but still Ahlume, you didn’t give me a choice to make
Me: and I’m sorry but it was the only way I could get you to talk to me and it worked because you talking to me
Her: I’m mad at you
Me: for what? The truth? Giving you a mind blowing orgasm? By the way you the first girl to ever feel my tongue on her cake
She covered her eyes
Me: shift.
Her: no
Me: why you gotta always fight me?
Her: Ahlume why am I here?
Me: I had a shiity week with you ignoring my calls and texts
Her: I needed space
Me: and you couldn’t at least tell me to give you space rather than just shutting me out? What did you even need space for?
Her: in case you forgot, I almost died. I saw a side of my father I never thought I’d see and then you showed me a side of you I wasn’t ready to see Ahlume
Me: can I get in bed and hold you?
Seemingly I needed permission for everything from hereon. She moved up and I got in and pulled her to my chest.
Me: I’m sorry Sweet Lips. I’ll handle things better next time
She nodded.
Her: I need to go to my mom, I said I would go to her after school
Me: I’ll drive you to her at 3 please
Her: no she knows school is out already
Me: I missed you, didn’t you miss me?
Her: I missed you too but I
Me: look, I’ll bring you your blazer so you can text her you got held up somewhere
Her: this is wrong but ok
Me: you gotta live a little sweet lips. Can I kiss my lips now?
Her: if you think it possible
I made her look at me and she was smiling
Me: you silly you know that? Can I kiss your lips then?
She nodded, I kissed her and then deepened the kiss and then we broke it after a while.
Her: eeeuw!
Me: that’s your vagina you tasting. Don’t say eeeuw!
I gave a smirk and she giggled. God I had missed her like this, her in my arms and smiling and giggling and just comfortable. She was content and that’s all I ever wanted. There was a knock on my door
Me: who is it?
Person: the person who gave birth to you! why is your door locked?
It was my twin imitating mom. I laughed but Lisa wasn’t laughing
Me: its Mile chill
I could feel her heart rate decreasing

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