Fate Chose Me

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I just had my first orgasm! *screams in excitement* Who knew that an orgasm was that good? Yes, I wasn’t up for it but as soon as his tongue landed on my cake I started feeling whimsical things I want to keep feeling by him only. It was amazing I won’t lie. I am actually grateful he took charge and did everything he did to me. He got up and I fixed my skirt, he looked at me and then threw me the red throw sitting on his bed and I covered myself. God this guy, was it necessary.
Him: What do you want?
Mile: let me in
Him: why?
Mile: what are you hiding? I saw the school bag in your backseat. You got a girl in there
Him: so what if I do?
Ahlumile budged in and Ahlume sighed in defeat
Him: happy?
Mile: hello beautiful
Me: hi
Mile: you beautiful. How old are you?
Him: nigga say what you were here to say and then leave
Mile: I was going to invite you to a party but you busy. See you around pretty face
Him: party where and what time?
Mile: isn’t Missy sleeping over?
Him: she would never.
At least he knew me that well
Mile: ayt. I’ll tell you later. Bye pretty face.
He blew me a kiss and walked out. God they looked alike and their voices sounded the same.
Me: so you also have a doppelganger
He chuckled
Him: yeah one I share blood and parents with. he can be a flirt but he’s a great person
Me: I see. My phone
Him: oh right. you can always use mine
He said giving me his big iPhone and then walked out… I unlocked it and I was his wallpaper, a picture of me I never thought existed from the time we were at the mountains. I was tempted to go through his picture and so I did, he had a folder titled ‘Sweet Lips’, I chuckled and opened it and he had a lot of pictures of me and of us. We looked good together! A WhatsApp text came through from Snalo ‘Ahlume where are you? I need you’. he told me about her and I was tempted to respond but I let it be and carried on with viewing our pictures and smiling alone in the other. Another text came through from the same person ‘Ahlume please’ and then she called. I didn’t know whether to answer his phone or not. I let it wrong and then she dropped it, it rang again and then he walked in carrying a tray
Him: please answer that or me
He said closing the door with his foot
Me: its Sinalo
Him: so? Answer her and put her on speaker
I answer the phone
//Her: Ahlume where are you? I need you
She sounded like she was crying or something
Him: Sinalo calm down. Just breathe ok. What’s going on?
He placed the tray down and took the phone from me
Her: there’s so much blood Ahlume. I’m scared
Him: you not making any sense. Where are you?
Her: I’m in my room. I’m scared
Him: I’ll be there now. //
Him: I have to go to Berea
Me: oh
Him: I can leave you here or you can come with
Me: or you can drop me off at my father’s place. It’s on the way
They lived in the same location, Glen Ashley. He sighed and then helped me up and gave me my phone and with that we both walked out in silence. His ex or whatever she is to him needed him and who was I to argue with him? We got to his car and he kissed my cheek
Him: you ok?
Me: yeah
There was silence as he started the car. We parked in front of dad’s house and I opened the door
Him: I’ll call you later yeah
Me: sure
I walked to the gate and punched in the code and got inside the yard and that’s when he drove off. I don’t know why I was hurt but I know I was hurt. I didn’t think he would leave me for her, guess I was wrong.
I knew Lisa wasn’t happy with me running to Snalo’s rescue but what if she was dying or something? I couldn’t do that to the poor child. I got to her place, she lived in res the one opposite Berea center, I got inside using my student card and rushed to her room, I knocked once and then let myself in. she was bleeding heavily
Me: Sinalo!
She was on the floor crying, I felt her pulse but it was weak. I picked her up and rushed her to my car which people starring as usual. I put her in the back seat and then drove to the hospital and then waited there as she was attended to. I called my brother and told him what happened and he said he would call later to check on me. I called her boyfriend, nigga needed to be here! he was hesitant to come but he did.
Him: what happened?
Me: I don’t know. she called me crying saying there was too much blood
Him: oh my god no! he put his hands on his head and slid them to his face
Him: Sinalo can’t be doing this to me
Me: What?
Him: she was pregnant ok! she said she would kill herself and the baby
Me: what? And you let her? what kind of idiot are you?
I said holding him by his t-shirt. Yes, she and I were over and had stopped fooling around but that didn’t mean I didn’t care about her. she and I always used a condom or got the morning after so the baby couldn’t be mine
Him: Ahlume please let go of me you hurting me
Me: you knew she was suicidal and you still let her stay alone! You’re a fxcking idiot!
I threw him to the wall and he hit his back and security came to us
Him: this is no way to behave. This is a hospital
Me: I’m sorry. it won’t happen again
Him: it better not. he went to check on the boyfriend. Her doctor came to us; you didn’t need to study medicine to know she came bearing bad news
Her: I’m sorry but we couldn’t do anything. She drank acid
Me: huh?
Her: I’m sorry
With that she walked out. Damn! I walked out of the hospital, I needed to be in Anelisa’s arms. I don’t know how I felt about her being dead. I mean she was in her final year. I called Anelisa and she answered after a while
//Her: what?
Me: and then what’s up with you?
Her: you Ahlume. You are what’s up with me!
Me: she’s dead. you don’t have to worry about her anymore!
She kept quiet for a while
Her: I’m sorry. how are you holding up?
Me: I just want to lay on your boobs and forget all of it
She kept quiet yet again and I heard her sigh
Her: where are you now?
Me: I’m in town on my way to Glen A
Her: pick me up on your way home
Me: thank you. //
I drove past Mac D and bought us fold over meals remembering she hadn’t eaten and I’m sure she didn’t get home and eat… knowing her. I parked and called her telling her I was outside. She walked out wearing leggings and acute long wool jersey which I’m sure wasn’t hot. She got in and pulled me to her arms
Her: I’m so sorry Ace
Me: its ok. thank you
I got out of her arms and we drove to my crib and mom’s car was around parked next to Mile’s car. I was not up for her million questions! I sighed
Her: everything ok?
Me: mom’s around
Identity theft is a job and a half. I was learning everything I needed to learn about Anelisa and Ahlume, when they met and where, when they started dating… I have my ways trust me. I managed to hack into her phone using her phone number that she had gave me and pretty much got a lot I needed to know except the little details about her life. I learnt that her best friend was Miso’s daughter, my dad’s friend. Speaking of Click he was out of hospital and he was back at work. Apparently he was not weak and was not going to sit around and do nothing. I learnt that Anelisa’s father was a vampire and that Ahlume was a wolf. I learnt a lot in just two weeks but I couldn’t just steal her identity, she needed to believe that she was in danger and would want to run away and believe that her being with Ahlume was a danger for him too. it was the only way.
Monalisa was going exactly according to plan now we just needed her to get the doppelganger this side so that we could be able to use her blood. Create a connection between them. Of cause Kath wasn’t happy with the way I was doing things but it was the only way. I had planted ideas into her mind making her jealous of Anelisa and Ahlume so that she would get Anelisa to come this side and switch lives with her. Anelisa is naïve and caring, if she learnt that her doppelganger was in trouble this side she would switch lives with her any day.

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