Fate Chose Me

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When I got to dad’s place mom was there making something to eat wearing dad’s t-shirt looking all kinds of sexy in it with her tiny body with curves in all the right places, she was humming something and dancing.
Me: afternoon
She freaked out and dropped a spoon making me laugh really hard
Her: don’t ever scare me like that Anelisa. How are you? how was school?
Me: it was normal. I didn’t know you were here
Her: last minute. Had to come fetch something
Me: its ok if you two are back together mom. I’m happy for you even
She smiled shyly. She was really beautiful no doubt
Her: it just happened
Me: as long as you happy
Her: so you wanted to talk to me about something.
She sat on the high chair and I went to sit opposite her and put my hands on the counter
Me: remember that day I went out with Ahlume last week
She nodded
Her: yeah I remember
Me: well he mentioned something.
Her expression changed to concern same time, I suddenly was not sure whether to continue or not
Her: what did he mention?
Me: his grandmother is a witch, the leader of her coven. Apparently I’m supposed to get with Ahlume and have a baby with him, die at the birth of the child so that the child is sacrificed to his ancestors or whatever that way he can transition into a hybrid
She kept quiet, I couldn’t read her expression. I didn’t even know what to say anymore
“stay away from that wolf Anelisa”
I turned around and dad was walking into the kitchen.
Her: is it you or your doppelganger that’s supposed to carry this child? I mean the guy loves you and he would never let any harm come your way. You the only one that can tame him baby
Him: Nonsense! You are cutting all ties with that boy. No child of mine is not going to be with such a monster
Me: dad.
Him: NO ANELISA! I can’t believe you entertaining this Neliswa
Mom: Travis please just listen.
Dad shook his head
Mom: Look I had visions and dreams of Lisa being chosen by fate for Ahlume in order to tame him. she’s the only one that can keep him in check and make sure that his true nature stays buried
Him: which part of our daughter staying away from him did you not get?
Mom: you say it like you yourself are not a monster
Him: I’m a monster because you made me one Neliswa!
Her: so I was supposed to just let you die huh?
I just got up and left them going back and forth. As I was getting dressed I got a call from Ahlume telling me he needed me. As much as I was mad at the stunt he pulled earlier but I wanted to be in his arms and away from this drama. I started getting dressed
“Can we talk?”
I turned around and mom was walking in. I nodded and she sat on the bed and I went to sit next to her.
Her: Anelisa fate chose you. Fate chose you to tame the wolf in Ahlume
Me: and where would that leave Monalisa?
Her: both doppelgangers can’t exist, it’s an imbalance to nature and as long as she exists then you will always be a target
Me: so what? You kill her?
Her: no. look, a curse was placed on her baby and as long as that curse on her is not lifted then she will be the death of herself
Me: she’s going to kill herself?
Her: no. I don’t how she’s going to die but she’s going to die one way or the other and there’s nothing any of us can do to save her
Me: you’re a witch. Can’t you remove the curse off of her?
Her: until the curse that was placed on me is removed then no I can’t. I’m not strong enough to break a curse
Me: curse on you?
Her: the amulet you wearing is meant to protect you from me so that you and I are able to be this close to each other without me hurting you. if you ever lost it then you and I could never have a relationship because I will always hurt you by a touch or cause you migraines or make you weak
I nodded. It’s not that she never told me but I just never wanted to believe that until now. God why can’t both of us live?
We got to Ahlume’s home and honestly I didn’t want to meet his mother.
Him: let’s go in
Me: what about your mom?
Him: she’ll ask questions but it won’t be anything bad. I’ll tell her I’m your tutor
I chuckled
Him: some let’s go inside.
We walked to the house carrying the food and then he opened and his mom and an elderly woman were in the kitchen, I could suddenly feel myself getting really dizzy, I started feeling really hot
Me: Ahlume
My voice came out as a whisper and with that I passed out.
One minute Anelisa is fine and then next she’s falling. I dropped the food and attended to her.
Mom: baby what’s wrong?
Me: she just collapsed
Her: pulse was faint
Gran: She’s the doppelganger!
Me: mom please get her water. Gran stay away from her
I said picking her up and taking her to my room, mom walked in right behind me with my grandmother.
Me: Lisa please wake up baby
I said splashing her with some water but nothing
Mom: maybe you should take her to the hospital
Gran: NO!
Mom & I: NO?
Gran: I think I know what’s wrong with her
Me: she fainted, her pulse is weak
Her: I’m the reason she fainted!
I looked at her and so did mom.
Her: the magic that protects her doesn’t not work with her in my presence. The magic or whatever protecting her became null and void the minute she set foot in this house
Me: I don’t understand. Can you help her or not?
Her: I can try
Just then her phone rang and it was her mother calling. I was hesitant to answer
//Her: thank God. Are you ok?
Me: Hi Neli
Her: Ahlume? Where’s my daughter?
I looked at grandma
Her: Where is Anelisa Ahlume?
Me: she’s here. she collapsed
Her: I knew it. Where are you?
Me: at my home
Her: I need an address Ahlume before my daughter dies.
I told her my address and she ended the call//
Mom: who was it?
Me: her mom. she’s on her way
Gran: you shouldn’t have told her to come here! Bring this child to my room
Me: you not touching her!
I scolded and she looked at me with a raised eyebrow.
Me: both of you just please get out!
Mom: in whose house?
Me: mom if you love me and you care about me, you will get out now!
She looked at me for a while and then walked out. I heard some shouting and within minutes my door swung open I looked up and it was Neli with her boyfriend
Him: I told you to stay away from her
I was so stressed and so worried and dealing with the vampire was the last thing I needed, not with everything that’s been happening
Me: Neli can you wake her up? Is she going to be ok?
Her: as long as she is under the same roof as your grandmother then no. I’m sorry. Travis please pick her up and take her to the car.
He did as told and I just stood there
Her: look she’s going to be ok but your house, your grandmother has it surrounded by some dark magic and that in turn is affecting Lisa
Me: but she was here earlier on and she was fine
Her: I understand that but your grandmother’s magic is binded to herself which makes it stronger when she is around the house and that in turn makes my magic null and void. She’s stronger than me after all
I didn’t even know what to say. I handed her Lisa’s phone
Her: She’s going to be fine. You can go see her at her home ok
She brushed my hair back and walked out leaving me broken and confused.
I sensed her from the minute she set foot in the house. Her and Ahlume being in a relationship was just perfect because then things would go according to plan. When she walked in I chanted a spell that would make her dizzy and trap her in a trance but Ahlume acted too quick. The way he was protecting her was messing with the way I needed things to go. As long as Ahlume was this in love with her then nothing would go as it should, he and his twin were never going to transition into hybrids. You see if they turn into hybrids then automatically my magic can increase!

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