Fate Chose Me

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I woke up in my room in gran’s house with a small blanket over me. I got up off the bed and the curtains were closed, I searched for my phone and it was on the pedestal, I checked the time and it was past 8pm and I had a dozen missed calls from Ahlume. I sighed and called him. he answered after a while
//Him: thank God. Sweet Lips
Me: hey babe. So many missed calls
I said trying to lighten the mood
Him: you scared me. Are you ok? I came to see you but your mom said you were sleeping
Me: I just woke up. calm down I’m ok
Him: what happened?
Me: I don’t know. one minute I’m ok and the next minute I just felt weak and dizzy
He sighed
Him: Anelisa I’m sorry
Me: it’s not your fault
Him: it is. My grandmother cast a spell around our house and that spell affected you badly when we walked in with her there
I swallowed hard
Him: you being with me only puts your life on danger. It puts a target on you
He sighed
Him: can I see you tomorrow?
Me: as long as we won’t be anywhere near your grandmother
He chuckled
Him: of cause. We’ll go wherever you want us to go
I chuckled
Me: let’s try that new restaurant in Musgrave
Him: anywhere you want to go babe. I have to go; I’ll call you when I get back ok
Me: going to that party?
Him: might as well. I need a distraction and I know you won’t want to come chill with me in the car outside your crib
Me: you know me all too well. Go have fun ok
Him: I’ll try. I love you ok
Me: I love you too Ace
He gasped
Him: did you just say you love me?
I chuckled
Him: Anelisa Sweetlips Sibeko just told me she loves me
I could hear the excitement in his voice
Me: whatever Ace
Him: allow me to enjoy this moment. Now all that’s left is you to say it in person
I chuckled
Me: Ahlume!
Him: hayi! Let me have this. you just told me you love me. I’m going to mark this day on my calendar!
I laughed. Gosh this guy
Me: go out with your brother
Him: can I come pass by for a kiss?
Me: NO! bye Ahlume Adams
Him: tell me you love me again
Me: I love you Ahlume Ace Adams. I am madly in love with you
Him: ok bye Sweet lips. I love you more by the way//
I put my phone in my pocket laughing. This guy sure knew what to do to make me laugh or smile. Seeing that I might just die soon I might as well tell him how I feel. It’s pointless to keep it from him, I rather die with him knowing just how I felt about him. I made my way to the lounge and I could hear laughter. I stood by the door frame and mom and granny were chatting like good old friends
She finally told me! Anelisa Sibeko told me she loves me! for some stupid reason I found myself jumping up and down in my room in excitement. My girlfriend finally told me she loved me. life couldn’t be any better. I went to shower and then walked out and found my brother sitting on my bed pressing my phone
Me: and then?
Him: you sure about going to this party?
Me: yeah I’m sure
Him: you happier than the last time I saw you… Considering our grandmother made your girlfriend collapse
Me: that girlfriend just told me she loves me
Him: I thought you wanted to end things with her for her safety
Me: I did but I don’t want to anymore. We might as well run away together if that’s the case
Him: what?
Me: I’ll never break up with Anelisa bro. I don’t care what or who says what
Him: and gran?
Me: she might as well leave
“under whose roof again?”
I looked at the door and mom was leaning by the door. She walked in
Her: you would really choose a girl over your own family. A girl you haven’t even known for a month Ahlume?
I shrugged
Me: would you have sacrificed us for your husband to transition into an unkillable monster?
She kept quiet for a while
Her: so what? I should just sit back and let you go into this world?
Me: one way or the other we all going to die and chances are we’ll never meet again
Her: don’t say that
Me: mom what’s the point of becoming a hybrid huh? to watch everyone you love die while you live forever?
Ahlumile got up and walked out
Her: baby
Me: mom I love Anelisa but I will never make her pregnant. I’ll get a vasectomy if need be just as long as she never carries my child
She gasped in shock
Me: I’m serious. Tell your mother in law to stop hunting my girlfriend down and to remove whatever spell she cast around this house or else I will move out!
Her: you wouldn’t!
Me: try me mom. I’m ready to give everything up for her
I could see the hurt in her eyes as I said everything I said but nothing about what I said was a lie. I loved Anelisa that much! she nodded and walked out. I got dressed into joggers, sneakers, white t-shirt and a leather jacket then made my way out to Mile’s room
I won’t lie what Ahlume did to protect that girl pissed me off. I got to my room trying to figure a way out of the situation and then I thought of my contact from the states. I called her and she answered after a while
//Her: hello
Me: Heather!
She kept quiet for a while
Her: uhhm Linda. It’s been forever
Me: tell me you’ve managed to track down the doppelganger
Her: uhhh…m
Me: don’t even think of lying to me because I will know if you are
Her: she’s not ready
Me: I don’t care. Make her ready. My grandson has fallen deeply in love with this one
Her: isn’t that the plan?
Me: NO! I didn’t need him to love her this much. Look the doppelgangers need to switch lives already
Her: Mom
Me: Taylor Heather this is the only way
Her: witches and hybrids are supernatural enemies
Me: if you make them out to be. These are my grandchildren and I won’t let them be trapped
Her: Kath thought
Me: I don’t care what Kath thought. One of the doppelgangers needs to die! //
I ended the call and then made my way downstairs. Taylor is my daughter, I had her a few years after having Ahlume’s father. She was my greatest mistake, her father was a leader of this coven and when we got married it made me the leader, a few years later he died leaving me to lead the coven. She knows of my son but my son doesn’t know of her.
Me: son
Him: hey mother. You ok?
Me: your son is very disrespectful
Him: tell me about it. Anathi told me what happened earlier on
Me: its ok. I’m over that
Him: oh?
Me: yeah. It’s all good now. Where are they?
Him: they went to some house party
I nodded. I got up and made my way to Ahlume’s room. I started burning an herb in order to try get something that belonged to Anelisa even if it was a lock of hair. It’s what I needed to try and get the memories she shared with my son and was what I needed in order to erase Ahlume from her mind. It was the only way to achieve what we needed to achieve.

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