Fate Chose Me

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Click walked in as I was walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body.
Him: Lisa
Me: Click
He doesn’t want me to call him dad and I don’t mind at all. I didn’t grow up with him anyway. Click and I met later in life after I had pulled this big stunt by shutting off the net in the whole of China for an hour. He took notice of the stunt and he tried to find me. It was the only way I could get his attention. Back then I was only 12 and had gotten a hold of a message my mother had encrypted for me telling me who my father was and how to get his attention. Now I wouldn’t say I was taught how to hack as per say because the person who raised me, mom’s sister Kaylin had videos made by my mom for me and it was through those videos I learnt everything I know now. Mom got mixed up with the wrong people and they killed her… or so Kaylin says but I think there’s more to the story. Obviously it wasn’t easy to build a relationship with a man I only knew from afar but it took us a while and now we good. I am what one would call a gifted child because my level of coding is beyond what they teach in school. What can I say, I’m too cool for school?
Him: your aunt says she’s been trying to call you
Me: yeah I know.
Him: ok? why aren’t you answering her calls then?
Me: because we had an argument and she said some things
He took a seat, I dragged my feet to sit next to him.
Him: about?
Me: her sister Kaitlyn. That woman is hiding something for me and I don’t know why
Him: it’s probably for your own good. Remember what we had to do to keep you safe and out of harm’s way?
Me: I know Click but still. She’s hiding something from me and I’m going to find out what it is
Him: you won’t let this go huh?
I nodded
Him: ok. What can I do?
Me: you serious?
Him: yeah. What do you need me to do?
Me: she has a crush on you it’s no secret. I need you to distract her for an hour or so. Take her out, wine and dine her
Him: what are you planning on doing?
Me: the only way I’ll get the answers I need is if I break into her place
He took a deep breath
Him: fine. What time do you need me to take her out?
Me: say around 7
Him: that’s late!
Me: I can take care of myself Click.
He shook his head and then got up
Him: at least get back to her ok!
Me: fine!
With that he kissed my forehead and he walked out. Click was trying to be a father to me too as he was to his other kids with his ex-wife. The two of them ended when she found out that he was working with the $pritz, the $pritz being the people who once shot her father leaving him paralysed from the waist down for a few months but by the grace of God I guess he managed to walk again. I got dressed preparing for school… Yep, click enrolled in me some IT college around here trying to turn me into a decent person I guess. I walked into class and I could already tell that these people had nothing to teach me. I took my seat and this guy walked in and sat next to me, his cologne was intoxicating!
Me: Damn guy! Did you bath in your cologne today?
Him: excuse me?
Me: you know there’s a reason it has a nozzle, so that you spray it on and not take a bath with it
This whole time I was playing Candy Crush on my phone and not paying any mind to him.
Him: the f*ck’s your problem?
I looked at him and then back at my screen
Me: my problem is you. Find another place to sit
Him: or what?
Me: you don’t want to try me!
Him: you think you so tough huh?!
Me: dude listen. I’m only here because my father wants me to come here but either than that, yes I am smart!
He got up and bumped me with his bag that had a books in it on my head, I held the back of my head
My twin and I were driving home back from our last class, well his last class because mine ended earlier on. Actually the lecturer never showed up so here we are. He was the one driving and I was sitting in the passenger seat playing Candy Crush, it’s my favourite game please don’t judge a nigga.
Me: what? No need to shout dude!
Him: I’ve been talking alone. What you busy with anyway?
Me: playing Candy Crush. You were saying?
Him: I’m going to have to cancel on you
Me: why?
Tonight we were planning on going to try out this new club in town
Him: because I have to study for a test we writing tomorrow
Me: dude we just opened schools. What do you mean?
Him: I mean we have a test. Our lecturer wants to check our knowledge on the stuff we learnt last year
Me: fine whatever. I’ll go with Lonwabo and Nelly
Him: great
I went back to my game until he parked the car and I got off first. When I walked in Anathi was in the kitchen cooking, Anathi is our mother but I call her by name because she looks adorable to be called mom. Mom is a stay at home wife with a degree in some food what-what and our father Ryan Adams is a shareholder at BESS Co. and NEEL Co. and he owns an oil refinery company while at it. Basically our parents are rich and we get just about anything we want.
Me: Nathi
I said kissing her cheek while she was busy minding her pots
Her: son. Where’s your brother?
Me: he should be right behind me
Just then he walked in talking on the phone. He kissed mom on the cheek while waving
Mom: and then?
Me: you asking me
Her: your father won’t be home for dinner
Me: no surprise there
Her: come on baby don’t be like that
Me: I’ll see you at dinner mom
I grabbed my bag on the chair and she grabbed my arm before I could walk away
Her: honey your father works so that you guys can have everything you need
Me: sure he does mom.
I kissed her cheek and she let go of me and I walked to my room. Our father was cheating on mom and I don’t know if she’s dumb or she refuses to see it but she should know that by now. Her husband has found some new piece of ass. I don’t get it thou because mom is a beautiful woman with a beautiful body too. I walked into my room and threw my bag on the couch and went to take a shower. When I walked out I called Lonwabo and he said he was down for partying. Just then my twin walked in
Me: what up?
Him: its dad
I was on my way back home from the local library with my earphones plugged in listening to the radio walking alone as usual. My friend wasn’t really big on going to the library let alone stay on the school compound for no reason… or so she says. I felt someone tap my shoulder and I turned to look and it was some woman dressed in nun clothes… your typical black and white. I didn’t even think nuns existed in SA… Durban until now. I looked at her from head to toe and then back up. Something about her presence was cold and just being around her made my skin cringe. I took of my earphones and then she held out her hand to me. I looked at it reluctantly
Her: I’m Neliswa and you?
Me: Anelisa
She nodded and then removed her hand. It’s not that I didn’t want to shake her hand or anything but something in me told me not to shake it.
Me: I don’t mean to be rude or anything
Her: I understand. Are you busy?
Me: yes. I have to get home
In my mind all I could think off was this woman probably wanted to abduct me. I watch the news, I read the papers. Girls go missing almost every day and I am not ready to be part of the statistics.
Her: you have no reason to trust me and I don’t blame you but Anelisa if you really want to make it out of the life you are currently living then you going to have to trust me
I chuckled.
Me: yeah sure. It was nice meeting you
I said walking away from her but she grabbed my arm and suddenly I could feel myself getting weaker. I didn’t understand the meaning of what was happening. It was as though my blood was being sucked right out of me with nothing but a simple touch
Me: please let go of me you hurting me
I said trying to pull myself away from her grip with the little energy I had. She quickly let go of me the minute she saw me struggling to even catch my breath
Her: Oh my God. You’re a …. I have to go

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