Fate Chose Me

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It was now June and his birthday was this coming Friday. What does one buy for a wolf? A leash maybe? *jokes* no but on a serious note. What do you get someone who pretty much has it all? It was after class and Kendra was helping me shop. The day after I told Ahlume I loved him we went on many more dates and picnics and just spent enough time as a couple. My father didn’t want to accept him as my boyfriend but with time he tolerated it in order to see his girl happy but he did give him a mouthful about not hurting me. We did have our arguments here and there only because of his grandmother but either than that I guess we were good. Speaking of his grandmother apparently she up’d and left but I wasn’t ready as yet to visit his home. Yes, mom had me protected but still, I rather be safe than sorry.
Kendra: I don’t have a boyfriend. I’ve never had to buy a boyfriend a gift before
She said with a shrug complaining
Me: but you have a brother and a father
Her: the thing with that is that I can make him breakfast in bed and then get him a new tie and he’s sorted
Me: Ahlume is not into formal wear.
Her: then I don’t know. Get him a watch. Man can never have too many of those
Me: trust me he has enough. he has a whole drawer
Her: then get him happy socks.
I sighed. I was really clueless as to what to get him.
Me: follow me!
Her: where are we going?
Me: let’s just go
I said pulling her hand. We got into a pet store and she laughed her ass off
Her: a pet store?
Me: yep! Let’s shop for the perfect gift
She laughed and so did I. I was going to prank him. more like embrace his nature. I got him a ball, a leash and collar and had it written Ace. I bought a box and a gift wrap elsewhere
Her: you serious about this?
Me: as a heart attack
Her: please take a video of him! I really want to see how he reacts to this gift
We both laughed and then we made our way to Fabiani and bought happy socks with a tie.
Her: I thought you said he doesn’t wear a tie?
Me: he’s graduating next year so he might as well…
Her: you go girl! are we done now?
She said as I was paying
Me: yes, we done. Let’s go
We walked out and we bumped into this lady, well I bumped into her and dropped the paper bag I was carrying.
Her: I’m so sorry
She said helping me pick it up
Me: I’m the sorry one. I should have been looking where I was going
Her: You’re in trouble
I raised an eyebrow
Her: they trying to transfer the curse to you. it’s only a matter of time before they done with the spell.
With that she walked away from me really fast. The hell was going on? Who was trying to transfer a curse to me? what curse?
“Earth to Anelisa!” Kendra said bringing me back to reality
Her: what happened?
Me: I don’t know. That lady just said some weird ass stuff
Her: what lady?
Me: the one I bumped into
Her: you didn’t bump into anyone. You tripped and dropped your paper bag
Me: no mahn I bumped into someone
She shook her head
Her: no babe. You are seeing things. One minute we walking and talking and then you dropped your things
I looked back and there was no-one. One was going on with me? was I hallucinating again?
Her: are you ok?
Me: yeah. Let’s just get something and leave
She nodded. We walked to Cape Fish and ordered. Just as we were waiting for our orders Ace called.
//Him: Sweet Lips
Me: Hey Ace
Him: I just got to your school and you’re not here?
Me: they let us go early today due to a meeting they were having
Him: and you didn’t think to call maybe?
Me: I’m sorry babe. I forgot, besides, you were in class and you said your classes were ending at 4
Him: I have a 4 hour break in between. Its Friday remember
Me: I’m sorry babe
Him: where are you?
Me: Gateway
Him: what are you doing in Gateway?
Me: we window shopping babe.
Him: ok fine. I’ll come see you later then?
Me: yes, later babe.
Him: ok fine then. I love you
Me: I love you too Ace
Him: take care of yourself.
Me: I always do. Bye now
Him: bye//
With that he dropped the call. Kendra was looking at me all smiles.
Me: don’t!
She laughed. We ate over light conversations and then her mom picked us up and took us to her home, she wasn’t staying because she had a meeting to go to. We walked inside and greeted their house keeper and made our way to the lounge where her brother and sister were. The girl being Amahle Yvette named after her late great grandmother and late aunt and the boy was Justice. Justice was 8 and his sister was 7, they were just a few months apart.
Justice: Hey Lisa
Amahle: What did you get me?
Imi: nothing. let my friend be please
Me: hey guys. What are you watching?
Justice: she’s making us watch her stupid reality shows again
I laughed at how dramatic he sounded
Imi: let’s go to my room and leave them be
We walked up the stairs just chatting. I put the things on the bed and then went to her bathroom. I was standing by the mirror washing my hands when that woman I saw at the mall appeared in the mirror again.
Her: You have to leave or else things will get messy. You need to forget him and forget your life here before it’s too late!
mom was a pain in the ass. Every day for 3 months we’ve been trying to find a way to switch the doppelgangers lives but we couldn’t, not when we only had a strand of hair from the other and blood from Monalisa. Monalisa was on board with taking over Anelisa’s life but it wasn’t going to be easy learning details of someone who lived oceans away from us. Following Anelisa around was only going to get her killed by the vampire, he cared about his daughter and so did the mother. The magic protecting Anelisa was too strong to penetrate. It has been 3 months and none of us have succeeded into breaking it. Kath had broken ties with me, she still believed that we should just break the curse placed on Monalisa and save both doppelgangers. If she was the one who put the curse, then she would have been able to remove it herself but it wasn’t her who put the curse on her and our covens were not on board with removing the curse on Mona. Our covens believed that doppelgangers were an abomination to nature and if both lived then the wolves would have an endless supply of creating more hybrids. The only way to make their blood useless was if they didn’t exist at all, that being killing one of them which in turn makes the remaining one a normal person with normal blood and nothing supernatural about her.
Things at home have been a little tense since grandma left, dad feels like I’m to blame for her sudden departure and I’m cool with that because I need my girlfriend able to come into my home without almost dying. I figured I’d spend the time waiting for class with my brother and some of our friends.
Athi: so Ahlume, you sure about this girl?
Athi was Ahlumile’s classmate who had a huge crush on me from since first year. My brother told me about it last year but I was busy with Sinalo and so I didn’t act on her but she never hid how she felt about me. this one time she even threw herself at me and who was I to say no to free cake? We got it on but she wasn’t Sinalo so I broke it off.
Me: yeah. She’s a great girl
Mile: except she’s starving you. Your ass got blue balls
Ludwe: What? Nigga!
Me: shut up!
Athi: who would have thought that Ahlume Adams would last 3 months without any
Me: it happens when you love someone
Mile: I’m proud of you bro
Don: of cause you would be. You and him are on the same boat
Mile: just cause I don’t put my shiit out there don’t mean it’s a desert for me
Me: oh really now? Enlighten us please
Him: there’s this girl, 3rd year Clothing Management student. Beautiful Indian I’ve ever seen in Durban
Sariah: oh so I’m not that beautiful anymore
We all laughed. Sariah was a beautiful Indian and we all loved her bubbly personality. She was my classmate and she got along with everyone and she was my biggest competitor in class
Me: oh come-on don’t be jealous my curry! You know we still think you the most beautiful Indian ever
Don: Whatever Miss Attention seeker. So tell us about her
Mile: it’s still new. I don’t wanna jinx it
Sariah: when did it start? What’s her name and Surname?
Mile: you not going to drop this huh?
I shook my head and so did the rest
Him: name is Aliya Chhabra.
Sariah: yeah she’s a pretty one ey. Won Miss DUT 1st year that previous year
Me: of cause you know her. Why am I not surprised?
Sariah: what you trying to say? That all Indians know each other?
Mile & Don: don’t they?
We all just laughed at her

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