Fate Chose Me

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Untitled chapter

He came to fetch me and drove us to Blue Lagoon. He parked next to his brother’s car, the doors were open and the was another car next to the brother’s car and they were chilling in the parking lot with the boot and car doors open drinking I guess.
Him: Welcome to my pre birthday party. I asked your mom if you could sleep over and she said yes. Your father is only coming back tomorrow
I looked at him with a raised eyebrow
Me: who said I wanted to sleep over at your place?
Him: I would like to wake up with my girlfriend next to me on my birthday Anelisa
Me: and you couldn’t at least ask me first?
Him: I knew you would say no so hence I asked your mom. Come let’s get out
I locked the doors and he turned to me
Him: ok… And then? What’s with the attitude?
Me: the attitude is you not asking me and asking my mom instead Ahlume
Him: I thought that’s how things were done. I’m sorry then, next time I’ll ask you
Me: there won’t be a next time
Him: Anelisa I will sex you in this car right now! don’t play me
I just looked at him and rolled my eyes. I wanted to spend time with him yes but not like this. I was hoping he and I would chill together rather than this whole set up. He unlocked the door
Him: come let’s go
I sat there and folded my arms
Him: what’s the real problem here Anelisa?
Me: I wanted it to be just us. No company just you and me
Him: I feel like I spoil you too damn much sometimes. Couldn’t you just tell me that rather than pouting and looking all cute?
I looked at him. he smiled
Me: don’t smile at me
Him: I’m convinced you going to be on your periods the way you so dramatic!
Me: screw you!
Him: I would love that very much actually
I turned to open the door but he pulled my arm and put his other hand on the back of my head and crushed his lips onto mine giving me a wet hungry kiss I couldn’t even pull out off. He broke it when someone knocked on his window
Him: are you ok now Sweet Lips?
I couldn’t even respond. That kiss really did a number on me. He opened his door
Him: What do you want Ludwe?
Someone opened my door
Ludwe: we want to meet the Mrs
Person: hello Miss?
A white guy said holding his hand out to me
Ace: Don keep your hands away from my lady
So that was the white guys name
Don: I just want to see if she’s worth the dry season and she is. I’m Don, Ahlume’s best friend from since primary
Me: Anelisa
Him: you beautiful. I see why he hasn’t tapped it yet
I looked down embarrassed. Someone pulled him
Him: I’m Ludwe, the handsome friend you should be dating
I chuckled. His friends seriously had no filters!
Me: Anelisa
We shook hands and he pulled my hand to his lips but Ahlume pulled him back
Ace: stay away from these idiots. They real flirts.
He took my hand into his and then we walked over to Mile’s car. There were 3 girls with them and there were 5 guys including Ahlume.
Him: the pretty Indian is Sariah, the black girl dancing is Athi and the one sitting next to Mile is Katlego, she’s Sotho.
I nodded. We were sitting on his car open boot while he pointed each of them out
Him: you already know my brother, Ludwe, Don, the guy dancing with Athi is Anga. Loosen up ok, they cool people
The Indian chick made her way to us
Her: I’m the beautiful Sariah Govender! You must me Anelisa. Get up and give me a hug
I looked at her stunned. He came close to my ear “give her the hug or you will live to regret it”. I got up and hugged her
Her: you so cute!
Him: I know right?
Her: shut up.
She broke the hug.
Her: come let me go and introduce you around. Also I would suggest that you live your shyness in your boyfriend’s car if you want to survive with these ones!
I nodded with a smile
Him: come here first
I stood between his legs and he pulled me in for a kiss until I felt my hair hitting my shoulders. Why was I even surprised?
Him: and don’t tie it up for the rest of the night ok!
I looked at him and shook my head and Sariah just laughed at us and pulled my hand leading me to the other girls
Her: do you drink?
I shook my head
Her: cat got your tongue?
Me: I don’t drink
Her: well there’s a first time for everything. how old are you?
Me: 16
Her: you not legal yet. What do you drink?
Me: nothing with acid in it
She sighed
Her: you are going to be difficult. Athi, Anga. Meet Anelisa Mrs Ahlume
I chuckled
Me: hi
Athi: oh. You pretty! I see why he’s with you
Anga: don’t pay no mind to this one. She’s just bitter cause
Sariah: cause she has a crush on Ahlume!
She gave Anga a look and she nodded
Sariah: she doesn’t drink
Athi: with Ahlume. She’s going to wish she drank
Someone hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek.
Him: if they bother you… Especially Athi, tell me ok
I knew by the voice that it was Ahlumile. He turned me around and hugged me
Him: good to see you Mrs
I chuckled
Me: you too. your friends scare me
He chuckled
Him: don’t mind them. They amazing people… Well the other two
Me: where’s your girlfriend?
Him: she’s not here. she won’t be coming
Me: why?
Him: some prayer of some sort. I don’t know. So you ok? need anything?
I shook my head. I looked around and saw Ace chilling and laughing with his friends, he turned to look at me and winked making me blush
Him: you really love him huh?
I nodded
Him: he loves you too and please believe him when he says he won’t let anything happen to you. We got you ok.
I laughed and he kissed my cheek and left me with the girls
Anelisa Sibeko lived in a world of her own when her periods were close by. She got mad at the smallest things, it was annoying but she made it cute. It’s those things, getting to see different sides of her that made me fall deeply for her. I was worried about her where Athi was concerned, Athi had a way of getting under your skin in the most annoying way and I didn’t want her to get under Lisa’s skin that way because I’m worried I won’t be able to stop myself from giving her blue eye if she messes with my girl in any way. We were chilling and drinking but I didn’t drink heavily, I was still driving home after all. I was chilling with the guys and just chatting, I would keep stealing glances of her and so did she me. I was happy. I was in love. I got up
Ludwe: she is fine!
Me: who said I’m going to her? I need to go pee man!
Mile: and then when you done you going to go to her and make out
Me: shut up. both of you
The guys were laughing. Some of our friends were also here. It was packed and it was fun. There was about +-20 of us in total. I got to the toilet texting Lisa, I sent her a kiss and she responded with the lips emoji followed by an “I love you” text and a “don’t drink too much”. I chuckled to myself. I unzipped my pants and peed, as I was about to pull my pants up someone grabbed my dick
Her: hey!
Me: Athi let go of me before you regret it!
Her: oh come on Ahlume! She’s starving you
Me: and I’m ok with that!
I removed her hands from me and pulled my pants up. as much as it was good, I didn’t want to hurt Lisa like that. She was too good to be hurt in that way. Maybe if she wasn’t around I would have easily given in but I couldn’t do that to her.
Her: Why her?
Me: what kind of question is that?
Her: why her Ahlume? What’s so special about her?
Me: spend some time with her and you’ll know
I said washing my hands in the sink
Her: she’s nothing but a basic regular bitch!
I turned around and slapped her
Me: call her a bitch one more time. I dare you!
She kept quiet holding her cheek with her lower lip quivering. I walked out and went to find Lisa, she and Sariah were chatting like good old friends, she was relaxed.
Me: ladies
She smiled, my anger subdued at the sight of her. The things she was doing to me could not be put to words
Her: Ace
Sariah: We fine Ahlume!
Me: no I miss her.
I said touching her face and she leaned on my touch
Her: I miss you too.
Me: can we leave now?
She frowned
Sariah: so soon?
Me: like I said, I miss her and she misses me
Sariah shook her head laughing.
Sariah: fine. But text me when you get home and also you Missy had better get my number from your boyfriend and text me!
We both nodded and I took her hand to mine and led the way. We got to the guys and said our goodbyes. They laughed at me saying I was whipped. We drove home and we parked outside the house.

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