Fate Chose Me

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We got to my crib and I parked in the garage. She was nervous, I could tell even though she tried to act all brave about it.
Her: and your parents?
Me: what about them?
Her: won’t they… you know?
I chuckled
Me: no I don’t know sweet lips
Her: won’t they shout or throw me out?
Me: I guess we’ll have to find out then
I said getting out of my side. She sat there and I found myself laughing. God she panicked over nothing. I took her bag and made my way to open for her and she got out.
Her: and your grandmother?
Me: I don’t know how many times I need to tell you she left with whatever magic that was here before
She took a deep breath and nodded. I took her hand and we made our way inside and all the way to my room. We ate and then cuddled just talking about random stuff until she fell asleep. I woke up in the early hours of morning, I had a dream where I was beating her into a pulp. She had changed, she was no longer the innocent Anelisa I knew, she could speak back to me and the spark in her beautiful eyes seized to exist. It scared me that I would beat her up the way I did. I watched her sleeping thinking of the dream I had just had. I went out and took a walk on the street, I needed to clear my head from pretty much everything. I should really go for anger management classes before I hurt her. I stopped walking when I felt like someone was following me, I turned around and there was a beautiful lady standing behind me.
Her: none of them need to die. Don’t kill her
Me: I would never kill her
Her: you would if you didn’t know what you were doing. Ask your grandmother to break the curse. Only she has the power to. No doppelganger has to die
I looked at her stunned
Her: your ancestors were freed from the curse that held them as wolves that night the doppelganger blood was mixed. None of them has to die. Complete the ritual using a different spell and you and your brother will become hybrids without any bloodshed.
I kept quiet. Nothing about what she was saying was making any sense. I looked up and she had disappeared. I walked back home and got in beside her pulling her to my arms. She opened her eyes slowly
Her: you ok?
Me: yeah I’m fine. Go back to sleep sweet lips
I said kissing her forehead and with that she closed her eyes again and fell asleep. I just held her closely thinking about what had happened during my walk. My dream couldn’t possibly come true. I got up and then went to wash my face and brush my teeth then made my way back to my room and she was standing by the window wearing my t-shirt with her hair messy looking all kinds of adorable. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck
Me: I could get used to this
She giggled
Her: but you can’t.
She turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a kiss on lips
Her: happy birthday Ace
Me: happy birthday indeed
I said kissing her. She broke it.
Her: I got you something
She said breaking from my grip. She took my hand and sat me on my bed and then went to her bag and took out a box wrapped in gift paper. She sat across me and watched me open it. I found a leash, a plastic ball. I found myself laughing
Me: a leash Anelisa?
She giggled with a shrug.
Her: you’re a wolf and I figured that it would be the perfect gift
I looked at her laughing at me, I found myself laughing too. God she was so beautiful and so silly. I pulled her leg and got on top of her and started tickling her, she could barely breath
Her: I’m sorry
She said in between her beautiful laughter. I stopped and watched her laughing and trying to catch her breath. I kissed her and she responded, my manhood grew hard by the second. God I was being starved but it was ok. I wasn’t going to die. As long as she was happy then so was I. she stopped and looked at me
Her: I’m not ready
Me: I know beautiful. let me see the rest of this silly gift of yours
Her: it’s the thought that counts. I didn’t know what to get a man that has everything
I chuckled
Me: well you most certainly did not get me anything I already have. Thank you
She smiled. I continued looking through the box and underneath there was a tie and happy socks. Everything my brother would love
Me: I don’t wear these nor this
Her: I know. But next year you graduating and I’m assuming you’ll be wearing a suit. Even if you don’t wear it on your graduation day, you’ll wear it for a job interview
I smiled.
Me: you really think ahead huh?
She nodded with a smile. I planted a kiss on her lips and then put my things away and then we got up to go shower together.
We had an amazing shower together, he went down on me in the shower and he made me play with his huge cock. After having seen it that close and how big it was, I was not so sure about losing my virginity ever! His body thou was well toned, muscled here and there and he was very hot. We got out and got dressed and headed out. When we got to the kitchen his parents were both sitting there having breakfast with his brother. I stood by the last step
Him: they won’t do shiit. Come
He pulled me and we got in and greeted. His mother just looked at me and back at what she was doing while the father greeted with a smile
Dad: how are you pretty lady?
Mom: seems like we don’t have any respect around here
I didn’t know whether to bother responding to his father or what
Ahlume: mom not on my birthday please
Her: you bring a girl in my house and you expect me to just sit back?
Dad: Anathi don’t be this person. Ahlume is 19, if it weren’t for you then he wouldn’t be bringing her under your roof. He would be with her in his own flat. Speaking of which. Happy birthday boys
He said sliding keys over to both of them.
Mile: what’s this?
Mom: what is that?
Dad: keys to their apartments in Ballito
Them: what?
Mile: dad this is awesome. Thank you!
Ace: thanks dad. This is so cool
Him: I’ll send you the address. I have to go
Mom: it’s a Saturday
Him: I know and I’ll be back early honey. Don’t worry. It was nice meeting you lady
He said to me
Him: even though my son didn’t introduce us
Ace: her name is Anelisa dad. Babe this is my father and he likes to think he’s a charmer
I chuckled. We shook hands and then he went to kiss his wife’s cheek and left
Ace: we should be on our way too. See you guys later
He said taking my hand to his
Mile: bye beautiful. see you around
I waved and then we left. His mother was not so happy. We got in his car and drove off
Him: mom will be fine. She’s not normally like that
Me: I’m sure
Him: come on. Don’t sulk on my birthday
Me: when I woke up earlier, you were gone
Him: I needed to breathe
Me: why?
He stopped the car on the side of the road and got out. I knew it was serious, I got out too and he was standing by his boot. I stood between his legs
Him: I had a terrible dream
Me: about?
Him: Anelisa I love you. I love you so much and I would hate to hurt you. I don’t even want to imagine myself hurting you in any way.
I touched his cheek and he looked at me.
Him: you too good for me. you too precious for me to hurt.
Me: I know you Ahlume, you would never hurt me in any way
Him: you don’t know that
Me: but I do. Ahlume we haven’t been together for that long and all you’ve ever done is protect me and make sure that nothing ever happens to me. Why would you suddenly hurt me?
He shrugged
Me: I love you too and maybe mom was right, I’m supposed to tame you
Him: what if you can’t tame me? What if I lose it and hurt you? I don’t want to do that
Me: then what are you suggesting?
He shrugged
Me: well I’m not ending things with you! I don’t care who or what does what. I will not break up with you and I won’t let you break up with me over prophecies and whatever people say.
Mom was always on our case working us day and night. Today she was going to meet Monalisa, I asked Mona to come over to my house and she was more than willing. You see, with a little magic here and there you can make even the stubbornest person do your bidding for you. Katherine has been having dreams of Ahlume beating up a doppelganger, she thinks it’s Anelisa but it can’t be her because Anelisa and Ahlume share a rare kind of love, yes it was toxic but that’s only because of the magic that surrounded them but either than that it was pure. Our plan was to lure Anelisa this side so that Mona could get with Ahlume that way she gets pregnant with his child in the process. Katherine walked into my room as I was about to head downstairs
Her: Taylor this won’t work. He will kill her
Me: who will kill who again?
I acted lost. She took a deep breath in and let it out
Her: what you and your mother are trying to do will not work. Anelisa and Ahlume share a love so pure that whatever force of evil you try to put in their way will not succeed. Their love will conquer whatever threat comes their way. You are only trying to get Mona killed for no reason
Me: Kathrine please. Not now
Her: lift the curse off of her Taylor. Ask your mother to remove the curse from the child
Me: it’s what needs to be done
Her: just because it’s what needs to be done it doesn’t mean it’s what should be done Taylor. This will only start a war which won’t end well with us
Me: Kathrine please just get out of my way
Her: you can’t kill an innocent child for your own good. Mona doesn’t deserve this Taylor
I looked at her and she fell to the floor. Kathrine was getting in the way of this working out. I needed the doppelganger to die that way no more hybrids could be created. I tied her up and pulled her to my closet and locked her in it and then made my way downstairs

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