Fate Chose Me

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After about a month or so of holding Kathrine captive I finally let her go but the day after I let go of her she was nowhere to be found. No amount of locator spells could locate her, it was like she had lost her magic or something. she just went off the radar of the witches and no one in our coven could find her, our only wish was that she dead because if she was alive then she was only going to ruin our plans. Speaking of which Mona moved to SA so that she could be closer to Anelisa and that way she could get her closer to us. We needed her to either convince her that her life was in danger here in SA or do it the hard way and drug her and let us do the rest. Impersonating Anelisa was not going to be easy, she had to learn Anelisa’s mother tongue and learn everything about her and her friends and Mona was doing her best to be like her but she wasn’t there yet. Mom put it off for this year because apparently it had to be done before the twins reached 21 else the ritual was going to be null and void if done after.
A lot had happened the previous year, I fell in love with a wolf, found out my dad’s white and he’s a vampire while at it, met my mom who happens to be an amazing witch and I passed my matric with flying colours that being distinctions only and so did Imi. I was going to be studying Biomedical Technology at Wits and Imi was going to be studying Computer Science. Said she wanted to be like her dad. We were going to be flatmates, we got a 3-bedroom flat… it was the only one available and there was already someone living in it. She was a cool chick, she was studying medicine first year too, name was Amina. Ahlume was graduating in a few weeks’ time. The long distance was not easy, it was my birthday in 4 days’ time and he was graduating a month from it, we never broke up and he never brought it up again though mom called me telling me my life might be in danger. I had just got out of class when my phone rang. I told my friends I would catch up with them. It was Ahlume
//Me: Ace
Him: hey. How’s school?
Me: I actually just got out of class. And you? how are you?
Him: I’m good. I miss you
Me: I miss you too. How’s the internship?
He had scored an internship at his father’s company but that’s not where he wanted to work.
Him: Its hectic. What time are you coming out?
Me: at 4. My classes end at either 4 or 5 every day of the week
Him: damn mahn! Are you studying to become SA’s president?
Me: very funny Adams. You never heard me complain when you came out late
Him: don’t even lie. You came into the picture when the work had decreased
Me: and what about the projects?
Him: whatever. So what are you doing after class?
Me: I don’t know. go home, take a long bath and sleep and wake up and do my assignments
Him: shame mahn. Any chance you might make it for my graduation?
Me: told you I wouldn’t miss it for the world
Him: I hope not. Go to your friends now. We’ll talk later yeah
Me: ok babe. Bye
Him: I love you ok!
Me: I love you more//
I caught up with my friends. They were in the cafeteria eating. Ashlene handed me my food
Me: thank you babe, how much do I owe you again?
Her: you’ll buy next time. your boyfriend was asking about you before you came in
There’s this guy named Keegan, we shared two or three classes but we were doing different streams. He has been begging me to go out with him but for his safety I rejected him. he was very good looking but nothing compared to my guy! I don’t think there’s a guy who was as good as my Ace.
Kia: just go out with the guy once so he can stop bothering you!
Me: no. I don’t want to give him false hope
Calvin: look he’s a good guy, besides, your boyfriend won’t know
Phila: stop being a bad influence to the poor kid Cal
He was gay and he was a free spirit.
Me: thank you babe!
Cal rolled his eyes. We all laughed at him. My squad was my classmates. It was Ashlene, Kia, Calvin and Phila. We became friends after we worked on an assignment together and we aced it and we’ve never part since. Ahlume and I argued when he saw a picture of all of us on my status, going off about how he wasn’t comfortable with me befriending boys… it was a long as argument but he cooled off when he met them and found out that Calvin was actually dating Kendra and that Phila was gay.
Phila: so it’s your birthday next week Tuesday, what are we doing to celebrate?
Me: nothing. We writing a test Phila
Calvin: we can do a pre party at my flat. Just something small and go out clubbing
Me: you must have a death wish. Me? in a club
Ash: come on Lisa, you have to live just this once
Me: guys no.
Kia: we going out tonight and that’s that!
I sighed and ate my food while they discussing the plans for this pre birthday celebration. I just sat there chatting to Imi on WhatsApp telling her about what they were planning and she was more than in.
Me: well Imi says count her in
Cal: of cause she was coming whether she was in the mood or not
Ash: oh whatever Cal. I was thinking we also go to Taboo
Phila: oh you got the cash?
Ash: who do you think I am huh?
Phila: so he gave you money? You go girl
Ash was dating this other older guy. He wasn’t that old but he was older than her. he was more like her blesser and Phila himself had his own blesser while Kia was engaged to be married, she was in an arranged marriage and Cal was a regular white boy from a rich family.
I was on my way to Joburg. Things between Anelisa and I were good, we didn’t spend our anniversary together because I had just started with the internship and she had back to back assignments so there was just no time but I begged dad to give me Friday to Monday off just so that I could spend the weekend with her and he let me go. Dad and I were ok, Ahlumile was going to study his Btech in the states, he wanted to be mentored by Click… Only the best hacker ever! I wanted to be close to Anelisa hence I stayed home. he was going to transfer after second semester. I got to Joburg and called Kendra.
//Her: Ahlume
Me: hey, I need a favour
Her: how are you Ahlume?
Me: I am fine Imi and how are you?
Her: I’m good thank you. why don’t you ever call me because you miss me or something
Me: but I do call you cause I miss you
Her: lies. You call because Anelisa is not taking your calls
Me: whatever. So that favour?
Her: what do you want me to do?
Me: it’s her birthday Monday. I need you to pack her a weekend bag and some toiletries
Her: what kind of clothes should I pack?
Me: never mind the clothes. I just need her toiletries.
Her: where are you taking my friend?
Me: wouldn’t you like to know. What time do her classes start on Monday?
Her: at 9 but they have to submit an assignment at 8:30
Me: ok cool. I’ll be there in an hour
Her: ok cool
Me: don’t mention I’m here
Her: what do I say when she gets to her room and can’t find her toiletry bag?
Me: I’ll be there already
Her: ok fine.
Me: thank you Kendra.
Her: you owe me!
Me: what do you want?
Her: a pair of silver heels
Me: you have a boyfriend for that
Her: I know but I want them from you!
Me: bye Kendra! //
I ended the call laughing. Kendra and striking deals! She wanted what she wanted and I had to deliver or else she was never going to anymore favours for me. I parked at the mall and bought a few outfits for the weekend and something she could wear for class and then drove to their apartment, it was already 3:30. Kendra let me in and then we chilled in the lounge just chatting and waiting the door opened and there was noise coming from the kitchen.
Her: she’s back early
“Kendra” a voice shouted from the kitchen coming closer
Her: lounge babe
Kia showed up followed by Lisa who was talking on the phone
Kia: what are you doing here?
Me: not to see you that’s for sure
She looked up and she froze in her tracks. I got up and made my way to her
Her: I was just calling you! How are you here?
Me: can I get a hug and a kiss first?
Kendra: get a room
Us: shut up!
She threw herself in my arms and I hugged her tightly.
Her: you here. When?
Me: a few minutes back. I missed you
She was still in my arms. I broke the hug. She had teary eyes
Me: come on don’t cry
Her: I just missed you so much
We weren’t even paying no mind to the people around us. she wrapped her arms around my neck and then tiptoed to kiss me. I broke it after a while
Me: you shaking!
Her: stop it. come
She pulled my hand to her room
Kendra: don’t forget to use protection
She shouted as we made our way to her room. We got in and she closed the door behind her and pulled me to her and attacked me with a kiss. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist.
Me: if I had known I was this missed I would have come earlier
Her: shut up
She said kissing me. I put her on the bed not breaking the kiss. It was getting really intense but I broke it. we both tried to catch our breaths.
Me: you didn’t tie your hair today
Her: I untied it in Kia’s car on our way home
Me: so how come you came back early?
Her: lecturer had somewhere to be so he ended it early
I nodded
Her: I missed you.
Me: I see that.
Her: why’d you stop the kiss?
Me: you not ready. I don’t want to let excitement make you do things you not ready to do
Her: oh
I pecked her lips
Me: we have to go
Her: where are we going?
Me: to Pretoria! We’ll be back Monday morning
Her: Ahlume. My friends and I had plans
Me: then cancel them.
I said getting up from her bed and so did she.
Me: if you don’t want to go then it’s cool
Her: no. you came all the way, I’ll cancel
Me: thank you

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