Fate Chose Me

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Last year I never got the chance to go to South Africa, dad kept a close eye on me; by that I mean he never let me out of his sight and he kept eyes on me everywhere I went. I had been accepted to University of Pretoria for Computer science. It wasn’t easy to let him let me go, he even came to Pretoria with me to make sure that I was truly there to study. He was living in Durban working closely with his friend Miso while I studied. I heard that Anelisa was studying in Wits, Amina was keeping an eye on her for me and giving me everything I needed to know about Anelisa. Heather didn’t desert me, she was in New Orleans finding ways to get me and Lisa somewhat linked so that Lisa could be able to leave SA or so that I could be able to trick Ahlume into believing I’m her. I had just gotten back from class when my phone rang and it was Amina
//Me: hey
Her: hi, how are you?
Me: I hate school. How are you?
She laughed
Her: I’m fine. So listen, Anelisa left with that guy
Me: to where?
Her: I think they going to Pretoria. Kendra won’t tell me. she doesn’t like me much
Me: argh she needs to chill. Find out from her other friends and get back to me. I’m sure the gay one will tell you
Her: that’s the thing. Kendra is the only one that knows, Ahlume arranged this whole thing with her
Me: you have Anelisa’s number right?
Her: of cause
Me: send it to me real quick
Her: ok! //
I ended the call and within minutes a WhatsApp text came through and it was Anelisa’s number. They were driving towards Pretoria but to something like a resort. I packed a bag and headed to where I’m assuming they were going. I got there before them and checked in and got myself a staff pass and just as I was done with everything, they walked in hand in and went to check in. I was assigned to their room. I had disguised myself, thanks to a potion Heather had given me before I left.
Him: uhhm we would like some room service, I’m sure Missy here must be starving
He said kissing her cheek and she blushed. I faked a smile
Me: the menu is right on that table sir, call downstairs and I will deliver it
Him: thank you. that will be all
He said giving me R100 and with that I walked out. They seemed in love, as in happy and as though nothing could ever break them apart. I wanted that. I needed that!
We ordered room service and then went to take a shower together.
Him: so what were you and your friends going to do?
Me: they wanted us to go drinking
Him: so you drink now?
He said washing my hair looking at me
Me: no I don’t. they wanted me to
Him: were you going to?
Me: maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know
He nodded. We washed and then dried our bodies and walked out with towels around our bodies. When we got to our room our food had been delivered, just then my phone rang
//Me: mom
Her: hey baby. How are you?
Me: I’m ok mom and how are you?
Her: I am good. I miss you
I chuckled
Me: I miss you too
Her: funny cause you barely call me. How’s school?
Me: school is boring but I’m coping
Her: that’s good to hear. I expect distinctions only.
Me: of cause, I wouldn’t give anything less. How are you guys?
Her: we good. We making it work
Me: a witch and a vampire
She laughed and so did I
Her: who would have thought? But we good. When are you coming back anyway? It’s your birthday next week
Me: and I might just come back Friday then
Her: baby I had a dream
Me: do I want to know what that dream was about?
Her: I’m worried about you. I’m scared that it might come true
Me: mom
Her: I had this dream where you were in a different place and you weren’t happy. You weren’t with Ahlume. You were miserable. It was as though you were cursed
Me: but I’m not cursed. You protecting me right?
Her: yes, but I can only do so much. Anelisa please take care of yourself there
Me: mom don’t worry. It was probably just a dream
Her: you my daughter. I felt the pain you were feeling Anelisa. That dream was real
Me: so how can we prevent it from happening?
Her: I don’t know. I’m still trying to find a way
Me: ok then. I will be on the lookout. I love you ok
Her: I love you too and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do
I chuckled
Her: I know where you are. Just use protection ok
Me: MOM!
Her: bye and say hi to Ace for me
I laughed
Me: bye mom//
I ended the call laughing. Ace was wearing his boxers sitting on the couch eating. I watched him eating thinking about what that mouth could do and how huge he was for me. Would it even fit?
Him: stop drooling
I was startled by him.
Me: I’m not
Him: I’ve been talking to you for the past 5 minutes
I giggling and walked over to the couch
Me: so what were you saying?
Him: to come an eat. What’s got you all smiles anyway?
Me: mom. she knows where we are and she said to greet you by the way
Him: how did she know?
Me: she just knows babe. She said we should use a condom
He chuckled and so did I. God his laughter was heavenly, lazy as it was but it was very sexy.
Him: your mom is..
Me: forward!
We both laughed
Him: she’s given us permission
Me: haha forget it!
I said stuffing myself with food
Him: of cause you’d say that
I shrugged and continued eating. My boyfriend was something else, in a good way. When we were done we slept and the next morning we woke up and showered and then chilled in the room having breakfast. I was wearing last night’s t-shirt while making the bed. When I was done I turned to him
Him: no!
Me: what?
Him: get dressed, we going out
Me: where?
Him: we’ll see as we go!
Me: but I don’t want to leave. This place is so beautiful and the bed is so comfy
Him: I know but if we stay here, indoors all day with you looking like that. I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep my hands to myself
I laughed.
Him: you care free, your hair is hanging loose, you not worried about anything. You happy
I smiled and touched my lips. I was happy to be here with him, but I was worried about the dream mom had. I had really missed him and part of me wanted to sleep with him but also I was scared that the way he felt about me would suddenly change and he would become a different person from the one I know. Losing your virginity is a big deal, I grew up with my grandmother and she always instilled it in me that I ought to lose my virginity to my husband and that’s what I wanted to do but this world we live in today has made being a virgin something that’s overrated. That if you not having sex then you boring and there’s nothing to talk to you about. I didn’t want to lose it because of the pressure from my peers. I’ve had some of my friends tell me that if I didn’t give it to him then he was going to get it elsewhere.
Him: you frowning. What’s wrong?
He said touching my chin making me look at him
Him: talk to me
Me: why are you still with me?
Him: what kind of question is that?
Me: you’re a man with needs. You used to having sex but now you with someone who doesn’t even give you as much as a hand job
Him: if I wanted a hand job I’d give one myself Anelisa. Where the hell is this coming from anyway?
I shrugged
Him: Anelisa I didn’t date you because I wanted to have sex with you. I didn’t let myself fall in love with for the first time so that I could have a sex slave. No Anelisa! I’m with you because I love you and I want to be with you more than I want to have sex with you. yeah sure I would love for us to be intimate but everything has its own time and I won’t force you if you not ready
I kept quiet looking down. he made me look up at him and he wiped my tears on my cheeks.
Him: now who filled your head with all of this nonsense?
Anelisa was not one to worry about such things. Someone must have planted the ideas into her mind. Yes, I’ve had temptation here and there but never, not once have I let myself succumb to anything that would make Anelisa feel less of a lady. I have girls throw themselves at me left right and centre but none of them are her, none of them are enough to make me want to cheat on her!

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