Fate Chose Me

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I had this disturbing dream which woke me up at midnight sweating heavily and in the process it woke Travis up too.
Him: Nelly what’s wrong? you sweating
I got up and went to the bathroom, he followed behind me
Him: Nelly please talk to me
He pleaded as I washed my face and drank water. He turned me to him
Him: you crying
He said wiping my eyes.
Him: Nelly please talk to me
Me: Anelisa is in danger Travis and I’m afraid I might not be able to help her
Him: what? Is it that boy? I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him
He said with his eyes blood shot red and veins popping out. his anger didn’t even scare me anymore
Me: Ahlume didn’t do anything. It’s his grandmother and her daughter
Him: daughter?
Me: his grandmother has a daughter that her son’s family doesn’t know about
Him: ok? please just talk
I got out of his arms and made my way downstairs with him questioning me about my dream. I got water and salt and made my way to the wine cellar downstairs. I poured salt in a circle then then placed the bowl in the centre of the circle and dipped my hands in the water chanting.
Him: Nelly?
I didn’t respond. My head rolled back and within minutes I was in a house, more like a basement of a house. Anelisa’s hands were tied to a pole and she had something covering her mouth from screaming, Lindelwa was there standing by a table doing whatever spell she was doing and the spell itself was making her weaker
Lisa: please just let me go
Her: don’t worry I’ll free you as soon as Monalisa completes the task she’s supposed to complete
Lisa: I promise I won’t come between them. You want her with Ahlume, fine. I’ll stay away from him. Just please stop whatever it is you doing to me
Her: because of you my grandson was willing to turn his back on his own family, he wanted me out of his home, my son’s house. You see this love he has for you is not normal. You see the more he loves you and is drawn to you, the more we lose power. The weaker I get and I can’t allow that. I’m the leader of the coven which makes me the strongest witch there is and with you busy with Ahlume, that will make me lose my magic
Lisa: why would me loving your grandson make you lose your magic?
Her: you see my magic is tied to Ahlume. The day his father got into an accident he became a totem for my magic. His anger makes me stronger and you, you make him calm. You tame his anger and I get weaker
Me: but he’s your grandson
Her: yes, he is. You see Ahlumile is too good, his anger is nothing like Ahlume’s which is why I couldn’t use him.
“NELISWA” I was brought back by Travis pulling me up.
Him: Nelly you bleeding.
I touched my nose and I had blood, he handed me a tissue and I wiped my nose
Him: Nelly what’s going on? Where were you?
Me: our daughter is in trouble. Her life is in danger
Him: first let’s get you something to snack on so that you can tell me about this
He picked me up and took me to the lounge. He placed me on the couch and walked out. I wanted to call her and check up on her but I didn’t want to ruin her time with Ahlume. She was too happy for these kind of news. The dream that woke me up was because I could feel my daughter being drawn away from me and losing strength slowly. I could feel her pulse getting weaker as that old hag kept chanting something. the trans I was in was an after of what I had dreamt of.
I looked at her waiting for an answer and she just looked down. the state she was in was enough to melt whatever anger I had. I hated the effect she had on me, it made me so weak.
Me: Anelisa come on. Who of your friends filled your head with these crazy ideas?
Her: we were just chatting and it came up. the guys in class mentioned that no guy could go for years without having sex especially if he was used to it
Me: and you wonder why I don’t like you hanging around those boys. Just because they are always horny doesn’t mean we all are Anelisa. Nobody has ever died from not having sex. You 17 this year and you still a virgin and alive
She nodded. I made her look up at me and she did, she was making puppy eyes. it wasn’t intentional but that was the look I got when I scolded her. I kissed her forehead
Me: I’m not scolding you or saying don’t be friends with your classmates but watch what they say to you Anelisa. A guy will say anything to get inside your pants
Her: you included?
She asked with a smirk. I chuckled
Me: maybe but I respect you enough so I’ll starve myself until my girlfriend is ready
She smiled and so did I. I planted a kiss on her lips and she responded. I grabbed her ass pulling me close to me, my dick got hard instantly. I pulled back
Me: let’s get dressed so we can leave
Her: ok cool.
We changed into matching outfits, she was wearing timberland tan heels, blue jeggings, white long sleeve shirt tucked in on the side and I wore a white t-shirt, blue straight leg, tan timberlands. We looked good to say the least
Her: I didn’t know you knew my size
She said looking at herself in the mirror. The jeggings looked good on her, they really made her round firm ass pop. Lisa didn’t need the gym to have the body she had. It was natural.
Me: yeah well I take note of everything
She chuckled
Her: stalker vibes
She said laughing rolling her eyes. I took a picture while she was laughing looking all kinds of beautiful
Her: you always taking pictures of me!
She said pointing at me. I shrugged
Me: I can’t help it. you look beautiful
She shook her head
Her: you obsessed
Me: am I not allowed to?
She chuckled.
Her: whatever. Let’s go already
We got out and bumped into the lady that attended to us yesterday and at breakfast.
Her: Hello
Us: hi.
Me: Here is the key, we will be back later
Her: ok sir
Him: call me Ahlume, and her Lisa
She nodded and with that we left
Lisa: she couldn’t keep her eyes off you
Me: you jealous?
She chuckled sarcastically
Her: should I be?
Me: don’t be smart with me
Her: this is going to sound strange but I’m getting really weird vibes from her
Me: you just jealous. Don’t worry my eyes are for you only
She shook her head and stared outside.
Me: Sweet lips
Her: I’m serious Ahlume. There’s just something about her, it’s like she has this bad aura
Me: so what are you suggesting sweet lips?
Her: that we get a new room keeper or whatever
Me: I will talk to the manager when we get back
Her: thank you
She raised the volume, Anelisa loved her African songs. I was forced to compile a folder for her. We were listening to Ammara Brown ft. Tytan – Mukoko. Yes, I even knew the artist’s names and songs because of her. she was singing along and dancing to the song, I won’t lie it was a nice groovy song and it was also her ringtone*hits his head dramatically*
When we got back late around 8pm Ahlume spoke to the manager and the manager told him that they were short stuffed and couldn’t get anyone to attend to us but her. I won’t lie I wasn’t happy to hear that but what choice did we have? We walked into our room and it was as if there was something in it or someone. There was just this bad energy in the room, I turned to Ahlume and he was sweating heavily.
Me: Babe
I touched him and he looked up with those eyes of his, with different colour pupils that had something like a flame in them. I stepped back really scared.
Me: Ace
He was breathing out heavily and that alone scared me. part of me wanted to pull him to my arms but I had never seen him like that before, yes last year he got pissed when we went to the mountain but he was never like this. he held onto the door as if he was about to fall. I pulled him to my arms and he collapsed, I sat down with his head on my lap. I pulled my bag and took out my phone and dialled mom’s number, I was busy trying to wake him up but he was waking up instead he was just sweating and his eyes would roll back every now and then. Mom answered after a while
//Me: mom
I said with my voice shaking
Her: Anelisa what’s wrong?
Me: I don’t know what happened mom. he just started sweating and his eyes changed and he fell
I was speaking really fast and I was really scared for him
Her: Lisa I need you to calm down. breathe baby ok.
Me: mom I’m scared. I don’t want to lose him. we haven’t had any time
Her: he is going to be fine. How are you? anything strange about the place you in?
Me: ever since I met this girl I’ve been feeling a bad vibe and then when we walked in the room I felt this bad energy and when I turned to him he was sweating. Mom please do something
Her: ok listen I need you to search around the room for something like a flower or a doll or anything out of the ordinary.
Me: a flower?
Her: you will know it when you see it Lisa. You going to feel it
Me: ok.
I took off my jacket and placed his head on it. He bought us jackets at the mall before we went back. I didn’t drop the call, I made my way around the room looking for something out of the ordinary
Her: Lisa have you found it?
Me: no mom not yet.
Her: you better find it soon honey before he wakes up.
Me: what happens if he wakes up before I find it?
Her: you don’t want to know
He was on loud speaker as I looked around the room. I looked at him and he was tossing and turning
Her: Anelisa you better find that flower before he turns into a beast.
Me: beast?
Her: yes, Anelisa. That flower or whatever it is, it’s meant to untame him. it will make him angry and make him lose his temper on you

When I started this story I said read with understanding so that you dont get confused along the way.
💠Lindelwa is Ahlume’s grandmother who so happens to be a leader in her coven which makes her a very powerful witch. As powerful as she is, she can break Monalisa’s curse but that would ruin her plans and so she won’t break Monalisa’s curse.
💠Neliswa is Anelisa’s mother. Unlike Taylor Heather and Lindelwa, she was not born a witch. She only learnt how to practise witchcraft hence she herself can’t break the curse that was placed on her. Remember the curse was placed on her for trying to kill a special child? She also doesn’t have enough magic to break Monalisa’s curse because of the reason I’ve already mentioned.
💠Anelisa is still Anelisa and she will always be Anelisa. I would never mix up the two’s names as that would confuse you further, hence there’s Anelisa’s POV and Monalisa’s.
We getting to that part of the story where some of you may hate me or hate Ahlume or even Anelisa. From hereon you need to read with understanding! Please keep up and if you still have any confusion speak now!
Also I don’t know whether I should end the story when one of the doppelgangers die or continue with their lives after one of them dies... You tell me
-by Sandisiwe Gxaba

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