Fate Chose Me

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I woke up with a splitting headache and I was on the floor. I could hear Anelisa talking and moving things around. I was feeling this overwhelming anger in me. Something I was never used to, it was nothing like what I once felt when dad got into an accident, this was worse, I had this urge to kill. I looked around and saw her searching in panic
Her: what do I do when I find it?
Person: place it in water baby.
I got up.
Her: Ace
I looked at her and it was like I had seen her before but I didn’t know her. Something in me wanted to hurt her so badly but part of me didn’t want to do anything to her of such sort. I was having a mental battle.
Her: Ahlume?
She looked at me with concern in her eyes and she looked really scared. She was carrying a doll figure but it was made from grass or something. I couldn’t really make out what it was she was carrying. I walked towards her and she moved back
“Anelisa you still there?”
Her: mom I’ll call you later
She said dropping the call and placed her phone in her pocket stepping back
Me: who are you and what are we doing here?
Her: Ahlume it’s me. Anelisa Sweet Lips
I looked at her shaking my head. She walked towards me
Me: don’t come any closer
Her: you will never hurt me Ahlume.
I moved back shaking my head. As much as I wanted to hit her there was part of me that wanted to protect her from me.
Me: Anelisa is it? don’t come any closer to me else I’ll kill you
She threw the doll on the floor and I felt a sting on my head. Her phone kept ringing but she let it and cupped my face making look at her
Her: you will never hurt me Ahlume. I know you
I held her hands and removed them from my face in anger. She looked at me with teary eyes
Her: don’t do this.
I pushed her away from me and she almost fell
Me: Anelisa LEAVE!
I roared startling her but, she made her way to me and stood in front of me unshaken by the fact that I just pushed her that she almost fell.
Her: I’m not going anywhere Ahlume. You love and I love you!
I shook my head and she cupped my face making me look into her beautiful eyes.
Her: you know me. I don’t know what’s happening with you but I know that my Ahlume is still in there. The man I love and adore is somewhere in there and no amount of dark magic will come between us
I don’t know what it was about her but she was determined. She didn’t care about how angry I was and that I could hurt her. she just stared into my eyes and slowly I could feel my anger subsiding.
Her: don’t let your anger consume you. you not that person Ahlume.
She stood on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on my lips. She broke it and looked into my eyes with hers glistening with tears.
Me: Sweet lips
It came out as a whisper
Her: Ace
She looked at me with shock and happiness. She smiled and I smiled too and pulled her to my arms and she didn’t hesitate to wrap hers around my neck.
Her: you scared me
Me: I didn’t mean to. I don’t know what came over me
I was disappointed in myself for having hurt her. Why was she still with me? Why wasn’t she afraid of me?
Everything mom once said about me taming the monster in Ahlume made sense. I was able to tame the wolf in him. I was amazed by the love we shared, the love I had for him which was enough to subsidize the anger in him. Yes, he was scary when he was angry but he needed me as much as I needed him. he was mine to save and only mine. He got out of my arms and went to sit on the couch and buried his face in his hands
Him: I am so sorry. I almost killed you Anelisa. I pushed you.
I went to kneel in front of him and removed his hands from his face and made him look at me. his eyes were blood shot red, he was crying which made me cry myself
Him: I am so so sorry Anelisa. I didn’t mean to
Me: its ok Ahlume. You were not in your senses. Someone put something in our room which messed with your emotions
He shook his head
Him: that’s still no excuse Anelisa. I laid my hands on you after I promised to never hurt you
Me: Ahlume
I said cupping his face but he removed my hands from it.
Him: no. I hurt you Anelisa. There’s no excuse for hurting you and I will never forgive myself for it
It broke my heart to see him punish himself like that. he was afraid of himself for me and that alone tore me apart. It pained me that he would do that to himself as if he had done it on purpose. He was even shaking.
Me: you need to rest, you tired
I said getting up. I couldn’t bare it; I couldn’t stand to watch him that vulnerable. I took the doll figure and went to put it in water as mom had instructed me. I sat down by the door and just buried my face in my hands. Who could have done something like this and what were they hoping to achieve from it? I found myself in tears. Was his grandmother that evil that she would try to get her grandson to kill me? I didn’t even understand what sin I had committed for her to hate me the way she did. Was I not supposed to love him? if I could control the way I felt about him then I would have long ended things with him but I couldn’t. I loved him too damn much. my phone rang disturbing me in my thoughts, I took it out and it was mom
//Her: Anelisa
Me: I’m ok mom. I found the doll and I put it in water and it turned it melted into the water
Her: I’m glad you’re ok. how is he?
I sighed
Me: he’s ok. he’s worried about me. he’s beating himself up about what happened
Her: wait he woke up before you could dispose or the doll?
Me: yes
Her: Anelisa!
Me: mom I’m fine
Her: did he hurt you?
Me: no he didn’t. He was angry but he couldn’t bring himself to do anything to me
She kept quiet.
Me: mom you still there?
Her: yes, I am baby. He didn’t hurt you at all?
Me: no he didn’t. He kept telling me not to get close and that he would hurt me but he didn’t hurt me. I cupped his face and I could see how hard he was fighting the urge not to harm me mom.
Her: he loves you baby. His love for you allows him to fight off his nature towards you
Me: what happens if he becomes a hybrid and one of the doppelgangers dies?
Her: I don’t know. his werewolf nature is tamed I guess
I kept quiet
Her: Don’t do anything stupid Anelisa!
Me: as long as I’m alive he’s going to be this monster mom and he might end up killing someone
Her: Anelisa listen to me
Me: no mom what if this is my fate? What if I’m supposed to die for him to be better?
Her: Anelisa don’t say that! Ahlume will be fine. We’ll find a way to tame him without any of you dying
Me: but what if there is no other way mom? as long as I’m alive I’ll always be a target for the witches. They always going to need my blood to perform some ritual or something
Her: Anelisa I understand you love him but baby please don’t do what you thinking of doing. I will find a way Anelisa. Just please don’t do anything stupid. If you really love him the way you say you do, then you don’t do anything stupid Anelisa
Me: it’s because I love him that I have to do this mom
Her: Anelisa!
Me: mom
Her: baby please. I’m begging you
I wiped my tears. I loved him and to see him surfer the way he was suffering was hurting me emotionally and physically. As long as I was alive Ahlume was never going to be normal. Yes, I could tame him but what happens when I can’t? What happens if another incident like this happens and even I can’t tame him? there was a knock on the door
Me: I have to go mom. I love you//
I switched my phone off and then got up to open the door and there he was standing on the other side of the door. How could something so beautiful be so toxic? Our love was beautiful but it was toxic.
Him: Sweet lips
He said with his voice breaking
Me: Ace
He cupped my face and wiped my tears. I cupped his face and wiped away his tears.

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