Fate Chose Me

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They walked out of their room happy and holding hands with Ahlume dragging their suitcase and her carrying their phones. I wont lie I was boiling with anger, I walked up to them
Me: leaving so soon?
She looked at me and smiled
Her: sadly. Something came up and we had to leave
Me: its sad to see you two leave
Her: yeah well it’s the only way we can ensure that no evil spirits attack us again
I looked at her shook.
Her: I saw that thing you placed in our room. Give it up, you never going to win. Lets go babe
He was looking at her pleased. They passed by me and walked off, I stormed out and went to the changing rooms, I took out my phone and called Taylor.
//Me: you said it would work. You said he would kill her
Her: hello to you too Monalisa
Me: I don’t have time for your games
Her: what happened and speak calmly I’m not one of your friends
Me: he didn’t do anything to her. they happy as if nothing happened
Her: what?
Me: yeah
Her: how?
Me: I wouldn’t know! I wasn’t there
Her: you’re an IT geek. You could have installed cams around their room
Me: yeah well I didn’t think of it.
Her: clearly
Me: how is she still alive?
Her: I don’t know. I don’t understand what went wrong. Are you sure you followed all my instructions?
Me: YES!
She sighed
Her: I’ll figure something out. Where are they now?
Me: they leaving. With their bags and everything
Her: let them be. I’ll figure something out
Me: you better. And fast//
With that I ended the call and changed into my things and drank a potion that would turn me back to my normal self. I walked out to my car without being noticed and went back to my place. When I walked in someone was sitting on my bed.
Her: what you and Taylor are trying to do wont work
Me: excuse me? who are you and how did you get into my room?
Her: that’s not important. Whats important is that Anelisa and Ahlume love each other so much that whatever dark magic you try using on them will never work. The love they share is pure and no amount of evil deeds will conquer it. You should be begging Taylor and her mother to lift the curse your mother put on you
She turned around and she was a dark beauty, Kelly Rowland type of beauty. She looked really farmiliar like I had seen her before.
Her: don’t think to much you’ll crack your skull. What I don’t understand is why you would want to kill her after what her mother did for you two
I didn’t know what to say
Her: when push comes to shove, the forces of nature and the universe will side with their love and you will end up dying. Anelisa was chosen by fate for Ahlume and not you. no amount of witchcraft can break what they have.
With that she disappeared. I sat on the bed frustrated. Why does she get to be happy and me stuck with a flipping curse? Why does she get a happy ever after and I don’t? its not fair that she gets to be in love and happy while I suffer like this.
I woke up with our legs entangled together and his arms wrapped tightly around my body with his warm breath hitting my hair. I tried to get out but he tightened his grip around me.
Me: Ace
Him: mh.
Me: Ahlume I need to pee
Him: pee on the bed
He mumbled. I pushed him but he didn’t budge
Me: Ahlume!
I scolded
Him: What?
Me: let go of me I need to pee
He let go of me
Him: you’re a buzzkill you know that
He said flipping over. I just shook my head and got off the bed to go pee. I did my business and then walked back to the room and he was talking on the phone. I arrived in Durban in the early hours of morning and he went to fetch me from the airport then we drove to his apartment and slept instantly. He said his goodbyes and while looking at me standing by the bed.
Him: morning Sweet Lips
Me: morning Ace. What time is your graduation?
Him: I don’t know. come join me in bed
Me: no. I’m hungry, I haven’t eaten since yesterday after school
Him: and whose fault is that again?
Me: Ahlume!
Him: I told you to get something to eat, when you got here I offered we start with something to eat but you too stubborn
Me: I’d be done making a cereal right now, instead of us going back and forth about my hunger
He looked at me and chuckled
Him: and the attitude?
I didn’t respond. I wore my sleepers and walked towards the door but he grabbed my waist as I was about to open
Me: Ahlume
He threw me on the bed and got on top of me between my legs
Him: is it the hunger that’s making you this bitter
Me: Ahlume i am really hungry
My stomach was even grumbling. He got up and turned his back on me
Him: come, hop on
Me: Ahlume aren’t we a little old for this?
Him: I am, but you not. get on
I got on his back and he carried me to the kitchen and sat me on the counter.
Him: so what would you like to eat?
Me: something quick
He walked to the fridge and took out milk
“we eat on that you know” Ahlumile said walking in.
Me: morning to you too Mile
He kissed my cheek
Him: morning beautiful. How are you? when did you get here?
Me: early hours of morning. I am good thank you and how are you?
Him: I am great
Me: cant wait to graduate?
Him: more like cant wait to pack my bags and leave
Me: and the mrs?
Ace: good question babe
He said handing me a bowl of coco pops with luke warm milk and two spoons, he stood between my legs
Mile: she understands
Ace: cause they going to marry her off to someone her kind the minute you leave
I pushed him and he chuckled
Mile: ASS!
Ace: it’s the truth. She told you she was going to get married soon as she graduated but you my brother are stubborn
Me: is it true?
He nodded
Me: I’m sorry
Him: its ok. We fine actually
Ace: you fine with being a side nigga
Him: shut up big head!
Ace: we have the same size idiot.
Me: Ahlume quit it. how do you feel about her being married off?
He shrugged
Him: she said she wasn’t going to agree to the marriage.
Ace: you really are an idiot. She’s lying to you
I hit his shoulder and he gave me a look
Him: she’s going to study abroad with me. her parents agreed that she go as long as she came back when she was done with her studies
Me: at least theres hope
Him: yeah.
We went to eat out and then we attended the graduation ceremony and after that we went to celebrate with the squad on Florida road at Cubana. Lisa was sitting next to me chatting with Sariah while I was chatting with the rest of the squad. Her phone rang and she got up to answer it with Sariah accompanying her and then she came back after a while all smiles
Me: and then?
Her: that was Kendra, she says a letter from the university came and I was selected with some of my classmates to go abroad for two weeks for this student exchange program thingy
Me: you apply for a student exchange program right?
She nodded
Her: it’s a great opportunity and it will help me grow. We’ll be doing pracs and stuff
She kept quiet
Her: you not happy
Me: should I be?
Her: babe this is a great opportunity for me
Me: I know that but what gets to me is that you didn’t even tell me you applied for it Anelisa. A little heads up maybe
Her: can we not argue around your friends
Me: we not arguing we having a conversation
She huffed and I turned to my friends and let her be. Anelisa’s mother told us about the dream she once had and here Anelisa was busy wanting to go to the states where me or her mother were there to protect her from any harm. I wasn’t happy that she would want to put her life at risk like that.
Her: can you take me home?
She said whispering in my ear
Me: now?
Her: yes
I sighed and got up. I said my goodbyes to the squad and then we walked to my car, she got in her side and I got in mine
Me: whats that about?
Her: I just want to be away from the crowd
Me: seriously Anelisa? You mad cause I’m not hyped out about you leaving
Her: yes I am mad that my boyfriend is being selfish
Me: selfish Anelisa?
I stopped the car on the side of the road
Me: selfish is you applying for a program that might not even be genuine!
Her: its genuine
Me: not everything that’s online is genuine Anelisa. What about the dream your mother had huh?
Her: your grandmother will get to me no matter where I am. You heard her say she couldn’t do anything about it
Me: but she didn’t say I couldn’t do anything about it Anelisa!
She got out and I got out too. She was being difficult for no particular reason if you ask me
Me: sulk all you want but this is how I feel and it wont change. Your life is already in danger and you want to put it more danger for your own selfish reasons!
Her: this is a good opportunity
Me: cant it wait until my grandmother is found and you are safe from her
Her: Ahlume you cant stand in the way of whats meant to happen
Me: so what? I’m supposed to just let things be huh?

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