Fate Chose Me

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I told Mbali about the dream I had and we were trying to find ways to make sure it didn’t happen. We’ve tried locating Anelisa’s doppelganger but she was nowhere to be found, it was as though she just disappeared off the surface of the earth, she had to be working with a witch.
Mbali: don’t give up, we’ll find a way
Me: how Mbali? My daughter’s safety is at risk
Her: we will figure something out ok.
We were in the basement downstairs in Travis’s house, he was working a night shift and Lisa was sleeping over at Ahlume’s place. I got up and so did she
Her: Nelly you’ve always kept your daughter safe despite what your mother said or what anyone at the church said, you kept her safe at all costs and you can still do that.
Me: how? I feel helpless Mbali
Her: come, let’s get you some water
She took my hand into hers and then we walked up to the kitchen. She sat on the high chairs while I fixed us up something to snack on, it was already past eleven and none of us had slept trying to figure out how we would save Lisa. The door handle turned and we both looked to the door and Lisa walked in with teary eyes.
Us: Lisa?
Her: I thought you’d be sleeping
Me: we not. You ok? you crying?
She shook her head and cried even more. I got up and pulled her to my arms
Me: what’s wrong baby?
Her: its Ahlume
Me: what did he do?
She just wailed even more. I led her to the lounge and soon after Mbali came in and handed me a glass of water, I made Lisa drink it and when she was done she gave it back to me. she even had hiccups. One thing I knew was that Ahlume did not hit her, I would have felt it. so they must have had a nasty argument.
Her: it’s over
Me: what do you mean?
Her: I ended things between us
Us: You what?
Me: why?
I looked at Mbali and then back at Lisa
Her: I can’t do this mom. this pressure and everything going on, it’s too much
I made her look at me
Me: Lisa what happened?
Her: I got a response from School about the student exchange program and that I was one of the chosen ones. He doesn’t want me to go
Me: for good reason I’m sure
Her: mom this is my future we talking about
Me: I understand that Anelisa but you can’t leave the country. How do I protect you if you not here? I am not that strong Anelisa
Her: so you siding with him. you also don’t want me to grow in my choice of study?
Me: I do want you to grow but not like this Anelisa. Have you forgotten what happened last year?
Her: she’s dead
Me: but Ahlume’s grandmother isn’t and she will do anything to get to you
Her: so I’m safer being with a guy whose feelings can be manipulated magically and then feel the need to hit me?
Me: you still alive, aren’t you? Anelisa the dream I had, it was a warning.
She sighed and so did I. Anelisa was being difficult. She was being unreasonable. Her life was hanging on by a thread and she wanted to risk it even more?
I didn’t understand why these people were fussing so much over this. it’s a great opportunity for me to grow. I stormed off to my room and called Kendra, knowing her she was out with Cal and the squad. She answered after a while
//Her: don’t they sleep in Durban
Me: I thought you’d be out with Cal
Her: we came back early; I wasn’t feeling so good
Me: I’m sorry
Her: you already woke me up. so what’s up?
Me: mom and Ahlume don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be traveling out of the country because according to them my life is at risk
Her: then maybe you should listen to them and stop being stubborn for no reason
Me: Kendra
Her: honey I love you just as much as those two people love you and I would hate for anything to happen to you. They are right, listen to them
I sighed. But then again what was I expecting from her, she was always going to take their side
Her: look, you can always go next year babe, besides the knowledge you acquire there won’t be useful to you until you doing your third year. Be patient ok. they want what’s best for you and so do I!
Me: I hate you
Her: and I love you even more. Now may I sleep please
I chuckled.
Me: yeah you may sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow and hopefully you’ll be better
Her: it’s just period pains, not a life or death situation
Me: if you say so. Bye honey.
Her: tell me you love me first
Me: I’m not Calvin
Her: I never said you were
Me: I love you Iminathi
Her: bye friend//
Ok so maybe I was being a little dramatic. I just wanted the opportunity to visit another country and actually see it proper as compared to the last time. I took off my clothes and got in under the covers and texted Ahlume that I was sorry for overeating and that he was right, he was online on WhatsApp but he didn’t respond to my text.
“Hey Ace. I’m sorry for overreacting and ruining your special day today. You were right about everything and I won’t be going for the programme. I’m sorry” that was the text she sent me on WhatsApp, I just read it and went back to chatting with my friends and having a good time. Anelisa didn’t understand how hard it was to love her. how draining it was. She wasn’t a difficult person by nature, she had her days like any normal person but it didn’t make loving her any easy. I felt the need to protect her, I blamed myself that her life was at risk, so many times I was tempted to end things between us but I didn’t because I thought to myself who was going to protect her if we weren’t together anymore? The love I had for her was self-consuming, it made me a different person than the one I was before her, it just changed me and made me live for her and only her. I was disturbed by someone nudging me, I turned and it was Sariah
Her: what’s eating you?
Me: it’s nothing buddy
Her: is there a sign on my forehead written stupid?
Me: should there be one?
Her: very funny. Get up!
Me: Sariah
Her: come with me.
She stood up then offered her hand and pulled me up
Athi: Where to?
Sariah: none of your business.
She hooked her arm into mine and then we walked out. The street was packed with cars going up and some going down. Florida was always busy on a Friday. We walked down
Me: where are we going?
Her: we taking a walk. So what’s eating you?
Me: Anelisa
Her: what did she do?
I sighed and she stopped making me stop too.
Her: talk to me buddy.
Sariah knew about me being a werewolf and my girlfriend being a doppelganger and her or her doppelganger having to die. She knew everything basically.
Me: she wants to go abroad for some student exchange shiit
Her: and you don’t want her to?
Me: her life is already in danger as it is. My grandmother wants her high and low and if she leaves the country, it will make it easy for her to get to Lisa
She nodded
Her: and Lisa wants to go because she thinks it’s a great opportunity?
I nodded
Her: I see. Look you want to protect her and that’s ok cause you love her but my friend please understand that unlike you Anelisa needs to work extra hard in order to get to where she wants to. hear me out. You’ve been travelling since you were a kid and she didn’t get that opportunity and now that opportunity presents itself, she can’t help but want to travel. Also this is her first time being fully exposed to the outside world and of cause she wants to experience new things in new places and to just grow without having to be sheltered at all times. She wants to feel normal just this once without having to feel different and be different. She knows it’s not safe, she’s not stupid but like any normal person she wants to experience a normal university life.
I nodded
Her: call her and fix things. Try and understand her, correct her without crashing her dreams Ahlume.
Me: I hear you.
Her: good. Now let’s go grab a burger, I want a rockstar burger
Me: you and your Rocco Mama’s
Her: they make the best.
We walked in and were given a table for two. We ordered and waited, I went to the toilet to call her and she answered.

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