Fate Chose Me

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She responded a week later via an email rejecting the offer. Who the hell says no to such a great opportunity? Was she stupid or was she stupid? I threw the books on my bed on the floor in frustration. Anelisa was just prolonging the inevitable. I was pissed! I called Lindi (Ahlume’s grandmother)
//Her: Mona
Me: she rejected the offer
Her: Ahlume. God what will I do with this boy?
Me: what?
Her: my grandson is the reason she rejected the offer. It can only be him
Me: why would he do that?
Her: because he can feel that her life is in danger. I’m flying to South Africa.
Me: what?
Her: I need to take care of things that side myself
Me: but
Her: no buts. Bye Mona//
With that she ended the call. I looked at my phone and she had really dropped the call on me. I threw it on the bed and covered my face with a pillow and screamed. Nothing I tried was working. I got up and got dressed and made my way to her place in Joburg. I called Amina and she answered
//Her: hey
Me: hi, where are you?
Her: preparing to go out, Why?
Me: I’m coming over to your place
Her: wont it blow your cover?
Me: don’t worry about that. Is my doppelganger there?
Her: yeah she’s in Kendra’s room. I think they going out or something
Me: I want you to call me as they walk out ok?
Her: uhhm ok then. See you in a bit. //
I dropped the call and changed my clothes then made my way to my car and drove to Joburg in full speed. I got to their apartment and walked out of the car covering myself with a hoodie, it was already late so she wouldn’t see my face. I bumped into her
Her: I’m so sorry
Me: yeah me too
She went down to pick up her phone and I also bet to pick up mine, I had a phone that looked like hers. I handed her mine and she handed me hers. I don’t think she saw that she was giving me hers. They walked off after she apologised again. She was so sweet it was even annoying. I walked to their apartment while pressing her phone. I needed something, I didn’t know what but I was going to know it. Amina opened and then we shared a hug and then made our way to her room.
Her: so?
Me: I got her phone.
I took out my laptop and plugged it into it and downloaded all her information. Her phone rang and I answered it
//Me: hello?
Her: I’m sorry but I think I have your phone and you have mine
Me: I was just about to try call you but I didn’t know your password
Her: are you still in our building? We on our way
Me: of cause. Flat 15A
Her: hey that’s where I live. We just parked now
Me: sure//
Amina looked at me
Her: what are you up to? she’ll see you
Me: no she won’t. Let’s go sit in the lounge
Her: ok then
We walked out to the lounge and she turned the tv on. A while later she walked in, Amina gave her the phone while I stayed in her room, Amina made up an excuse about me not being able to take it myself and she bought it. she walked in and gave me the phone
Her: can you tell me what’s going on now?
Me: if I’m going to impersonate her, I’ll need everything about her including the things on her phone
Her: oh…
Me: yeah
Her: and you think no one will realise who you are?
Me: she’s not that hard to impersonate actually
She nodded
Ahlume and I were good. I went out with the squad and they got drunk, I didn’t touch alcohol because of my boyfriend. Phila tried and gave up. We were going out one last time before writing our exams. The club was lit. We drove home and I helped Kendra to her room and passing Amina with her friend in the lounge. I still hadn’t seen her face either than on her lock screen and she was really pretty. I said my goodbyes and then slept.
I was woken up by someone blowing some smoke into my face, I opened my eyes and I saw a face I didn’t not recognise and my hands were tied up behind me.
Her: finally! I was beginning to think you dead. I’m Taylor Heather
Me: what’s going on? How long was I out?
Her: 3 days’ tops.
I kept quiet. She was busy looking at me strangely
Her: you look just like her, everything about you… Well except the hair, yours is longer than hers
Me: what do you want from me?
Her: well you my dear, are the key to turning my nephews into what they were intended to be
Me: you won’t get away with this
Her: you think your witch of a mother will save you?
She chuckled
Her: oh honey that’s sad even for you. Your mother is not strong enough. and your vampire father doesn’t feed so it makes him weak
She looked at me with pity
Her: you see with my mother in the same town as your mother, she was able to tap into your mother’s magic and make her weak.
I looked at my amulet
Her: that won’t save you
Me: what do you want from me?
Her: I already told you. to make Ahlume and Ahlumile hybrids
Me: so you want to kill me?
She shook her head
Her: no. you’ll find out when mother returns.
Me: everyone is already looking for me
She laughed
Her: oh you poor thing. You’re a doppelganger.
I looked at her confused
Her: your doppelganger is there so that they don’t look for you
Me: Ahlume will know
Her: even if he does. He’ll fall into our trap. Time for you to go back to sleep now you’re annoying me
Me: ple…
She had blown smoke into my face and I was out
My boss had sent me to Joburg and I took the opportunity to go and visit Lisa. she didn’t know I was coming, after my meeting I drove to her flat and Kendra opened the door.
Her: you really need to stop dropping in like this. this is not your house
Me: but my girlfriend lives here
Her: yeah. Whatever, she’s not back yet
Me: but she should be back already.
Her: yeah well I tried calling her and she didn’t answer my calls. She’s been acting strange lately
Me: strange how?
Her: I don’t know, there’s just something off about her
Me: it’s probably stress. Tests and all
Her: yeah probably
Me: let me try calling her
I dialled her number and she answered after a while.
//Her: hey Hlume
I raised an eyebrow, Anelisa never called me Hlume before.
Me: hey babe. How are you?
Her: I’m good thanks and you?
Me: I’m also good, where are you?
Her: I just got out of a long ass prac, I’m on my way home
Me: Kendra called me, she was worried about you
Her: Kendra needs to chill already
Me: what?
Her: nothing babe. I’ll call her
Me: ok. Bye
Her: bye//
I looked at my phone estranged. She must have been really drained to say Kendra needs to chill. I turned to Kendra
Me: well she says she’s on her way
Her: oh cool.
Just then her phone rang and she showed it to me, it was Lisa. they spoke for a while and Kendra dropped the call with confusion plastered all over her face
Me: what?
Her: it’s the way she spoke to me. Something is wrong with Lisa
Me: nah she’s probably just tired
She nodded
Her: can I get you something to eat or drink?
Me: I thought you’d never offer
She laughed and hit my head as she was going to the kitchen
Her: so food or something to drink?
She shouted from the kitchen
Me: both. Have you any idea how tiring it is to fly
Her: stop being dramatic, it wasn’t even for 3 hours
Me: still
Her: fine. So what are you doing here?
Me: I came for a meeting on behalf of my boss
Her: perks of having money
Me: you are one to talk Miss Bess
She laughed and so did I
Her: I will go look for a job in a country where they don’t know the Besses or I’ll get married before I job hunt
Me: and watch your father murder the guy who would dare marry you
Her: you know him all too well. So you and Lisa?
Me: what about us?
Her: you spending the night?
Me: nah, I figured I’d drop by before I head back. It’s still during the week
Her: oh right

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