Fate Chose Me

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Me: what is it? What’s wrong with him?
Him: he was involved in an accident and its bad. We have to go
Me: I’ll be down in a minute
Yes, my father and I don’t see eye to eye but he is still my father and of cause I will panic if I hear such news about him. I went to my closet and grabbed the nearest briefs, sweatpants and t-shirt then wore my push ins and ran downstairs locking the house to find mom sitting in front with my brother in distress.
Me: He’s going to be fine mom
She just nodded. I hate seeing my first lady like this. it breaks my heart. We got into the hospital and mom went to enquire about dad at the reception. She came to us and told us that he was in theatre and the doctor would inform us later. Just then a woman walked in and seemed to be enquiring about our dad. She was skinny, brunette hair, long sexy legs, body hugging dress and just everything perfect. I looked at her from her shoes and then up. It’s no doubt that she was a slay queen. I got up and walked up to her leaving my mom with my twin
Her: I need to know if he’s ok?
Receptionist: ma’am I’m afraid we can’t tell at this point. What relation do you have with the patient if I may ask?
Her: he’s my boyfriend
I should have known! I tapped her shoulder and she turned to look at me, damn she was all kinds of beautiful
Me: hi
Her: Can I help you?
Me: you are Bandile’s girlfriend?
In case you were wondering how we are black but have a white surname, our dad is coloured and our mom is black which makes us all black. Dad’s father was a white man who cheated on his wife with a beautiful black woman and he came about. Our grandmother is a very beautiful woman. She and grandad didn’t marry or anything like that but she never kept dad away from his father and she let dad take his father’s surname
Her: what’s it to you?
Me: he’s my father and that woman sitting over there is his wife. My mother
She looked at mom and then back at me
Her: is this some kind of sick joke?
Me: why would I joke with you? I don’t even know you
Her: look little child. Stay away from me before I call security
Me: look my mother is already crushed as it is. Please leave before you make things worse
She chuckled in disbelief and turned to the receptionist
Her: Who is his doctor? I need to know how he’s doing
Rec.: Ma’am please take a seat and the doctor will be with you right now
Me: Ma’am I would really suggest that you leave
Her: NO!
Me: fine.
I grabbed her elbow with her shouting for me to let her go and I just pulled her to the exit
Her: let go of me! you hurting me
Me: I asked you to leave nicely but you didn’t listen so I’m making you leave.
I threw her and she stumbled on her heels. I don’t know where the security around here was but I’m glad he or she wasn’t around.
her: how dare you man handle me!
She said attempting to slap me but I held her wrist
Me: I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Look Miss. I don’t know you but I would really suggest that you leave and never come back here. My father is married and he will never leave our mother for any kind of pussy. Be smart and walk away before you catch any feelings
I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me but it’s as though I was consumed by nothing but anger. It’s like my father’s accident just sparked something in me which I cannot put into words but all I know is that I was angry to that point.
Her: you hurting me. Let go of my wrist please
I didn’t realise I was holding her wrist so tight until I let go of it and she had tears in her eyes and she seemed very much frightened by me.
Me: I am…
Her: get away from me. You’re a monster!
She said moving back holding onto her wrist. I think I might have even broke it
Me: I’m sorry
She didn’t pay no attention to me instead she walked away holding her wrist. What had just happened to me? it’s like I blacked out and something in me took over making me a violent person.
I was sitting in the chair outside the principal’s office waiting for Click. One thing I knew was that he was not going to be happy about this. I was playing with my hands
“Really Lisa. First day of school and already I’m receiving such calls?”
Me: if you hadn’t brought me here then maybe you wouldn’t have had to drop everything to come attend this… whatever this is
He just looked at me and shook his head. He knocked on the door and we were told to go in. I went in after him and I slouched in the chair next to him opposite the principal.
Her: Mr Noland I am sorry for having called you here but we do not tolerate violence in this school. Your daughter beat up a boy in her class and broke his nose and that is a serious offense
Click looked at me
Me: in my defence, I didn’t even punch him. his nose was weak
I kept quiet sinking back into the chair
Her: Mr Noland your daughter banged his face onto the table
Him: I’m sure he must have done something for her to react in such a manner
Her: I understand this is her first time being in school in a class with other students
Him: home schooling has nothing to do with how she behaved. I am sure that it was self-defence. Lisa is not a violent person
Her: Mr Noland a student’s nose is broken!
Me: can I like say something here?
They both looked at me
Me: since none of you are even going to bother me what happened. Can I get my detention slip or my suspension letter and then leave?
She looked at Click
Her: you see? This attitude. The disrespect
I got up and walked out. I felt like I was being put on trial for no reason. When I got outside I met up with an old lady with cleaning equipment. She took my hand into hers
Her: there’s two of you. One of you has to die. You are an abomination to natures creation!
I pulled my hand away from her terrified AF! What was this woman talking about? I moved back until I bumped into something or someone and that alone freaked me out. I turned to look and it was a not so happy Click, when I turned to look again the old lady had disappeared.
Click: what am I going to do with you?
Me: so?
Him: you got a week of detention. She wanted to suspend you but I managed to convince her otherwise. Why would you break another kid’s nose?
Me: he bumped me with his backpack and didn’t apologise so I defended myself
Him: to bang him against a desk?
Me: like I said. Self defence
I was still a little shaken from what that woman had said. What did she mean?
Him: go back to class and apologise to him and the rest of the class
Me: rest of the class? For what?
Him: disturbing them… duh?
I chuckled. Click was joking right? if he thought I was going to do that then he clearly did not know me
Him: apologise Lisa!
With that he walked away. I made my way to class and as I was about to enter I saw the woman standing by the wall of fame shaking her head with what looked like fear in her eyes. I made my way to her instead. I was not going to be terrified by some old woman!
I just stood there holding onto arm where she had held me. It was so painful like a burnt wound. I stood there still for a good 10 minutes before continuing my walk home. What was going on? I got home, greeted my grandma and went to my room to get out of my uniform. I looked at my arm in the mirror and I had a pink print of her hand, I tried to touch it but it was super painful that I found myself with teary eyes. This didn’t make any sense to me. She’s a nun. A woman of God. Was I demon possessed? I mean what other explanation was there if not this? I’ve watched movies with exorcisms and stuff and such things usually happen when you have an entity inside of you or demon residing within you. I figured I’d ask my grandma to pray for me before we go to bed tonight to test my theory. She’s the most religious person I know.

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