Fate Chose Me

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I don’t know what was going on with Anelisa but I was going to find out. The way she had been acting lately was not how the Lisa I know would act or even behave. Saturday she wanted to go out, Lisa didn’t like being out. we all had to beg her to go out and for her to be suggesting it was unusual. I spoke to Cal about it and he said that maybe the squad was slowly influencing her. I mean we’ve been in Joburg for 4 months now but still, I had this weird feeling. Ahlume and I were chatting while I finished making sandwiches, she walked in with Phila as I was about to head to the lounge
Phila: hey bubu
He said kissing my cheek
Lisa: hey babe
She also kissed my cheek.
Her: sorry for the way I spoke to you and for not reporting my whereabouts
Me: it’s cool.
She took a sandwich and bit it
Me: hey!
Her: I’m hungry
She made puppy eyes.
Her: got a visitor? Does Cal know?
Me: speaking of which, please take this to the lounge I have to go make a phone call
Her: sure
With that she took the dishes while I went to my room. I called her mother, she and I needed to talk.
//Her: Kendra, this is a nice surprise
Me: Miss Nelly something’s wrong
Her: what do you mean?
Me: when was the last time you spoke to Anelisa?
Her: last night we were chatting on WhatsApp
Me: and there’s nothing strange about her?
Her: not that I know off
Me: she hasn’t been wearing the amulet you gave her and when I asked her about it she told me she lost it
Her: that’s strange. I would have felt it if she had lost it though
Me: something is up Miss Nelly.
Her: I’ll look into it
Me: please do
Her: ok baby.
Me: I have to go. Bye Miss Nelly
Her: bye sweetie//
I sighed. We all know our friends, I know Lisa like the back of my hand and the Lisa I know is nothing like the one sitting in that lounge. Stress doesn’t make her rude, instead she sulks and stress eats but this time she’s rude and she’s not so clean, she actually wants to go out and she speaks anyhow with me. Something is fishy! I walked out to the lounge and she was sitting on top of Ahlume’s lap and Phila was nowhere to be seen.
Me: get a room you two
Ahlume: we missed each other
Me: don’t be making babies on my favourite couch
Her: we’ll get a new one if it happens. Right babe
Ahlume just smiled with a nod. I looked at her and sat down eating my sandwich.
Me: so how are things with your grandmother?
I asked Ahlume
Him: we haven’t spoken since she arrived.
I was looking at Lisa but she didn’t say anything. She didn’t even look surprised by what I was saying. Something had invaded my friend!
Kendra was going to be the cause of her death if she didn’t stay in her lane. She was too damn observant with everything I did and the way I spoke. She was making it hard to play Anelisa the way I should. I had Kendra right where I needed her, Taylor and her mother sent me a video of Anelisa tied up looking all weak in order to blackmail Kendra so that she keeps her mouth shut and I’m happy to say it worked because no-one was suspicious of me though her mother was a little snoopy. It was June holidays and I was over at Ahlume’s apartment. Being in his arms was the best thing since sliced bread! Ahlume’s hands around my waist was just what I needed after everything. We were in his room and he was on top of me kissing me. I helped him out of his shirt and he helped me out of my clothes and one thing led to another and soon we were both naked and panting heavily trying to catch our breaths. He tried inserting himself me looking into my eyes
Him: When was the first time I ever went down on you?
Me: last year
Him: give me the date, the place and the month
He said going in deep. I swallowed hard taking in the pain
Me: it was uhhm…
Him: ok, when was the first time you ever told me you love me?
I looked at him confused, why would he ask me these questions?
Him: when did I break your virginity?
Me: babe
Him: do I look stupid to you?
Me: what do you mean?
Me: I mean you can’t fool me Monalisa. Did you really think you’d impersonate my girlfriend and I wouldn’t know?
I chuckled
Me: I’m Anelisa
He squeezed my ass it was even painful while pushing himself all in, I saw how huge he was but I didn’t think it was that huge until I could feel it in my stomach. Ahlume was gifted.
Him: Anelisa would have never let me have sex with her especially without a condom.
I tried to push him off but he took my hands and pinned them on the bed.
Me: Ahlume
The look in his eyes was one I had never seen, his eyes were dark and had this flame looking thing in them. Tears rolled down my eyes. I had never been that terrified in my life before
Him: Anelisa doesn’t kiss the way you do. She’s sweet and the minute I see her something in me sparks and I didn’t get that with you Monalisa. Where is my girlfriend?
I shook my head
Me: I don’t know
He pinched my nipples I screamed
Him: I want the truth Monalisa
Me: I swear to you I have no idea where she is
Him: Where is she?
He said ramming into me hard
Me: I don’t know. I swear I don’t know where they took her
He got off me leaving me in real pain. I closed my legs and moved back to the headboard hugging my legs.
One thing about me is that I am not stupid, I may seem ignorant every now but I’m very observant. I knew she was not my Lisa from the minute she walked in and threw herself in my arms the way she did. You see the thing about Lisa is that I can feel her when she enters the room, the minute I lay my eyes on her something in me sparks, something in me gets excited but it was different with her. And then there was the hair thing, it doesn’t matter how long of a day she has had, she never comes home with her hair untied, she unties it the minute she sets foot in her room but that day she walked in without it tied, and then there was also the Hlume thing but the sex confirmed everything. Part of me thought that maybe my grandmother had done some spell on her to make her behave the way she did and I was cool with that because I kept hoping that her mother would do some magic and she would be back to the Lisa I know and love but nope, she wasn’t. I was pissed that she thought she could play me like that. I wore my pants and walked out locking her inside. I took my phone and called Kendra
//Her: hey
Me: I want the truth
Her: ok?
Me: that girl in my room is Monalisa.
She kept quiet
Me: why didn’t you tell me?
Her: because she threatened that whoever has Lisa, she would tell that person to kill her if you or her mother found out
Me: Kendra my girlfriend has been missing since April!
Her: you think I don’t know that
I sighed
Her: I know and I’ve been trying my best to find her but nothing
Me: she could be dead for all we know
Her: she would never have her killed
Me: we don’t know that Iminathi
Her: don’t shout at me. I’m worried about her as much as you are
I sat down
Her: what now?
Me: talk to her mother and have her find her before I kill this bitch!
Her: don’t do anything stupid. You know Lisa wouldn’t want that
Me: the thought of her is the only thing keeping me sane right now
Her: good. Focus on her
Me: talk to Nelly. //
I threw my phone on the couch. I went to the kitchen and drank water then made my way to my room and she was sitting on the bed the way I had left her.
Me: still don’t want tell me where Anelisa is?
Her: I don’t know
I pulled her by her leg and threw her on the floor with her screaming and begging. I was angry!
Me: you know where she is. You know where my grandmother took her
Her: I swear I don’t know Ahlume
She said pleading. I was blinded by rage.

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