Fate Chose Me

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How could I have been so stupid? The dreams haven’t stopped even though I had Lisa home. the dreams were still there, for two months Mbali and I had been trying to figure out ways to prevent the dream from coming true. Lisa came back yesterday and the minute she walked in I felt it, I felt it in my blood that it was not her and that Kendra was right about everything. I called her and apologised for not believing her and she said id should do whatever to find her friend and that was what I was intended on doing but I couldn’t find her without Monalisa. She left early this morning with Ahlume. I’ve been trying to reach Ahlume but he wasn’t answering any of my calls. In 5 days it was going to be his birthday meaning he was turning 20 and that’s the amount of time we had to save my daughter. I was driving out of the drive way when someone parked behind me. I stopped and got out and I felt this massive power, nothing like Ahlume’s grandmother but she was also powerful. She walked over to me
Her: I’m Katherine
Me: hi
Her: it’s good to finally meet you Neliswa, you’re very hard to find
I looked at her
Her: we need to remove this curse placed on you in order to save your daughter and we don’t have time. Ahlume is angry and it doesn’t look good for Monalisa
I was somewhat still confused, more like dumbstruck. We didn’t know each other for her to know so much. We walked to the house with her telling me what she knew about a Taylor Heather who had been helping Monalisa and her mother who was the reason I couldn’t feel my daughter until she walked into that door. She explained how Heather was not going to kill Anelisa but needed Ahlume to kill Mona on his birthday so that he transitions. We got to the house and Mbali was sitting in the lounge
Her: you back early
Me: this is Kathrine; Kathrine meet Mbali my friend
Kath: it’s nice to meet you.
Mbali: like wise
I led the way to the room downstairs and Kathrine poured salt creating a boundary spell that way I don’t get out no matter what.
Kathrine: it’s going to hurt as much as it hurt as they placed the curse on you. I need you two to work with me in order for us to remove this curse and with the curse out of the way you will be able to locate your daughter. Mbali I will need to channel your power. The spell Lindelwa placed on you is not easy to remove, its old magic.
We both nodded and she placed her free hand on the barrier and Mbali did the same with her free hand and Kathrine started chanting and Mbali chanted with her. It was like my soul was being ripped out of my heart. This went on for +-15 minutes. By the time they were done I was weak and dried out. When I woke up I was in bed. And Travis was watching me.
Me: hey
Him: thank God!
He said pulling me to him
Me: how long have I been out?
Him: two days.
I broke out of his arms and he looked at me confused.
Me: Where’s Katherine and Mbali?
Him: downstairs.
I got off the bed and he followed me
Him: what’s going on?
Me: I have a plan
Him: what plan?
Me: I need your blood
Him: for what?
We got to the lounge and they were just sitting there
Katherine: finally, you’re awake.
Me: we running out of time
Mbali: I take it you have a plan?
Me: yes. We need to kill Monalisa
Them: what?
They all asked in unison.
I had never been so terrified in my life. It’s been two days and Ahlume was nothing like what he was with Anelisa, he was a monster. He would beat me up into a pulp and then sex me like there’s no tomorrow. At some point I thought I would be dead by now but for some reason I was still alive. Lindi and Taylor haven’t been keeping in touch with me. even apart from that I have no idea where he put my phone. I had just gotten out of the shower and standing in front of the mirror looking at my body, I had bite marks and scratches on almost every part of my body and bruises from him beating me up almost every day. He walked in and I could feel his eyes piercing right through me.
Him: you see how you look?
I didn’t respond
Him: Monalisa its only going to get worse
Me: I have no idea where your girlfriend is Ahlume
He chuckled and took his clothes off. God he looked sexy, yes I despised him but he was very much sexy and maybe our sexlife would be lit if he was not the monster he is. He looked at me once and made his way to the shower. I searched for his phone the minute I heard the water running and searched for his grandmother’s number, it rang and she answered after a while
//her: this is a surprise
Me: we don’t have time. Ahlume is going to kill me
Her: Monalisa you’re alive
Me: I don’t know for how long
Her: where are you?
Me: at his apartment
Her: I will send someone there to bring you some herbs to mix into his food so that he can fall for you
Me: I don’t want him anymore
Her: Monalisa you have to hold one. It’s only a matter of time
Me: I don’t want your grandson. I just want my life back
Her: it will all work out in the end//
I dropped the call and cleared the call. I got dressed into a tracksuit and made my way downstairs to make myself and him food. He walked in as I was about to finish. I handed him his plate and he looked at it. Ahlume didn’t eat the food I cooked, he didn’t even touch it let alone smell it
Him: what am I supposed to do with this?
Me: I don’t know. Eat it or something
Him: so you answer back to me now
Me: I thought that’s how a conversation worked
He chuckled in disbelief and threw the plate at me but I ducked just in time.
Him: don’t try me Monalisa because I will kill you and bury you myself
I didn’t respond. I cleaned up the food and then sat down to eat while he took his phone and dialled something putting it on loud speaker
//Him: Nelly tell me you’ve found her
Her: Listen I need you to bring Monalisa here
Him: she won’t give you what you need Nelly
Her: I know that but I need you to trust me
Him: the only thing I need from you is Anelisa’s location
Her: and you will get it but I need Monalisa first
Him: I’ll drop her off tomorrow after work
She sighed
Her: just don’t kill her
Him: whatever. //
He ended the call. I watched him make his way out of the kitchen. I just sat there eating my food. I have never missed my father the way I did right now. I heard he had left the country because apparently I was back in the states. I’m guessing Anelisa is supposedly me where she is.
I was miserable. No amount of begging and pleading was enough to make her leave me alone. She kept me locked up and fed. I could barely remember anything about my life, I think she was spiking my food. I had memories I don’t even remember having been through. I knew people I didn’t even remember meeting, apparently I was Monalisa even though I didn’t feel like I was her. She walked into the room
Her: you’re awake
I didn’t respond
Her: don’t worry, your father will be here in a few hours to fetch you
I had even lost track of time or the date
Her: so let’s go over this again. What’s your name?
Me: Monalisa
Her: where are you from?
Me: LA
Her: good. Who is your father?
Me: Rodney Click Noland
Her: great! How old are you?
Me: I’m 17 this year
Her: ok that’s enough. you need to save your strength
I just nodded. With that she untied me and handed me an iPhone. I looked at it and was not so clueless but it was not my phone or at least I don’t remember having it as a phone. I looked at the amulet around my neck and it sparked something in me
Her: you need to take that thing off
Me: why?
Her: because it’s going to mess with your mental state. Hand it over
I shook my head
Me: please don’t take it away from me
Her: I have to! it’s the only way
Me: please just let me keep the necklace, I promise you it won’t mess with anything. I swear
She looked at me with doubt
Me: I swear I won’t mess things up. Please just let me keep it.
This whole time I’ve been here, a number of spells have been used on me to apparently mess with my memories and insert new ones of whoever this Monalisa was and I’ve been fed herbs to an extent where I don’t even remember the person I was before all of this. the story I’m supposed to give was that I was kidnapped and tortured until Lindi came through for us and here I am alive and well.

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