Fate Chose Me

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I walked out to the lounge and there was a white man standing there. I looked at him and he smiled at me with teary eyes.
Him: oh my baby
I just stood there and he made his way to me and pulled me to his arms
Her: she’s ok now, don’t worry
He pulled out of the hug and cupped my face looking at me making sure I was still intact and then he let go of me and turned to her
Him: how ever can I repay you?
Her: make sure that you keep her safe. She’s special
Him: of cause. As of now we never leave the country young lady
He said hitting my nose playfully. They spoke some more and after a while we left. On the way I was quiet, I didn’t know what to say. Click was talking but he stopped when he noticed I wasn’t paying attention
Him: Mona are you ok?
Me: yes, I’m fine
Him: are you sure?
Me: yes, I’m fine
I said touching my amulet.
Him: can I get us something to eat maybe?
Me: anything is fine
He nodded. With that we went stopped at Macdonald and he bought me a burger meal with chips and cream soda and then we drove “home”. he showed me to my room and then left me to shower. I stood in front of a mirror, I wasn’t happy at all. I was miserable, I was feeling a pain in my heart. It hurt that I was here. I could feel that I wasn’t going to enjoy my stay here but what choice did I have?
As I was making breakfast a delivery came as Lindi had promised and it was herbs with a paper on how to use them. I poured them in his water because that was the only thing he drank in the fridge. He walked in as I had just finished pouring the herbs in his water. He looked at me and took water from the fridge and then drank the whole 500ml bottle and then turned to me
Him: I’ll come home early today because we have to go to Anelisa’s mother.
Me: why?
Him: I don’t know. but she said we should go to her place, you better be dressed when I get back.
With that he walked out with his things. I sat on the counter asking myself when those herbs would work. I spent the day watching movies and sleeping and eating. I was bored out of my mind. I went to shower and got dressed and put on some make up and went to wait for him in the lounge. He walked in at 2pm on the dot with flowers and a box of chocolates. I looked at him and he showed remorse and hurt
Him: peace offering?
He said with a smile, God he was such a beautiful man! I was suddenly struck with confusion, what did those herbs do to him? did this mean he was in love with me?
Him: I’m sorry for the way I’ve treated you the past few days’ sweet lips.
He said pinching my cheek, but not in a painful way but it was playful and he was all smiles
Him: I’ve been an idiot and a jerk to you. you don’t deserve the way I’ve been treating you these past few days and I am really sorry
I just nodded
Him: these are for you and I’m hoping you haven’t eaten anything so that we can go grab lunch before… everything
I just nodded. I really didn’t know what to say or how to respond towards him. he was different, he was the man I had seen him with Anelisa. We went to have lunch and he was really trying to fix things between us. I won’t lie it was all too good to be true. He bought me a phone and a new sim card and then we drove to this Nelly’s house. Along the way he was holding my hand while driving.
We were in the basement and I had a vile of Click’s blood and another vile of my blood. Click was at work and he said he wanted no part in all of this and I understood.
Kath: are you certain this is going to work?
Mbali: the three of us are not strong enough to break the curse
Me: and turning her into a vampire will break the curse the minute she does and not only that but it will also turn Ahlume into a hybrid as intended.
Kath: tonight is a full moon right?
I nodded
Kath: I guess it could work
Me: I know it will work. It’s the only way we can do this. One of the doppelgangers needs to die right? and what better way than to turn one of them into a vampire?
Mbali: true
I went upstairs while calling Ahlume, he answered after a while. The guy he was with Anelisa was very much different from the guy I was seeing now that Anelisa was MIA. His true nature was out there, he was a ruthless monster and very disrespectful. I needed to find Anelisa before things turned sour.
//Him: Miss Nelly hi
Me: hello
I was shocked by his sudden niceness. Something was going on with him because he would have never answered the phone like that
Him: how are you?
Me: I’m fine and how are you? how’s Mona?
Him: she’s fine, she’s actually right beside me. Want to say hi?
Me: no, I want to talk to you actually. Where are you?
Him: we on our way. We actually stopped for something to eat on our way there
Me: uuuhm… ok, I’ll see you when you guys get here
Him: ok cool
Me: bye//
With that I ended the call somewhat shook. Something was going on, someone did something to Ahlume for him to play nice with Monalisa. I made my way to the kitchen to drink water and just as I was about to get out there was a knock on the door. I made my way to open it and there they stood all smiles, hand in hand. It was really creepy how she looked like my daughter but there was just this spirit about her, it was like there was a dark cloud around the two of them. Ahlume once had this pureness in him but even that was not there anymore.
Me: hi
Them: hey
Me: please, come in
I said standing aside and they both walked in, Monalisa’s expression changed immediately. My house was pure, it was cleansed. She cleared her throat
Me: need water?
She nodded. I gave her the glass I had been drinking from.
Ahlume: so why are we here?
Her: thank you
She said handing me the glass. I made my way to the cupboard and put it in its place after wiping it.
Me: pleasure. I’ll tell you in a bit. Please follow me
They nodded and followed behind me hand in hand. Lisa was uncomfortable and sweating. We got downstairs and there were candles around and Kathrine was walking around with burning sage cleansing the room while Mbali was setting up proper.
Me: guys, meet Monalisa and Ahlume. Guys that’s Kathrine and that’s Mbali
Lisa: I remember you
She said referring to Mbali and Mbali just smiled
Mbali: I’m sure you do.
Ahlume: why are we here?
Me: A curse was placed on Monalisa from birth and we are here to remove that curse.
Ahlume: oh
Mona: and how are you planning on going about it?
Kathrine: we planning on hitting two birds with one stone. Break the curse on Monalisa and turn Ahlume and his brother into hybrids
Ahlume: but that would mean Mona has to die?
Me: yes and no. We can turn Mona into a vampire
Mona: but that still means I have to die
Me: it’s the only way to break the curse
She shook her head moving back
Mbali: listen. It’s not going to be painful, we just going to turn you into a vampire and then you’ll be fine. You’ll be alive
Mona: but I’ll be dead
Ahlume: she’ll never be able to have kids. There has to be another way
Kath: unless your grandmother is willing to break the curse then there is no other way
Me: Ahlume do you trust me?
He looked at me for a while and nodded
Me: I need your blood
I said referring to Lisa
Me: just a little bit of it because in order for him to transition he needs your blood, vampire blood and human blood, of which you need to die first that way he can transition and then after you will wake up with vampire blood in your system and you’ll drink human blood in order to live
Mona: does this mean I have to live off human blood?
Me: I was able to supress Travis’ lust for blood so that he could live normally, I can do the same with you
Mona: will it hurt?
Kath: a little, yes. Please step into the circle and you too Ahlume
Ahlume: won’t you need my brother?
Me: you and your brother are linked. You’ve been linked since you were kids by your grandmother
He nodded and went to the circle, he drank Travis’ blood and Mona did the same and then Kathrine did a spell to block her air passage and that led to her death.
Ahlume: are you sure she’s going to wake up fine?
Me: yes. Drink
I said handing him Mona’s blood and then he drank it and fell to the floor.
Kath: you sure this is going to work?
Me: when they wake up, Mona will be a transitioning vampire while Ahlume will be in transition
Mbali: so what now?
Me: we wait.
After about 5 min or so Ahlume woke up.
Me: how are you feeling?
He sat up and looked around
Him: hungry
Me: I’m sure. Here
I said handing him a glass with my blood in it and then he gulped it down
Him: so what now?
Me: we going to supress your lust for blood so that you never dependent on it
He nodded. We held hands and started chanting trying to supress his vampire need for blood while he fell to his knees as though he was having a headache. We stopped when he fell unconscious.
Mbali: she should have woken up already. Are you sure it worked?
They both turned to me

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