Fate Chose Me

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Untitled chapter

Me: you’re a witch?
She snapped her fingers and the candles in the room went on all at once. I was so shocked I almost fell.
Her: I was the one who had Mbali befriend you so that she could keep an eye on you
Me: you had my friend spy on me for you
Her: if that’s how you want to put it then yes. It was the only way
I looked at her squinting my eyes. I couldn’t believe my ears
Her: Witches are born, not created. We not like fairies where you take pixie dust and bam! You’re a fairy.
Me: how are you a witch? How come you never told me anything?
Her: After I threw you out, I stored my magic elsewhere and when I noticed Lisa was missing I got it back. Neliswa how could you have been so reckless? I told you not to send her to Joburg. I told you she wasn’t safe there.
I didn’t respond. I was still trying to process the holiest woman I know who so happened to be a witch. This meant that this whole broke thing was all an act. I mean her grant would never cover Anelisa’s high school fees.
Her: we have to find her Neliswa
Me: you placed a curse on me
Her: you tried to kill my grandchild Neliswa!
Me: I was afraid of what you would say. You hated Travis and wanted nothing to do with him, I was doing all of us a favour
Her: yeah? And how did that turn out huh? Killing a doppelganger is a crime, more especially if she has witch blood running through her veins
Me: so Lisa is a witch?
Her: no, she can’t be both. She just has your blood running through her veins
Me: does that mean she can’t do magic?
Her: no but you can channel her magic. How can I put this, Anelisa is a witch but she’s not one that can practise magic? She just possesses it and you can syphon (draw from-Suck from) it from her if need be but in order to protect her I had to syphon all of her magic and store it that way whatever trouble or encounter she may have with a witch; they wouldn’t be able to sense her power. When you gave birth to Anelisa you immediately became the most powerful witch to ever live but you just didn’t know that and now with Lisa missing I have to lift off the curse so that you can tap into that power you possess. So that you are able to syphon Lisa’s magic in order to find her.
Me: whoa mom back up
Her: I know it’s a lot to take in
Me: you cursed me
Her: with good reason Neliswa. You tried to kill her, you had to be punished
Me: by making me weak?
Her: it was the only way. look I am sorry you had to live a lie all your life but I’m not apologising for anything else
Me: so what now?
Her: you the only one that can find her Neliswa. As long as Ahlume is with that girl, he becomes a danger to humans and to that girl
I just nodded
Her: I need you to sleep on the star
I turned behind me and there was a star shaped like the one Anelisa and Monalisa were once in when we went to save them. I laid flatly on the floor and she came to kneel in front of my head and placed her fingers on either sides of my head and started chanting. What Mbali and Kathrine did to me was nothing compared to what my mother was doing. If they removed the curse, then what was mom doing?
I woke up soaking wet from sweat. I looked around and I was in my room, it hadn’t changed at all, it was the way I had left if before I went to study in SA, God I don’t even know why I went to study there in the first place. Who would leave this place for SA? I had this dream where I was actually happy with a guy except I didn’t know who he was and he kept calling me Sweet Lips. And then there was one where I was with a Kendra and a group of friends in a club, I seemed uncomfortable but I was happy and having fun. Nothing about what I dreamt off made any sense. What could the dreams even mean anyway? I woke up and went downstairs, it was already in the morning.
Me: morning dad.
Him: hey honey
Me: aren’t you supposed to be at work?
He smiled
Him: not today princess. I want to spend the day with you today
I hugged him tightly and he responded tighter
Him: glad to have you back princess
Me: it’s good to be back dad. What’s for breakfast?
Him: whatever you want to eat princess
I nodded and made my way to the cupboard and poured cereal in a bowl and then warmed up milk
Him: so I was thinking we go to New York tomorrow
Me: why? What’s in New York?
Him: my ex-wife and your siblings.
Me: when did they move to New York?
Him: 3 months back honey. They were complaining that ever since you moved to South Africa you no longer talk to them
Me: ahh man, I’ll call them later today
Him: yes, please do. I didn’t tell them about you being abducted, I didn’t want to scare them
Me: of cause, I’m glad you didn’t because then they’d be worried none stop and that’s the last thing I need right now
Him: how are you?
Me: I’m ok dad. With time I’ll be back to my normal self
Him: exactly. That’s a nice amulet
Me: oh yeah.
I looked at my amulet and smiled
Me: thank you. I got it from a friend
Him: you mean a boyfriend?
I chuckled
Me: no, a good friend daddy
He eyed me for a while and then went back to eating. I took my cereal and went to the lounge to watch TV. I was happy but something deep inside of me was missing, there was just this void that needed feeling. Maybe I just missed my siblings.
I won’t lie I was happy. Ever since whatever Lindelwa gave me to spike Ahlume’s water came into my life, I have never been better. Ahlume loves me and he is the best boyfriend ever. After my shower I walked out with a towel wrapped around my body and we had mind blowing sex, he didn’t need to go down on me for me to get multiple orgasms though I do find it strange that him, of all people would stop himself from going down. we were lying in bed with our legs entangled together. Ahlume is really not the gentle type in bed, he’s into rough sex but nothing about what he did was painful without pleasure. I enjoyed every bit of it except my body bruised easily, I had bite marks and scratches here and there but thanks to being a vampire, they all disappeared.
Him: I’m sorry
Me: its ok babe
Him: no it’s not, I hurt you
Me: and I’m telling you that its ok babe
He kissed my head
Me: I love you Ahlume
Him: I love you too sweet lips
Me: sweet lips?
Him: yeah, it’s what I always call you mos
I just nodded. So in his mind I was Anelisa?
Me: babe?
Him: yeah?
Me: do you hate going down on a girl?
He chuckled
Him: I have nothing against going down, I’ve just never went down on anyone before
I looked up at him shook
Him: don’t give me that look, I feel some type of way about going down babe. Maybe in the near future I’ll be able to, but not now
Me: I hear you
Him: lets sleep, I have to be at work early tomorrow.
Just then his phone rang, he looked at the screen and it was his twin.
//Him: Mile
Mile: ey bro what’s up?
Him: nothing much, I’m cuddling with my girlfriend
Mile: I did not need to know that. Hi Lisa
Me: hey Mile
Mile: you look different
Ahlume: it’s called dick power bro
We were face timing. Ahlumile’s expression changed, he was sort of shook and had a bit of confusion
Mile: somebody’s growing up
We both chuckled
Me: at some point we have to right?
Mile: I guess so
Ahlume: I for one am proud!
Mile nodded
Mile: listen, we’ll talk tomorrow when you get to work and not cuddling in bed with your girlfriend
We all laughed
Ahlume: whatever bro. Bye
Him: Bye guys. //
We ended the call and slept. I’m worried that Ahlumile may have noticed something about me. What is it with Anelisa that everyone falls at her feet? We look alike for heaven’s sake, how are people able to tell the difference?
***NB: At this point Anelisa lost her memory of her life before being abducted. The amulet around her neck is the reason she’s having dreams of being Anelisa. In her mind she is Monalisa and that’s all she knows and believes. Hence she’s adjusted to the life she is living, she doesn’t remember meeting Lindelwa or Taylor or Neliswa or Ahlume or Kendra or anyone from South Africa. She doesn’t even know that she’s a doppelganger. It’s like Lindelwa wiped all of her memories and put in new ones in her head. Like I said before, Anelisa is Anelisa and Monalisa is Monalisa, I won’t change their names because that will confuse you and we don’t want that. So if anyone is confused, please speak now because the road is still going to get bumpy and your emotions will be all over the place if you don’t keep up now.

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