Fate Chose Me

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I walked into sweet lips sitting on her bed holding her amulet looking at it, we were in her room and it was nothing like the one she has at Travis’ house or her grandmother or the one back in joburg, this room was different, even the décor was nothing like what I’m used to. She looked unhappy and that tore my heart into pieces, Anelisa is a fun spirit and she’s not one to be miserable.
Me: hey sweet lips
She looked up at me and she had tears in her eyes
Me: sweet lips what’s wrong?
I said sitting on the bed making her look up at me. the tears rolled down her cheeks
Me: please don’t cry
She shook her head
Her: it hurts. Its hurts to see you with her
Me: who? You the only one I’m with Anelisa
She shook her head. I pulled her to my chest, I would never cheat on Anelisa so I don’t understand what exactly she was talking about.
Her: you happy with her, she gives you something I could never give you. I’m sorry Ace
I pulled her away from my chest.
Me: don’t be crazy Anelisa. You know I would never cheat on you
Her: you would if you didn’t know you were
Me: what do you mean?
She shrugged. I pulled her to me
“you okay?”
I looked around and Lisa was in my arms, I just pulled her closer to me and kissed her forehead
Her: what’s going on?
Me: I just had a dream that’s all babe
Her: I’m sure it’s nothing
She kissed my chest and after that there was silence. for some reason her reaction was not what I was expecting, Lisa would have asked me about the dream but this time she didn’t, maybe she had her own dreams to deal with. Nothing about what I dreamt off made any sense to me.
Me: Lisa?
She didn’t respond, I removed her from my chest gently and then went out for a walk. I needed to clear my head. When I came back I took my phone from the pedestal and went through my pictures, I felt a sense of peace just looking at her pictures. What was going on with my head?
I woke up early and showered then went to work. When I walked into the building I met up with Athi, she started working here a month back.
Her: hey
Me: hey, how are you?
Her: I’m ok and how are you?
Me: I’m good thanks. Lunch?
She looked at me with a raised eyebrow
Her: you want us to have lunch together?
Me: I thought that’s what friend’s do
Her: yeah but won’t “sweet lips” mind?
She said with the air quotes and all making me laugh
Me: no she won’t. We friends are we?
Her: yeah but
Me: come one Athi, it’s been ages
Her: I guess
Me: so I’ll come fetch you?
I said pressing my floor button
Her: sure.
We both went up to our respective floors.
When I woke up I was in bed, in Lisa’s room. I looked around and there was no one. My head was painful! I got up and made my way out, Mom was sitting on the couch drinking tea.
Her: good, you’re awake
Me: what did you do to me?
Her: I lifted off the curse
Me: no, Kathrine and Mbali lifted the curse off of me 4 days’ back
Her: they removed the spell Lindelwa had placed on you Nelly which was supressing your magic.
Me: how was I able to help transform Ahlume and Monalisa?
Her: you didn’t need much magic to turn Travis into a vampire, what would have been difficult about performing the spell you guys performed? There was three of you after all
I looked at her shook. I thought for a while, Kathrine was right about the spell Lindelwa placed on me being painful because that night Lindelwa cursed me I had migraines and was hurling none stop until the next day. The spell they placed on me back at the church was as excruciating as what mom was doing to me last night.
Me: so you mean to tell me the curse you placed on me is removed?
Her: yes, and you have Anelisa’s magic running through your blood. Try that locator spell again and tell me what you see. Anelisa has your amulet where she is so all you need to do is think about her and you will see her
I sat down.
Her: calm down. Free you mind off of everything and focus on her. focus on her smile, focus on her beautiful eyes, her kindness, the love she has for you
Lisa: It’s nice to finally meet you Miss Ayandiswa Bess
Aya: nice to meet you too Mona, Click
They were in a restaurant, it was her, Ayandiswa and some other man.
Click: hello Aya, how are you?
Aya: I’m good thank you and how are you?
Click: I’m good. I miss you
Aya didn’t respond.
Aya: the kids should be out of school in 30 minutes. You know where their school is, you can fetch them
Click: really Aya?
Aya: yes. Mona it was nice to meet you
With that she took her things and walked out with Click following her. Lisa looked down and shook her head. I could feel the void she was feeling inside of her; I could feel whatever emotion that was clouding her.
I opened my eyes and looked around and I was back home.
Mom: you crying
I felt my cheeks and wiped them
Her: what’s wrong baby?
Me: she’s depressed mom. she’s miserable and she’s confused
Her: Lindelwa must have done something to her
Me: she actually believes she’s Mona
Her: Neliswa you have to bring my baby back
Me: I don’t even know where she is mom
Her: you know where she is Neliswa. Concentrate on her and you’ll know where she is
I closed my eyes again.
Mom: Nelly stop!
I looked around there was a circle on the map in New York. We looked at each other
We were in New York and dad and his ex-wife had just walked out living me to sit and just keep busy by pressing my phone.
The voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t figure out who it could have belonged to. I looked up and the most gorgeous man I had ever seen was standing before me with a cup of coffee in his hand, he was dressed up nice and neatly. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow
Him: surely you haven’t forgotten me. I look just like your boyfriend, just hotter and cleaner
I chuckled trying to think of the person he could have been talking about, he was charming and very cute but nothing about him sparked anything in me of some sort. If he did look like my boyfriend, then surely something in me should have sparked a memory or whatever but nothing happened.
Me: I’m sorry but I don’t know you
Him: it’s me. Ahlumile, Ahlume’s brother
I looked at him still confused and shook my head
Me: I am Monalisa Noland; you must have me mistaken for someone else
Him: uhhm yeah, I probably am mistaken. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding
Me: its ok, for the record I’m sure your brother must be just as charming as you are
He chuckled
Him: he’s actually the jerk, I don’t know why girls even like him
Me: there must be something special about him that draw the ladies to him.
Him: special? I doubt it, though he is better than me at everything
Me: so he’s an Ace
He chuckled and so did I
Him: I should go
Me: ok cool. Nice meeting you Mile
Him: Mile?
Me: short for Ahlumile
He nodded with a smile
Him: nice meeting you too Monalisa Noland
He kissed my forehead and then walked away. Suddenly I had this vision whereby I was sitting with two of him and I was sitting on top of a kitchen counter and the other him had tattoos on his body standing between my legs eating from my cereal bowl and he was making fun of Ahlumile and his girlfriend.
I looked around and Click was sitting opposite me
Him: you just zoned out, you ok?
Me: yeah, yeah I uhmm… I’m fine
Him: I was saying we should go to the kid’s school now
Me: ok dad.
We both got up and went to his car. What happened back there?
I got a call from my brother, it was around 8am.
//Me: didn’t get enough of talking to me last night?
Him: I saw Anelisa
Me: Anelisa is here buddy. What you talking about?
Him: I don’t know who the hell you think that girl is but Anelisa is here in New York
I chuckled
Me: yeah right
Him: I know your girlfriend bro and the girl I saw today is your girlfriend ok!
Me: you not funny. When are you flying in anyway? Tomorrow is our birthday
Him: I’m going to the airport now
Me: I’ll see you when you get here and you’ll actually meet Lisa and chill with her
Him: Ahlume
Me: bye bro, I have to get back to work//
I ended the call and got back to work. Ahlumile sounded delusional, I mean Anelisa was back at the flat for Christ sake!

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