Fate Chose Me

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Kendra managed to convince me to go visit her grandmother with her, she said we had to stop at Gateway to buy something for Yaya first because its rude to show up at the hospital empty handed and I guess she had a point. The more time I spent with her the more I got memories of her and the place I was in. I don’t think I’ve ever been this confused in my life before but being with her made me happy and it lightened up my mood, not just physically but emotionally too. I was genuinely happy and that void I once felt was filled. She would talk to a person named Nelly every now and then on her phone. We got to checkers and bought flowers and snacks then walked out but I bumped into someone.
Me: I am so sorry
I looked up at her, it was like I was looking into a mirror except the mirror didn’t reflect what was before it. her hair as not tied up like mine and she had make up on. We got lost into each other
“Anelisa” I was brought back by Kendra
Her: what are you doing here?
She said talking to my twin if I may say
Twin: I should be asking your friend that. how is she here right now?
Kendra: let’s go Lisa
She said pulling my arm
Me: Kendra what just happened there?
Her: that’s your evil doppelganger
Me: she looks just like me
Her: yes. We have to go, you not safe now that she’s seen you!
She said pulling my arm. We got to the car and the driver drove us out of gateway passing the hospital Kendra told me her grandmother was in
Me: isn’t that the hospital you said your grandmother was in
Her: we’ll be back
We drove to some neighbourhood with big beautiful houses. The driver parked in front of this gate, the house looked familiar but I don’t know where I had seen it before.
Kendra: come
With that she pulled me to the gate and pressed the intercom
Person: hello
Kendra: this is Imi, I’m here for Nelly
Person: ok
Within seconds the gate opened. We walked in the yard, the gate was far from the house! We finally reached the door and a white man opened the door. I looked at him and he looked at us speechless I guess. He must probably know me too.
Him: Lisa baby is this really you?
He asked pulling me to his arms in a bone crushing hug
Me: depends which Lisa you asking about. Monalisa or Anelisa
I said breaking out of his arms
Imi: is Nelly here already?
Him: no, she’s on her way though. Please, come in
Imi: meet your father
I looked at Kendra with a raised eyebrow. She was joking right? I mean my father was Click! We went to the lounge and there were two women sitting on the couch watching tv. I greeted and they were all excited to see me and hugging me, I was just overwhelmed with fear. This was too much for me. I felt her presence before she even showed up, who was she?
“Travis!” she walked in shouting
I turned around there she was. God she was just beautiful I have no words to describe her. she got to me and pulled me to her arms really tight greeting me and asking me if I was ok and all that. Just that was enough to flood me with memories of she and I, I guess. I even remembered the day she gave me the amulet
Me: Mom
I said breaking out of the hug
Having my daughter in my arms filled my heart with nothing but joy. She was back, yes she was not the Lisa I know but she was here and it was really her. I held her at arm’s length and smiled through my tears and so did she. I pulled her into my arms again
Me: oh baby
Her: Mom.
Me: I’m here baby and I am never letting you go ever again.
We broke the hug and she was in tears. I can’t even describe what I was feeling but all I know is that Joy was an understatement!
“Anelisa” a voice said behind us. we turned around and it was mom. Anelisa took one look at her she ran into her arms. They embraced each other for some time.
Me: what did she do to you baby?
She shrugged
Me: Lisa what do you remember?
Lisa: I don’t know. I just have so many memories clustered in my brain
I looked at her and then looked at mom
Travis: Nelly what’s going on?
Me: they rewired her brain using herbs and magic
I held her face and closed my eyes and memories or visions of what she went through came to me in floods. The herbs they fed her and the spells they used on her. it was like she had been compelled into being Monalisa and breaking compulsion is not easy based on how deep the compulsion is and 2 months being fed herbs and spells used on you, it’s going to take a lot of work to rewire her brain the right way. I took her down to the basement and made her drink a mixture of herbs which would make her sleep so that she wouldn’t feel any pain
After Monalisa’s call telling me Anelisa was in town, I had to track her down and do some damage control. That Nelly was going to be the death of her own doing. How dare she mess with my plan the way she did? Monalisa was not supposed to die the way she did! I took a map and tried to locate her but she was cloaked and no amount of locator spells I tried was enough to find her. I was really frustrated because then I was going to back to the world of the dead, I failed to deliver them a doppelganger so they were going to get to me. It was around 11pm, I went out and made my way to the mountains, I needed to figure out something that would help me
“give it up Lindelwa” a voice said behind me. I could feel the amount of power she possessed in her and it was not normal, it was nothing like mine or any witch I’d ever come across. Her power was unique and pure
Me: you think you’ve won?
Her: I’ve already beat you Lindelwa. It’s time for you to go back to where you belong
I chuckled
Me: and where would that be?
Her: To hell!
She held out a hand and started chanting. I would feel my soul being sucked out of me as she continued chanting whatever spell she was chanting. I won’t lie she was really powerful and nothing was enough to stop her from sending me to the world of the dead. One thing you need to know about the world of the dead is that they torture you, it’s like prison except in that prison nobody is anybody’s friend. You don’t die because you already dead so your soul is tortured for eternity
I felt something like a massive wave come over me and I fell to the floor, it was already past 11pm and our party was going on. When I woke up I was on the couch and Sariah was splashing me with water.
Her: Ahlume you ok?
Me: yeah. What happened?
Her: you and your brother just fainted out of the blue
Me: that doesn’t make any sense
Her: yeah! I know.
She said in her sarcastic voice
Her: are you that drunk? You just started drinking man
Me: can I have some water
She handed me the glass in her hand and I gulped the water down at one go
Her: are you ok?
Me: yeah I’m fine
I felt like a burden had been lifted off my heart… if that makes any sense. I felt more alive than I did before, I felt lighter with a sense of happiness in me and my heart.
Me: Sariah I said I was fine
Her: and you back!
She said poking my head playfully. She got up and helped me up too.
Me: Where’s Mile?
I asked looking around and he walked in with Kendra
Him: right over here
Me: nigga what happened?
Him: we collapsed and I woke up first, no big deal. I have someone for you
Me: Kendra?
I said with a raised eyebrow and she looked at me and chuckled. I could feel her, my heart started pounding really fast thinking about the things I did in her absence. Guilt overwhelmed me suddenly and I just hated myself for the things I did. I was happy she was here, I mean I could feel her presence, I could feel the love she had for me and the love I had for her but I couldn’t help the guilt.
Kendra: not me. her
She said moving aside and there she was. She hadn’t changed, she was Sweet Lips. She was the girl I knew and loved with all my heart, my soul and body. The only woman I’d ever bow down to. She looked at me and I looked at her walking towards her
Me: Sweetlips
Her: Ace

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