Fate Chose Me

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After mom’s spell everything was clear but I still had bits and pieces of Mona’s memories. When I woke up the first person I wanted to see was Ahlume, after everything I went through I needed to see him. I missed him, I missed his touch, I missed his cologne… God I missed everything about him. I don’t know what its like to die and come back to life but that was how I felt, I felt like I died and came back to life. It was already past 11 and mom was gone and I was left with granny and everyone else that was in the house.
Imi: I already picked out an outfit for you
Me: outfit for what?
Her: Ahlume’s birthday idiot
I took my phone and checked the date and yep, it was his birthday. She was wearing grey skinny jeans, timb heels, black leather jacket and white vest with her make up on flick!
Me: what are we going with?
Her: don’t worry about transport! Just get dressed
I got up and went to take a quick shower. I wore blue skinny jeans, airmax, crop top and a denim jacket. i was not big on heels and she knew that. We were driven by my father! Imagine! I was as shook as you are and in his words mom told him to drive us there because apparently Ahlume and I needed to meet. So yeah… That was weird and shocking. I didn’t think it would be that packed but it was. The minute our eyes met it felt like everyone else didn’t exit. I was so lost into his eyes I even forgot everyone else, God he was still as hot as I remembered him to be.
“Anelisa” i heard someone call me but her voice was too far, the spark in Ahlume’s eyes was dimmer than the last time I remember or maybe its because I haven’t seen him in 2 months. “Anelisa” someone said nudging me this time and I followed the voice and it turned out it was Kendra.
Me: Yes?
Her: you crying, are you ok?
I just nodded touching my cheeks and indeed I was crying and now Ahlume was already in front of me. he looked at me for a while before pulling me to his arms, I hadn’t realised how much I missed him until I was in his arms being intoxicated by his expensive cologne
Him: Sweetlips its really you
I didn’t even respond I just hugged him tighter. God it felt so good! He pulled out but I didn’t want to pull out of it the way it felt so good. He cupped my face with teary eyes
Him: I missed you so much
I wont lie I didn’t expect that considering how he had my doppelganger with him this whole time. Yep, Kendra filled me in on how things had changed ever since I was gone
Me: I missed you too
He wiped my tears with his thumbs, those are the little things I missed about him. He kissed me and I couldn’t help but respond, i wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him to my level. The kiss was insane on its own, it was slow and unrushed and just magically like our first kiss. He pulled out and we both just stared into each others eyes for a while
“we missed you too Missy” Sariah said standing behind Ahlume. We both chuckled
Me: hello to you too honey
She pulled me in for a hug
Her: its good to have you back, I finally have my bestie back
I giggled. We pulled out of the hug
Me: did he dump you?
Her: I’m undumpable. Asshole had changed without you
I eyed him and he looked down shyly
Me: he probably missed me too much
He smiled looking down. He and I had a lot of catching up to do especially with everything that’s happened and the way he’s been acting ever since I got here. Ahlume is not one to be shy and embarrassed.
“still don’t drink?” I turned around and it was Ahlumile with a smile and my drink
I giggled
Me: we both know your brother would murder me in whatever country I’m in
They all chuckled. It was so good being back with them, I didn’t realise how much I had been missing them until I was with them.
I was excited to see her but guilty at the same time. God she was so beautiful. How did I not notice it was her, Why did I stay when I realised it wasn’t her? Why did I allow my dick to control me? how the hell were we supposed to move past me sleeping with Athi and Monalisa? I should have let Monalisa be and stay away from her the minute I realised it wasn’t her. I shouldn’t have slept with any of them. I should have looked for her myself. I should have searched harder for her no matter what it took. I should have done something to get her back
“Ace” I was disturbed in my thoughts by Lisa touching my face. I faked a smile and she gave me a look. I hated how well she knew me
Me: sweet lips
Her: come lets go to your room
I was a little sceptical but I didn’t want to give her reason to question me. I took her hand and she led the way up to my room. We got in and I locked behind me, she patted on the bed and I went to sit next to her
Her: talk to me
Me: about?
Her: don’t play me for a fool Ahlume
She was quite stern and there was no acting like a fool
Me: where do I even start?
Her: from the day you noticed she wasn’t me. I want nothing but the truth from you Ahlume
Me: and where would that leave us?
Her: where do you want it to leave us?
Me: I’m scared you’ll end things Anelisa
She placed her hand on my cheek
Her: if it were that easy to leave you I don’t think I’d here right now. Ahlume I know you, I know you did things which you are not proud of and I’m willing to move past them but only if you are willing to let them out of your chest so that you can be free of whatever guilt you feeling right now. I feel like it’s the only way we’ll be able to move on from everything and be us again
This whole time I was watching her. She was so perfect and so good with words that I didn’t even know whether or not to tell her, I was scared that after hearing the shiit I did she wouldn’t want anything to do with me
Me: When I noticed she wasn’t you I tried to convince myself that maybe you were just going through stuff but when your friendship with Imi was affected that’s when I knew that shiit was real and you weren’t her, she seduced me to have sex with her, for a second I thought that maybe she would stop me when she realised we weren’t using a condom because you wouldn’t have let me go that far and even if you did you would have insisted on a condom and so I confronted her
This whole time sweet lips was listening to me attentively, I couldn’t even read her facial expression.
Me: I asked her what she had done to you but she wouldn’t say and so I went deeper and totured her sexually
Her eyes popped out
Me: its not something I’m proud of, I thought that maybe she would eventually break and tell me where you are but she didn’t, she endured every kind of pain b…
Her: you hit her?
I looked down
Her: Ahlume?
Me: what was I supposed to do sweet lips
Her: we look alike
I shook my head
Me: no. you don’t look alike Anelisa
Her: still Ahlume!
She argued. I kept quiet because there was no arguing with her. she gave me a look which I’m guessing was a go ahead look
Me: things changed the day your mom changed me into a hybrid and her into a vampire
She looked at me shook
Her: you’re a hybrid now?
I nodded and she nodded too
her: so what do you mean by things changed?
Me: I started treating her differently. I apologised for hitting her and everything I put her through, something I would have never done before
She gave me a weird shocked look
Me: I treated her like a princess but on the side I was busy with Athi
She gave me a death stare. Why the fuck was I so honest with her?
Me: I know
Her: Athi Ahlume?
Me: I know Sweet Lips
Her: no you don’t know. of all the people you could mess with, her?
Me: I’m sorry Anelisa
Her: I was willing to look past Monalisa because with her I knew that you were not in your right senses and she had poured something in your food but Athi? I don’t know
Me: Anelisa please don’t say that
Her: I’m not even hurt, I’m disappointed in you!
She couldn’t even hide the disappointment in her face and in her eyes

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