Fate Chose Me

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Knowing that Anelisa was in town would have probably entailed that Click is back too. I called him when I left the mall and he told me that he was visiting Aya’s mother for some reason, he went as far as asking how I was from the last time he saw me and that was strange but I told him I was ok and he also asked about Kendra because apparently we were sleeping over at their place. I was at Kendra’s place and her mother and siblings were back together with Click.
Ama: how do you look just like Lisa?
Kendra’s siblings and I were in the lounge and the elders were somewhere in the house. These little rascals knew from the get go that I was not Anelisa, you’d think that maybe they wouldn’t notice but they did for some reason
Just: Where’s Lisa and who are you?
Me: I am Monalisa and I don’t know where Lisa is
Ama: but how do you look like Lisa? are you guys twins?
Me: yes we twins with different mothers and fathers
I was so annoyed. I didn’t quite like kids and these two were annoying or maybe I was pissed because Ahlume’s grandmother wasn’t responding to any of my calls. I stood up and went up to the room that had my stuff and called Taylor, I needed answers.
//Her: can I help you?
Me: your mother is not answering my calls
Her: so?
Me: Anelisa is here. What do you mean so?
Her: What? How?
Me: you asking me!
Her: I’ll call her and get back to you
Me: What is going on Taylor?
Her: nothing
Me: don’t play me for a fool! I want the truth
She chuckled sarcastically
Her: you forget who you talking to
Me: I don’t know if you’ve heard or maybe your mother forgot to tell you but if I were you, I’d be careful of how I speak to me
Her: honey I’m a New Orleans witch. Theres literally nothing a little vampire who doesn’t feed can do to me.//
With that she ended the call. Well that didn’t go as expected. Nothing was left for me here, I needed to go back home and get back my life without any witchy woo. I’ve caused a mess here and I’m pretty sure that if Ahlume sees Anelisa then most obviously whatever herbs I’ve been feeding him will wear off. Running into Anelisa today I think I felt something from deep within me, I think I could feel how much she loves him and I have seen how much he loves her and what lengths he’s willing to go for her and the more I stay the more I risk him killing me for real this time around.
Lindelwa’s soul was stuck on the land of the dead and she would be tortured for eternity for all of her crimes. I left her body by the mountain and drove home. I never knew how much power I had until mom, I needed to thank her for everything. When I got home people were already sleeping, I took off my clothes and creeped in next to Travis
Him: you back
Me: yeah, sleep babe
Him: how did it go?
Me: better than expected. Lets sleep now
He switched on the light. I closed my eyes, this man didn’t give up easily
Him: Nelly I love you
I turned to him and stared into his eyes. That was so random and unexpected
Me: I love you too babe
I said pecking his lips
Him: if you had told me about werewolves, hybrids, doppelgangers, vampires and witches back when I we were still dating I would have told you making shiit up and that those things don’t exist.
Me: where are you going with this?
I asked sitting up
Him: I didn’t think real love or fate or whatever existed until I witnessed what our daughter shares with that boy
I think I had given up on Travis calling Ahlume by name, my boyfriend just didn’t like the kid and he didn’t hide it one single bit, let alone pretend
Him: they showed me that you don’t have to be of the same nature in order for you to be madly in love with someone
He turned to the pedestal and then turned to me with a small box in his hand
Him: I have had this from since that day you turned me into a vampire. I don’t know why I kept it wall these years but all I knew was that I would give it to the next best woman close to you but I never met her, I never met one like you Nelly. I never felt the way I feel when I’m with you.
He opened it and there was the most sparkly rock I’ve ever seen. God I don’t even know how to describe it the way it was so perfect
Me: yes
Him: what?
Me: yes. I’ll marry you
Him: but I haven’t even asked
He said laughing while slipping the ring onto my finger, I couldn’t help myself. I pulled him to me and hugged him with him laughing at how exited I was. We shared an amazing kiss and obviously did what lovers do all through the morning
Growing up I never believed in fate, I didn’t think fate existed until now. until today. I never thought that someone like me would be in love with a hybrid, heck I didn’t even think hybrids existed until today. I was looking at Ahlume Adams thinking to myself how I got to where he and I are, I was trying to understand what kind of love this is that would turn him into a monster when I was nowhere near sight. I was trying to understand what kind of love turns him into a beast, an abuser and a cheater. I was trying to understand our relationship and I came to the conclusion that you cant mess with fate, you cant mess with destiny. What the lord has brought together, no man can mess with and that’s Ahlume and i. He is a tamed beast when I’m around but the minute I’m nowhere near him he is something else. I wanted to be mad at him, I wanted to hate him for the things he did in my absence but my heart wouldn’t let me, my heart wouldn’t allow me to be the person that would hate someone who didn’t do the things he did deliberately or maybe I’m just making excuses to console myself and to refrain myself from seeing him as the monster he is.
I spent the night in his place wrapped around his arms inhaling his intoxicating cologne and content. Was I wrong for loving him even though he was a monster? Was I wrong for loving him even though I thought that maybe someday he would do me the way he did Monalisa? I mean I don’t know. all I knew was that I never wanted to be separated from him again. All I knew was that I never wanted to be anywhere else but in his arms.
Him: did you have a bad dream?
I was startled by is voice while being a slave to my own mind. He unwrapped his arms around me
Him: everything ok Sweet lips?
I nodded
Him: cant we speak now?
He said making me look up at him and I was met by a concerned look
Me: everything is fine Ace. I was just thinking
Him: about?
Me: us. everything that’s happened in these past two months
He sighed
Me: I don’t hate you. I don’t blame you. for some reason it seems like you can never do wrong in my eyes or in my heart
Him: I’m not proud of the things I did in your absence Anelisa, I don’t even understand how you would still love me after everything that I have done
Me: I don’t know too but all I know is that I love you and I’m willing to look past everything if you are willing to fogive yourself for everything that’s happened
Him: how do I do that Anelisa?
Me: one step at a time. you feeling guilty about everything that happened wont help with anything. It wont help with us and I need my boyfriend the way I had left him
He looked at me for a while and then planted a kiss on my forehead
Him: I love you Ma’Sibeko
Me: I love you too Tatu’Adams
He chuckled and so did i
Him: I will be Tatu’Adams when I plant a seed inside you
I clasped my mouth and he laughed at me
Him: sex still makes you cringe
Me: shut up!
Him: I’ve missed you so much
Me: how is this going to work?
Him: what?
I could tell by the look on his face that he already knew what I was going to say but I needed to know
Me: you used to having sex, You and Monalisa
Him: Anelisa!
Me: Ahl..
Him: don’t do that Anelisa. Don’t ruin this please
Me: I’m just saying
He got up off the bed
Me: where are you going?
Him: I need air
Me: Ahlume come one. You cant blame me though, I’m still not ready for sex and wena you’ve been having sex this whole time so obviously I’m going to ask
He was standing by the window in his briefs looking all kinds of sexy as the lights from the city reflected on him
Him: I’m not a sex addict, I can survive without sex plus you and I have had this conversation before
I sighed. I felt like he wasn’t understanding where I was coming from. I was scared that he might pressure me now that he’s been busy at it again
Me: please understand where I’m coming from Ahlume

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