Fate Chose Me

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It’s been 2 days and things between us have been a little rocky if I may say. I tried to convince her that I would never cheat her but Lisa is hard headed at times so my plea and convincing falls on deaf ears. We talk all the time on WhatsApp or even calls but she’s a little offish towards me so I don’t know where we stand. See what I mean when I say doppelgangers turned my life upside down?
I was drinking coffee on my way to the office, the house was so quiet with everyone back to their normal lives. There was a knock on my door, I went to get it and Monalisa stood on the other side of the door, the way I was so drained I didn’t even have the energy to argue with her
Me: what are you doing here?
Her: may I come in?
I shrugged stepping aside and she walked in and stood behind me. I closed the door and turned to her
Her: I know I am the last person you want to see right now and I respect you
I just looked at her with a raised eyebrow
Her: Ahlume I’m here to apologise for everything I have done. The mess I created between you and Anelisa and pretty much everything.
Me: why? Why did you do everything you did
Her: jealousy I guess. Growing up I never had what she has, I lived my life on the run and every time I got close to someone something bad would happen to them and so I stopped associating myself with anyone for their own safety. I met a woman when I joined school and she told me about doppelgangers and how I was cursed so that the cult my mom was in could gain more souls to feed on. When I met Anelisa and she told me that she was living a normal life and had it all, I envied her because that’s all I’ve ever wished for. Taylor tricked me because she used what I wanted against me, she fed off of my jealousy and turned me into this person.
She sighed
Her: Ahlume I’m not a bad person, I’m really not but I’m also not innocent but in my normal sense I would have never done what I did to Lisa or you, it’s just that… Your grandmother did everything she did with hopes that you would kill me and she would gain me power.
I looked at her with my eyebrows fringed.
Her: I’m really sorry for the damage I’ve done and if I could undo any of it I would
Me: is my water still spiked?
Her: no, I got rid of it when you started treating me differently. I thought I loved you and I thought that you could love me back but I was just fooling myself. I let my need for something blind me from what’s always been. Anelisa and I may look alike but we not alike and you love her the way she loves you. I was just a pawn in your grandmother’s game and now she’s disappeared leaving me with this kind of mess to deal with. Again, I’m sorry Ahlume
I just nodded looking at her, she seemed sincere and she showed remorse
Me: I am also sorry for the way I treated you. I shouldn’t have let my anger control me
She stopped me
Her: Ahlume if it’s one thing I have learnt is that I’m not Anelisa and I’ll never be. She’s the only that can tame you. I am yet to understand how she does it but you and I were never going to be, I was never going to make you the person she makes you no matter how much we may look alike
I just nodded not knowing what to say
Her: I wish you guys all the best and I hope we never cross paths again
I chuckled and so did she. She looked at me once and then headed to the door
Her: goodbye Mr Adams
With that she walked out leaving me stunned. I went upstairs and took my things and headed out to my car. While I was driving to work I got a call from dad
//Me: this is a nice surprise
Him: I wish. How are you?
Me: I’ve had better days, how are you?
Him: I’m ok, how are things with Lisa?
Me: they ok, dad what’s going on you being weird
Him: I just came back from the morgue
Me: what were you doing at the morgue?
I asked shook.
Him: your grandmother is gone
I chuckled in disbelief, not because it was funny but because I didn’t understand what he meant
Me: what do you mean she’s gone?
Him: I’m sorry son
Me: dad I’m driving at the moment; can I call you during lunch
Him: I understand son. Drive safely//
Just as I was driving a wolf showed up in the middle of the road making me swerve off almost bumping into the car in front of me. I stopped on the side of the road and looked around and it wasn’t on the road anymore. I got out of the car and locked in making my way through the trees and there the wolf was.
Me: Who are you?
It wasn’t speaking but it was as though I could read its mind or something. I don’t know what weird shiit this was but it had to stop. My grandmother was gone and I didn’t need this in my life.
Him: She needs you
Me: who needs me?
I love Ahlume. I love him more than a normal person should love anyone for that matter. I trying to look past him and Athi but how can I when they work in the same building? I don’t know how I’m able to look past him and Monalisa but cannot look past him and Athi or maybe that’s because I know that he and Athi have history and that Athi would do anything to be with him. I just, I don’t know anymore. Sariah told me not to worry about Athi but how can I look past the fact that she would stop at nothing to have him? I was not cut out for relationship problems, I’m sorry.
Mom and dad are engaged, FINALLY! She was so excited and it made me happy to see her that happy and with dad. Granny refuses to move in with us into dad’s house as for me, I was living with her; I needed a break from the city life and with everything she told me about her being a witch and me having witch blood and all that, I feel the need to just be closer to her for a while and also not to worry mom about my relationship problems. I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for granny and I while she was in the lounge catching up on last night’s Generations the legacy. Don’t ask me why. There was a knock on the door and so I opened, before me stood my evil twin if I may put it that way
Me: what are you doing here?
Her: Anelisa please
Me: What are you doing here?
Her: I’m here to apologise
I looked at her and chuckled in disbelief, she is the reason I went through everything I went through. She’s the reason my life with Ahlume is in shambles. Everything is her fault. Ahlume almost hit me because of her. she is literally the root of all my problems ever since I went to varsity so forgive me if I don’t sound all christiany but I can’t look past everything
Her: I’m not even expecting you to forgive me because everything you went through is because of me but I will apologise in order for my conscious and to make things right.
I raised an eyebrow
Her: I could stand here and explain why I did everything but I’m sure you already know and so I won’t. Anelisa I’m sorry I ruined your life, I’m sorry I messed it up and I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness but I will ask for it anyway
I stood there speechless. Yes, I knew why she did what she did, I’m surrounded by witches and at some point I felt what she felt, at some point I was her and I had her memories and she wasn’t a bad person, she just got played by bad people who took advantage of her situation.
Me: I forgive you
Her: really?
I nodded and she smiled.
Her: thank you. I should get going
Me: I was making breakfast, join us?
Her: no thank you, my father is waiting for me at the airport already. I’m going back home today
I nodded
Me: travel safely
I opened my arms to her and we shared a hug. I felt something, I got flashbacks of something even I didn’t understand. We broke the hug quickly and looked at each other
Her: did you feel that?
I looked at her shook while nodding my head. We were disturbed by her ringing phone
Her: I should take this, bye
Me: bye
With that she left. Just then my granny walked in.
Her: It’s not over!

5 Years Later
“Mr Adams, your wife called to confirm dinner with her parents. What should I say?”
I looked up and my assistant was standing by the door with her iPad looking all kinds of beautiful. Marriage don’t make you blind people. Yes, Anelisa and I were married and we were happy either than the fact that she had problems with my assistant. I was working for my father’s company as an Analyst while my brother worked as a Systems Analyst. He and Sariah were engaged to be married so yep, that was never expected but they were good together.
Me: of cause we still on
I said shutting my laptop
Me: please have my dry cleaning delivered at my house and call Sibu’s driver tell him I’ll be fetching her
Her: will do sir
With that I walked out with my things and made my way to my brother’s office, I knocked once and let myself in
Him: what if I was busy with a girl
Me: good thing I know you not. I’m on my way home
Him: and the wife?
Me: probably still at work, you know how she is
He chuckled and so did I. She was 7 months pregnant with our first born together and she didn’t want to quit work at all. Sibu is my daughter with Monalisa. A lot has happened within 5 years, I didn’t know she was pregnant when she left until we met her two years later with a baby girl who looked just like her, I know; I was just as shook as you are but things happened and the baby ended up with me and Anelisa. Lisa is a good person by nature so when I dropped the bomb on her she wasn’t shook instead she told me she had her suspicions all along because she somewhat felt it when Mona left but she didn’t know how she would tell me or how she would go about the conversation. So yeah… that’s the story of my life. I have a five year old daughter named Kayla Sibulele Adams.
Him: and how do you deal with her drama together with Kayla’s?
Me: dude don’t even start. Just last night she was crying because I forgot to buy her chips or something she was craving on my way back from work
Him: damn fam
Me: I know right. I can’t wait for her to pop already
Him: you two have really come far. Don’t ever mess it up bro
Me: I failed to mess it up while we were just dating, why would I start now?
Him: you have a point but marriage is different,
Me: I know but I’m happy with Lisa
Him: how’s Mona?
I scratched my head
Me: she’s been MIA. Been trying to reach her but nothing
Him: what if something happened to her?
Me: I didn’t think of that. Thing is Kayla’s been asking about her crying saying her mother doesn’t love her anymore
Him: I think you should look for her bro, just in case something happened
Just then my phone rang and my beautiful wife’s picture popped up on my screen
Me: I should go, duty calls
He laughed at me as I made my way out answering her call
//Me: the world’s most beautiful pregnant lady
She giggled making me laugh. Anelisa hadn’t changed, she was just fiercer and our sex was lit, it was never rushed unless we both wanted a quickie but either than that, she was a natural. I taught her all the tricks and trades and she was perfect for me
Her: stop it
Me: what? I’m happy to hear your voice
Her: your baby is restless
Me: put me on speaker
She giggled
Her: I’m sure he can hear you
Me: she
Her: it’s a he! Come fetch me, I can’t drive like this
Me: I keep telling you to go on maternity leave already
Her: Ace we not doing this
Me: fine. I’m on my way to fetch Sibu and then we’ll be there in a few minutes, what should we bring you?
Her: a McFlurry and fries
Me: you sure that’s all?
Her: if you could also get me biltong from that garage
Me: I thought as much
Her: you owe me from last night
Me: I know, I’m on my way babe, I just left the office now
Her: don’t drive and talk on the phone
Me: you’re on speaker Lisa
Her: bye now. your child is ok
Me: you’re abusive
Her: blame your son. Yuh ha.a bye Ace//
She dropped the call on me. Yep I had gotten used to it, her being mean to me and blaming our daughter. I wanted a baby girl, I wanted to be the only man amongst beautiful girls while she wanted a son for some reason.
5 years ago if you had told me that I would be a 23 year old step mom expecting her first child married to a hybrid I would have probably told you to quit tripping or stop playing with me like that but here I am, 5 years later and madly in love with my hybrid and his daughter who had anger issues like her father. That day Mona left, when my grandmother walked in and said it wasn’t over, I thought she was talking about Mona’s pregnancy but nope. She was talking about the whole doppelganger blood thingy. Mona brought her daughter to us to keep her safe because if word came out that Sibu is born of a vampire doppelganger and a hybrid then witches from all over would be looking for her and they’ve been looking for her. Mom did a spell to cloak her and so far she’s been safe but I can’t help but worry that something might happen to her, last night I had this disturbing dream that they were trying to sacrifice her to bring Lindelwa back and my baby is not the type that’s is unsettled unless he hears his father’s voice but ever since the dream he’s been playing soccer in my belly the whole day and I’m worried that something must have happened to Monalisa. I have been trying to reach her since these past few days and nothing, she’s just went off the grid, I tried getting mom to do a locator spell on her and she couldn’t get anything. I got up and packed my stuff waiting for Ahlume to tell me he was here. I was working with Ashley in the lab, she walked in as I was almost done packing up
Her: you still here?
Me: Ahlume is on his way, had to fetch Kayla
Her: and how’s the little one?
Me: still unsettled but better than before
Her: he just misses his dad
Me: can he miss him elsewhere
She laughed
Her: you so cute. Listen, Cal and the others are in town for the weekend and they were thinking we chill…
Me: I’ll have to talk to my husband
Her: I’m still asking myself why the hell you got married at 20
Me: when you know, you know friend
Her: or hubby just wanted to tap that already
We both laughed
Me: even if he did, look at me now
We both laughed again, my phone rang and it was him
Me: he’s here
He: let’s go
We took my things and made our way to the car, he got out the minute he saw me. Ahlume was so loving you would swear I gave him some love potion together with its paper. He kissed my cheek and took my things from me and Ash
Him: how are you Ashley?
Her: I’m good and how are you?
Him: also good, thanks
Her: she’s my friend. Listen, the squad is in town for the weekend and we would like to chill like old times
I looked at him trying to read his facial expression but it was blank
Him: no clubs!
Her: of cause.
He nodded and so did Ash, we shared a brief hug and then he opened my door for me
Me: hello munchkin
Her: hi munchkin
Me: how are you?
Her: I’m fine munchkin and you?
Me: I’m also good honey. How was school?
Her: It’s draining. I want to quit
I turned to look at her shook, her dad laughed
Me: what happened in school?
Her: there’s a new teacher and I don’t think she likes me. Every time she’s asking something she always asks me
She said sulking making me laugh, she was too cute for words. I adored her as if she were mine.
Me: she probably likes you that’s why
She shook her head
Ace: how is the little one?
Me: he’s quiet for now
I swear that was an invitation because he started moving. I looked at Ace
Him: what?
Me: your baby is up
He chuckled and touched my belly but that didn’t help at all, I wanted to cry even
Him: I’m sorry
He kissed my cheek. I rested my head on the seat while Sibu was chatting non-stop. I named her Sibu because despite everything, I’m grateful she survived, I’m grateful she’s here and I’m grateful for having her in our lives. I’ve never seen my husband this content though at times he does get angry but it’s never that anger of his that would make him kill so thank God.
Him: Sweet Lips
Me: mmmh
Him: are you ok?
Me: I’ll be fine
I couldn’t shake this bad feeling that something bad was going to happen, it really got to me that my baby was this unsettled and me brushing my tummy didn’t help with anything. He put his hand on my tummy and brushed it
Him: I don’t like seeing you like this
Me: it’s ok Ace
The radio somehow lost signal as we got close to our house, something that’s never happened before. I turned to him and he changed the station but nothing was playing on any radio station, it was just making noise. Sibu started crying
Her: mummy turn it off
Ace switched it off and stopped the car on the pavement outside our house but Sibu still wouldn’t stop crying. I got out and went to her
Me: honey
Her: mommy there’s someone screaming in my ear
She said that with her hands covering her ears crying in agony. I was now scared myself, I pulled her to me trying to calm her down but nothing
Me: Ahlume what’s going on?
Him: I’ll call your mother now
Her: mommy make her stop
She said crying out in pain, it sucked that I couldn’t do anything to help my baby. I just held her tightly rocking us back and forth, Ahlume was outside probably talking to my mother. Just as we were sitting like I started hearing some chanting I raised my head to look around and I couldn’t see my husband, the car doors locked themselves.
Me: Ahlume?
I shouted trying to open the door but it wouldn’t open. God this could not be happening, this was the last thing we needed.
Me: ACE?
I said shouting for him again while trying to open the door but the doors wouldn’t open.
Me: honey look at me
She looked at me
Me: I need you to go and fetch mommy’s phone in her bag ok?
Her: where?
Me: in mommy’s seat
She nodded and made her way between our seats
Her: mommy who is that?
I looked peeked up and it was Taylor
Me: it’s no one baby, just hand me my phone ok
She nodded, a while later she gave me my phone and I dialled mom’s number but I couldn’t hear anything, it sounded like a radio that had lost its signal and as if that couldn’t be worse it felt like the phone was burning my hand and so I threw it on the floor
Her: mommy I’m scared. Where’s daddy?
Me: he went inside the house baby, he’s coming so…
And just like that it was lights out for me
I felt someone shaking me roughly and it was Neliswa. I looked at her and then quickly got up and made my way to my car, it was empty. My wife and daughter were missing
Her: Ahlume what’s going on? What happened?
Me: I don’t know. One minute I’m trying to call you and then the next thing there’s voices chanting but there’s no one here and that’s all I remember. We have to find my wife and my daughter. They took them
Her: who is they?
Me: I don’t know
I honestly did not see anyone, all I could hear was voices chanting and that was, whatever or whoever these people were, they were extremely powerful to knock me out the way they did. What got to me the most is that they took my daughter and wife and whoever this person was, they were going to die by my hand
Her: We have to go to my place and try a locator spell
I didn’t even respond, she led the way and we went to her car, we parked in front of her house and we walked in. She and her mother did a few things on top of a map
Gran: they cloaked
Me: you have to try again gran. I can lose them
Nelly: you won’t lose them.
She said chanting with her eyes closed, I was getting impatient because the more we wait the more I stand a chance of losing all three of them.
Fate Chose Me… Fate chose me for Ahlume, Fate chose me to be the doppelganger that tames a werewolf and now I think Fate actually chose me to be the one that will die or to be the one that will carry a miracle baby. I looked around and we were in what looked like a church
Me: Sibu?
I started shouting for my daughter as I regained memories of what had happened
Person: she’s not here
Me: where is my daughter?
Her: your daughter? Your daughter is still in your belly
Person: not for long though
I looked around and they were all dressed in black, I looked beside me and there was a table with doctor equipment, I looked at myself and I was wearing a hospital dress and my tummy was exposed
Me: what are you going to do to me?
I couldn’t even fight as my hands were tied down on either side of the bed
Her: I’m Taylor, this is my friend Clarissa and that over there is Mary-Ann, she’ll be performing the surgery
Me: What surgery?
Mary: the one where you give birth
Me: please don’t do this. I will do anything, just please leave my baby alone
Tay: there’s nothing you can do for us that we can’t do for ourselves
I couldn’t even hide my fear of the worst. I kept asking myself where Sibu was and whether or not she was ok
Me: Where’s Kayla?
Tay: Kayla is fine
Me: can I see her please. I’m begging you
I pleaded with my eyes looking at Taylor who showed no emotion or whatsoever. I was really screwed.
Tay: no! Mary-Ann can we get this done already
I tried fighting but nothing, they had tied my hands up to tightly my wrists hurt. They were chanting something as Mary-Ann took a scapula to cut my belly with, I was crying, fighting begging and doing the best I could to get them to stop but nothing worked, she was about to cut me when the scapula flew across the room startling all of us
Tay: Mary-Ann stop playing games!
Mary: it’s not me. This is no ordinary baby
Clar: what do you mean?
Mary put her hand over my belly and she froze for a second and quickly removed her hand shaking her head
Tay: what?
Mary: the baby is part witch
Clar: her grandmother is a witch
Mary: no, you don’t understand. This baby is a witch, this girl is a witch that doesn’t have any magic. Her baby is fighting
I looked at them shook. I was carrying a hybrid witch? What? Is that even possible?
Tay: no! That can’t possibly be
She placed her hand over my belly and she quickly removed it. They looked at each other and Taylor nodded
Clarissa walked out leaving me with the two witches
Mary-Ann: killing a new-born witch is a crime
Tay: so what? We let my mother suffer?
Mary: we can induce her pregnancy so that she gives birth now and use the two doppelgangers with the little hybrid. That’s should be enough
Tay: the child of a doppelganger which is part hybrid is stronger than any doppelganger will ever be and now that this baby she’s carrying is part witch, just imagine all that power. If this child lives, then all our lives will be in danger. She will wipe out all our clan
Mary: we could be punished
Tay: not if we raise mom from the dead first. Just imagine how powerful we will be having the dead on our side?
Just then Clarissa walked in with about 5 more people and they all went in a corner and spoke for a while before coming back to surround me. Tay started chanting what they chanted earlier on and the rest followed while Mary Ann tried to cut me, I cried out in pain
“Lisa” Ahlume’s voice shouted sounding near “Anelisa”
Tay: continue, I’ll hold him off
With that she walked out leaving the others to continue cutting me. I don’t know what happened but soon blood was splattered and there was a lot of growling, I won’t lie I was terrified. Please understand that in all our years together, I have never seen Ahlume as a werewolf. They were crying in pain themselves, I think it was Ahlume and Alumile because there was two wolves in the room. Mom walked in and sent Mary-Ann flying across the room, she came to untie me
Me: mom
Her: I’m here baby. I will always be here
She covered my tummy and then helped me up
Me: Mom
Her: Sibu is fine babe
When I looked around there were heads on the floor and limbs, it was a scary sight. We quickly walked out and went to the car and my baby and her mother were both there. A while later Ahlume and Ahlumile came towards the car and I got out and ran into his arms.
Looking back at everything that’s happened, Fate Chose Me to be the one that carries a hybrid witch baby who would be the end of Taylor and her clan.




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