Fate Chose Me

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I think you’ve already figured it out. I’m an ass of a person. I did not apologise to that boy or the class. I got inside and I got scolded for being late for class and that was it. We went out for lunch in the canteen and I sat alone yet again. I didn’t see myself making any friends around this place… ok maybe I spoke too soon because some nerd looking chick sat next to me
Her: Hi. I’m Stacy. Whats your name?
Me: Lisa.
Her: nice to meet you Lisa. How are you?
Me: I’m good.
She sounded like a hippy for me. I was not even in the mood to be dealing with such people. This day was going bad enough already. I took out my phone and started playing a game while poking on my food.
Her: uhhhm
I know I was being rude but I didn’t want any friends. Not because I’m not friendly but because I don’t want to get attached to anyone and then the next thing I have to leave that person because someone is after me or Click. The last time I had a friend was before I met Click, before I was known and she died because of me. This other baddass group, enemies to The $pritz killed her when I refused to join their crew and so yes. I don’t get close to anyone and I let anyone get close to me.
Me: look Stacy, you seem like a nice girl and all but you and I can never be friends so do yourself a favour and leave
She looked at me for a while with hurt written all over her face and then took her food and walked away. I went back to my game. I got up and went to the ladies before the bell rang. When I was done doing my business I walked out to wash my hands and then I looked up at the mirror and I saw this old woman again and she was standing behind me. I turned around and she wasn’t there, I looked back at the mirror and she was there.
Me: what do you want from me? what did you mean earlier?
Her: you are an abomination to natures creation. One of you has to die.
Me: what are you talking about lady?
She shook her head and I shrugged
Her: he will be the death of you!
She chuckled. I don’t think I have ever been this confused in my life before. Who was he?
Me: he? Who are you talking about?
Her: it was your blood that created him and it will be your blood that ends him!
With that she disappeared. Even if I told Click he wouldn’t believe me, he would think I’m making this up. I took my phone and walked out making my way to class, and yet again I was late and I was scolded for it… more like she threw me out of class. I sat there on a chair next to the door and took out my phone and played a game. After class she walked out and had me follow her to her office.
Her: first day in school and already you’re in trouble
She said opening her office door
Me: I’m really sorry. I just got caught up in the ladies and
Her: if I can be early for class and I am your teacher, why cant you?
Me: Miss….
Her: Heather. Sit
She said that leaning on her desk,
Me: Miss Heather it wont happen again I pro…
She blew something in my face and I blacked out.
I stood out there for a good 5 minutes just thinking about what had just happened. I was frustrated with myself, I hated that I would hurt a woman in that manner. A nun walked up to me, she literally rocked up out of nowhere, I only noticed her when she was standing in front of me. She made me look up at her. She looked a little older than me but a little younger than mom. She was really beautiful, like out of this world beautiful.
Her: you know its only going to get worse with time
Me: what are you talking about? Whats going to get worse?
Her: the temper. Your nature is slowly coming out
Me: lady I don’t know you so I’m just going to…
Her: Ahlume Adams, 19 year old IT BA student. Top of the class 2 years in a row. Father recently got into an accident. you have an identical twin.
I looked at this lady as though she was crazy. How did she know me? we’ve never met before!
Her: only she can tame you!
Me: lady what are you talking about? Who are you?
She chuckled
Her: when you meet her, you’ll know its her. Fate chose her
Slowly but surely I was getting angry. This woman comes up to me, doesn’t tell me who she is, doesn’t make any sense and then tell me shiit about fate? It makes no sense!
Her: calm down little wolf. Now’s not the time!
She said touching my cheek, I looked at her hand on my cheek and then looked at her but she wasn’t there anymore. She had vanished into thin air. How does a person just vanish? I looked around and there was no sign of her. What just happened? I didn’t even smoke any weed for me to be hallucinating the way I am right now. I decided to head back in before more weird shiit starts happening to me
Granny had already cooked so all I had to do was to wash the dishes. When I was done I went to her room and sat on her bed.
Her: Ane
Me: Gramps
Her: you look like something is bothering you
Me: Gramps something weird happened today
Her: what do you mean?
She took off her glasses and placed then on her bible and closed it to give me her undivided attention
Me: I met this nun
Her: nun?
Me: yes granny. Those virgins that live in churches and do nothing but devote themselves to God
Her: ok… I didn’t think we had those here
Me: that’s the thing. I also didn’t think we had those but seemingly we do. Look
I took off my jersey and showed her my arm
Her: ok?
I looked at where she had touched me and there was nothing. Ok that is weird
Her: what am I looking at?
Me: Gramps this woman walked up to me today on my way home and she asked to shake my hand but something in me didn’t let me shake her hand. Now when I was walking away from her she grabbed my arm here and suddenly I started loosing my breath and feeling very weak to a point where I felt like I was going to collapse and then she said that its couldn’t be and then quickly walked away. I looked at my arm where she had touched me when I got home and I had something like a burnt mark with her hand print on my arm. Gramps it was just weird
Her: yes that does sound weird but honey are you sure?
Me: Gramps I wouldn’t lie about something like this. I know it sounds far fetched but this really happened and I need you to pray for me
Her: uhhm ok. Come lets hold hands and pray then.
She took my hands into hers and started praying. She prayed so hard she got to a point where she was now praying in tongues and for some reason I felt myself drifting off. I wasn’t falling asleep but it was like I was in this room with someone else. I looked at this person and she looked farmiliar
Her: I did it to protect you. I thought I was protecting you. They coming for you
With that she drifted away from me and I opened my eyes to find myself still in gramps’ room with her still praying. What was going on?

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