Fate Chose Me

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I went back inside the hospital and mom and my brother were no longer in the reception so I asked the receptionist to point me to Dad’s ward. Mom was sitting by his side while Mile was sitting on the other side.
Me: how is he?
Mom: he’s ok I guess. Doctor said he might wake up with a memory loss
Me: I’m sorry mom
I said massaging her shoulders and she out her hand over mine.
Her: its ok baby. He’s going to pull through. Your father is a strong person
I just nodded standing behind her.
Her: you guys should head home. Mile you writing tomorrow right?
He nodded
Him: But we can’t leave you here
Her: honey I will be fine. You guys should go home though
Me: you sure mom?
Her: yes, honey I’m sure.
I kissed her on the cheek saying my goodbyes and then Mile walked up to her and kissed her on the other cheek and then we walked out. He got into the driver’s seat and I in the passenger
Him: so where did you disappear off to?
Me: had to make a call
He didn’t say anything
Me: can I ask you something
Him: yeah shoot
Me: you get pissed right?
Him: yeah every normal human being gets pissed at times. It happens
Me: this might sound weird but while I was outside this drop dead gorgeous lady walked up to me and said shiit about my nature coming out slowly and my anger getting worse
Him: uhhm ok… that does sound weird
Me: yeah. She knows me and she knows you. Mind you I have never met her before
Him: ok nothing about what you saying makes any sense
Me: yeah I know. This woman said some shiit about me meeting her and knowing her because apparently fate chose her
He stopped the car in the middle of the road. I looked at him
Me: dude what the f*ck?
Him: Ahlume are you high?
Me: I should be asking you that. Why the f*ck would you stop in the middle of the road? You do know that the Metro Police are everywhere
He started the engine again
Him: Dude what’s going on?
Me: you asking me.
We got home and parked the car and then we got off and went inside. I walked in first and switched on the lights and there was a wolf in the middle of the kitchen. I love dogs, not even scared of em but I’ve never been face to face with a werewolf before. I walked towards it and it didn’t bark or flinch or do anything
“Dude what are we going to eat?”
I turned to look at Mile and when I turned to look at the wolf, it had disappeared.
Me: did you see that?
Him: see what?
Me: the white wolf! In the middle of the kitchen standing over there
Him: you really need to stop watching these things of yours. They making you paranoid
I just nodded. Ahlumile and I are twins, he is supposed to see every shiit I see. Why was this weird shiit happening to me alone?
Me: yeah sure. What are we going to eat?
Him: I don’t know. Do you mind driving to Mac D or something? I need to study
Me: yeah sure. Keys
He threw me the keys and he made his way upstairs while I walked out to the car. I bought us large fold over meals and then drove home. Midway I saw this wolf again in the middle of the road making me hit the brakes instantly. I flashed the car lights and it didn’t move at all. I got out of the car and went out to check this out. I had to be seeing this for a reason right?
Me: why are you here?
It just looked at me. At that moment I didn’t even know whether I was hallucinating this animal or it was really in front of me. It made no sense at all. I brushed its fur back and it leaned in on my touch. It was really beautiful and its eyes just told a story I felt as though I understood.
‘Fate chose her for you. She will be your downfall or your awakening. All will make sense to you when the time comes. Take care’
With that it disappeared. What did it mean? Wait did that wolf just talk to me? It didn’t even open its mouth but for some reason it was as if we were communicating via our minds. Mile was right, I really need to stop watching these things.
When I woke up I was no longer in her office but instead I was in my room on my bed. What the hell is going on with me? I looked around and I was indeed in my room. It didn’t make any sense how I went from being in school to being in my room. I tried to sit up but my arm was failing to support me. I looked at it and I had a plaster on my wrist.
“look who’s up”
I looked at the door and it was my mom’s sister
Me: what are you doing here?
Her: my niece collapses in school… I had to come and check on you
Me: where’s Click?
Her: Click got a call from work, there was an emergency he had to attend to
Me: what happened to my wrist?
Her: the school nurse had to take some blood from you to test it.
Me: doesn’t she need my consent first to do that?
Her: honey you weren’t waking up and I was worried
Me: so you gave her the go ahead?
Her: yes.
Me: so why did I collapse?
Her: you will get the results tomorrow
Nothing about what she was saying was making any sense at all. I don’t think school nurses have the authorisation to draw some blood from a student unless she volunteers to donate blood.
Her: I made you something to eat. She mentioned you would wake up very weak
Me: no thank you I’m fine.
I tried to get up using my other arm to balance and I managed to get up but the minute I tried to walk I stumbled
Her: stop being stubborn for nothing Lisa and eat
Me: that nurse did something to me!
Her: you overreacting Lisa
I shouted. I was really agitated because I couldn’t even remember how I got home. Last thing I remember was going to the office with Miss Heather and that’s that.
Me: I was in Miss Heather’s office. How did I get to the school nurse?
Her: Miss Heather? Honey what are you talking about?
Me: I arrived late for Miss Heather’s class so she threw me out and then we went to her office
Her: and then?
Me: I don’t remember
Her: you must have really bumped your head. A student found you in the ladies on the floor and she called the nurse
I shook my head.
Me: NO!
Her: Mon…
Me: don’t. I didn’t not hit my head. That woman did something to me ok. Why can’t I remember anything?
She shrugged looking at me with eyes full of pity. Why couldn’t I remember anything?
I woke up and did my normal morning routine, said my goodbyes to gran and then went to school. On my way to school a car stopped next to me. I was taught at a young age to never talk to strangers or to accept a lift from a stranger. The window rolled down and there she was. The most beautiful girl in class and in school. Everyone has a crush on her, be it a guy or a girl we all have a crush on her and some of us… me included wants to be her.
Her: Anelisa
Me: uhhhm Imi
Her: Need a lift?
Me: uhhhm
Her: come on in. Its blazing hot for you to be walked
I was thinking twice but who was I to say no to a lift from the most prettiest, richest girl in school? She was in a Bentley for Christ sake! I got in at the back.
Her: daddy meet my class mate Anelisa, Lisa this is my father Miso
Him: its dad to you. Nice to meet you Lisa
Me: nice to meet you too Mr Bess
Her: did you do the Maths homework?
Me: yeah I did.
Her: and how did you find it?
Me: it was ok I guess.
Him: we slept late because of your friend over here
Her: you told me that if I needed help I should come to you
Him: how good are you with Maths Lisa?
Me: I’m ok I guess. I mean I pass
Her: perfect. We can be study buddies
Was I even allowed to decline? This girl and I aren’t even friends and we’ve never talked before either than greeting each other. Apparently she was studying in the states these past years and they only came back this side a month ago… which was when she joined our school. She is the daughter of Misokuhle and Yolanda Bess, granddaughter of Yandiswa and Melo Bess so of cause she is the ish around school. They were both looking at me waiting for my response

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