Fate Chose Me

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I took this food of hers and ate it because I had no choice obviously, she smiled at me as I was eating. Kalyn is a very weird person, there’s just something about her that I never quite get. I handed her the plate and she placed it on the pedestal and sat proper on my bed looking at me… more like watching me
Me: Can I help you with something?
Her: why?
Me: why what?
Her: I’ve been calling you since morning and you haven’t been answering my calls
Me: I’m a busy person aunt
Her: what are you hoping to find huh?
Me: what?
Her: what are you hoping to find in my house?
Me: I have no idea what you talking about
Her: you think I don’t know that you the one that convinced your father to go out with me? Your father has never not once looked my way and then suddenly he wants to go out with me? I’m not stupid Monalisa
Me: could have fooled me
I mumbled
Her: excuse me?
Me: I said I just wanted us to act like a family
Her: oh…
Me: yeah. Dad needs a woman in his life and who better than you
She smiled. God women are easy to fool sometimes.
Me: Click didn’t look at you because you remind him of mom… you guys were twins after all
Except mom got the brains and she… I laughed at my inside joke
Her: what’s so funny?
Me: nothing. I’m sorry for the way I’ve been
Her: its fine. Come here
She said with her arms open, I went in and we shared a hug. At least I was feeling less weak now. Click got home and for the first time I welcomed him with open arms
Him: and then?
Me: I almost died today
I said still in his arms. He chuckled and kissed the top of my head. I broke out of his arms
Him: I’m glad you didn’t die then
Me: your new girlfriend is here
Him: I know. I left her here to go and attend some emergency at work
Me: was it really work or was it The $pritz?
He chuckled
Him: it was work.
Me: can I talk to you about something… Alone of cause
Him: uhhm ok. Let’s go to my office
We walked to the lounge and he greeted Kalyn and then we made our way to his study. He locked the door and we sat on the couch
Me: something weird happened today
Him: ok. I’m listening
Me: I saw an old woman on campus today except it was as though she was a pigment of my imagination
Him: you saying you hallucinating?
Me: I wish I could say I was hallucinating but I’m not. I don’t smoke weed or anything for that matter Click so I don’t get why I would be seeing things that aren’t there
Him: ok back up.
Me: this woman said some crazy ass shiit. She said that I was an abomination to natures creation and that one of us had to die or something
Him: one of you?
Me: do I like have a twin I don’t know about maybe?
He shook his head slowly
Him: even if you had a twin. Why would your twin have to die?
Me: that’s the same question I was asking myself. That’s not all. I didn’t collapse in school today Click, I think Heather did something to me. One minute I’m walking to her office with her and the next thing I wake up at home because I apparently collapsed.
Him: one of your schoolmates says they found you laying on the floor in the toilet
Me: Click you saw me eat breakfast this morning. When have you known me to collapse? Some crazy shiiit is happening here Click
Him: what are you suggesting I do Lisa?
Me: that school is a tech school. Obviously they have camera’s in every room of the school right?
Him: yeah probably
Me: I need footage from today
Him: Lisa!
Me: Click please. This is important
Him: fine. We’ll get this footage of yours.
I hugged him tightly and he returned the hug
Me: thank you daddy.
Him: now go and do your homework’s if you have any.
I got out of his arms with a smile and walked out to my room passing Kalyn in the lounge. I got to my room and it was dark, I switched the lights on and there was a writing on my wall, it read “FATE CHOSE YOU!” I walked over to my wall and touched the writing, it was blood. I took out my phone and moved back to try take a picture of it but it didn’t show on the phone screen, I looked at the wall and the writing was there but when I tried to take a picture with my phone it didn’t appear, the wall looked clean. I got out calling Click
Mile and I drove to campus. I didn’t tell him about my run in with the white wolf because then he was probably going to think I am crazy and that’s the last thing I needed. On the way we decided to call Nathi and check up on her.
//Us: hey mom
Her: hey guys
Me: did we wake you?
Her: no baby you didn’t. Did you have breakfast? Mile are you ready for your test?
Him: yes and yes mom we good. How are you? how’s dad?
Her: your father is still the same
Me: what is his doctor saying?
Her: he’s not giving me anything solid
Him: dad is going to pull through mom don’t worry
Me: yeah the old man is stronger than you think
Her: yeah I know you guys. Thanks. Mile best of luck with your test ok
Him: thanks mom
Her: I love you boys
Me: we love you too Nathi
She chuckled
Her: bye guys
Us: bye mom//
He parked and we both got out.
Him: I’ll probably come out late today so take the key and I’ll call you ayt?
Me: yeah sure. Best of luck with your test
Him: thanks bro
With that he left me and I headed to my department. I saw the nun standing in a far corner so I made my way to her.
Me: why are you here?
Her: because I can help you
Me: what do you mean you can help me? What’s the deal?
Her: you’ve met him.
Me: who?
I took them up on their offer and said yes. I guess we were friends now. We were 30 minutes early so we went to chill on the school benches. She was asking me so many questions and just wanting to get to know me, I tried asking her about herself
Her: what you see is what you get. I’m bubbly and I have 3 other siblings, one of them being my nephew and that’s just me. Being the granddaughter of Derrick Bess is not easy.
Me: I can’t even imagine
Her: so tell me about your mom. I’m sure you look just like her
Me: I never met her
Her: what do you mean you never met her?
Me: I mean I never met her. she gave birth to me and then up’d and left
Her: I’m so sorry to hear that
She said touching my hand and nodding with a consoling smile
Me: its ok. I’m over it
Her: then who do you live with? who takes care of you?
Me: I live with my grandmother. She takes care of me I guess
Her: and your father?
Me: don’t know him too
Her: don’t you at least know your mother’s name? that’s if you want to meet her
Me: I’ve asked my grandmother countless times but she never tells me anything about her
Her: have you tried going through her things maybe?
I chuckled. Ok maybe this friendship or whatever was a terrible idea. I would never do such a thing to my granny
Me: no! that’s wrong
Her: if you were really serious about knowing your mom, you would do anything and everything to find her… I’m just saying. Let’s go to class
Me: I need to go to the ladies first. I’ll meet you there
Her: sure thing.
We walked different directions, she went to class and I made my way to the ladies. I walked in and it was empty and it was dark. I searched for the light and clicked but nothing instead there was fog and I was suddenly in what looked like a cemetery. I was tied down inside a circle with a star and I was tied to small poles inside that star with my legs spread out and then there was another circle with the same thing except there was another me in that circle and then there was a woman with a black cape covering her head standing in front of what looked like a table. Me and this other me were trying to break free from this but we were both failing dismally
Her: I didn’t want to have to do this but it has to be done
She turned around with a knife in her.
I turned around and I was literally on the floor the way I was in whatever alternate universe I was in and there was no fog or whatsoever. What was going on with me? I got up from the floor and fixed my uniform. It was some girl from my class, she was looking at me weirdly
Her: what’s the deal with you?
I looked at her terrified and walked out… more like ran out of the ladies and looking back every now and then. This didn’t make any sense. What was happening with me? I walked in and our teacher wasn’t there yet. I went to sit in my spot and Imi was sitting next to me… She was about to talk when suddenly I started feeling really dizzy and just as I looked up the lady I met yesterday was walking into our class. She stood in front and set her books down, this time she wasn’t dressed as a nun.
Her: good morning class. My name is Neliswa but you guys can call me Nel…. She trailed off as I think I collapsed on the table. Everything just went blurry and things started spinning and I just couldn’t breathe anymore. Everything was just too much for me to take in.

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