Fate Chose Me

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She chuckled
Her: the wolf that’s been following you around. You’ve met him already
Me: what’s going on here?
Her: like I said, it will all make sense to you when the time is right. Goodbye little wolf. She attempted walking away but I grabbed her arm, she looked at me and I could feel myself getting an intense migraine. I let go of her holding my head and when I looked up she had disappeared and so had the migraine. Ok what was going on here? I literally have no words to explain the weird shiit happening in my life at this moment. Ever since dad’s accident it’s like he opened something that’s just… I don’t know because I myself can’t even explain it. I went to the library in ML Sultan library and went to sit in a corner with my laptop and started googling about meeting werewolves and what it would entail and I didn’t get anything solid that could explain what was going on with me. I decided to just go and see dad, maybe I need to be with him in this time. I’ve never bunked any class before but I was going to bunk today’s classes. It was just after 8. I got to the hospital and as I was walking in I bumped into the lady I roughly handled yesterday, she had a bandage around her wrist.
Me: Miss
Her: stay away from me!
Me: I am so sorry
Her: just please stay away from me. I didn’t come to your father I was here to see the doctor about my wrist that’s all
She was clearly afraid of me and that was the last thing I wanted, she was even trembling
Me: I don’t want to hurt you. How’s your wrist?
Her: broken!
She said walking away from me. I wanted to grab her but I was afraid I might hurt her even more. I let her be and walked in further inside the hospital. I went to my father’s room and he was sleeping and mom was sitting by his bed side
Me: you should go home and shower
Her: hey. I didn’t see you there. Aren’t you supposed to be in class?
Me: not today. How is he?
Her: there’s still no change
Me: and what’s his doctor saying?
Her: that he might wake up with a memory loss and wheel chair bound… if he wakes up
Me: what’s that supposed to mean?
Her: that the accident was really bad baby
Me: he’s going to wake up mom
Her: I don’t know baby
Me: mom it’s way too early to lose hope in dad
Her: come let’s go for a drive
Me: but mom
Her: come. I can tell you have a lot on your mind. Lets go
She got up and I put my arm around her neck while she put hers around my waist and then we walked out asking the receptionist to call mom should there be any change in dad. We drove off until we reached the beach. It wasn’t packed, she sat down on the benches and just watched the smooth waves.
Her: you know when I fell pregnant with you and your brother, I was told that I wouldn’t even make it past the first trimester. Doctors kept telling me that they don’t know what’s wrong with me or my womb but all they know is that it doesn’t seem as though I will carry to full term. Until your father flew in a specialist from the state and she said I have an ectopic pregnancy, you guys were growing inside my fallopian tubes. She said that if I didn’t abort you guys then it would cause a greater damage in me and possibly die. I had a choice to make. To either keep you guys or to abort you and your father was all for the abortion because then that meant he got to keep his wife. The easy way out would have been saving myself but when you find out that you pregnant you come to realise that you no longer living for yourself but you living for the people growing inside of you and so I decided that I rather die than to kill you. Your father didn’t talk to me for 3 whole days
She chuckled. I know how dad can get, I don’t doubt that he would do that.
Her: I let him sulk. This one night we were sleeping when I felt a pain in my abdomen, it was unbearable and I was bleeding, I screamed in agony waking up your father in the process and from there on he started talking to me. I don’t think I had ever seen such fear in his eyes until that day, he rushed me to the hospital and he tried to fight his way inside but they couldn’t let him do that. When I woke up he was sleeping by my bedside with his hand tightly squeezing mine, even in his sleep he is still very much possessive.
I chuckled. I can understand where my dad was coming from, I mean I can’t imagine my life without mom. She’s that amazing of a person.
Her: the first thing I asked him was if I was still pregnant or not and he smiled assuring me that my babies were fine and that you guys miraculously moved to my womb. Till this day doctors cannot explain how that happened. I knew then and there that I wasn’t carrying ordinary babies
I looked at her estranged.
Me: what do you mean?
She took a deep breath and then let it out
I was woken up with someone splashing water on my face, I opened my eyes and I was in what looked like a hospital of some sort. I looked around me and Imi and my grandmother were here. The last thing I remember was when Imi went to class and I went to the ladies. My head was really painful, I tried to lift it up but it pained even worse so I just laid there
Imi: welcome to the land of the living. You scared us
Gran: oh baby. How are you feeling? Are you ok?
Me: I’m fine. What happened? Why am I in a hospital?
Imi: you collapsed in the middle of class
Me: what do you mean I collapsed in the middle of class, I went to the ladies and said we would meet in class
Imi looked at me confused
Her: No Lisa. You came back from the ladies and then when our teacher was introducing herself you just fainted. Did you eat anything this morning?
Me: yes, I ate breakfast. But it doesn’t make any sense
Gran: Imi could you please give us some space I need to talk to my daughter
Imi: yeah sure. I have to go anyway; mom must be panicking out of her mind.
She kissed my cheek
Her: get some rest and I will see you tomorrow ok.
She said her goodbyes to my granny and then she walked out
Her: what a lovely girl
Me: yeah she is very sweet
Her: I think it’s about time you learnt the truth about your parents
Me: oh
Her: I didn’t want to have to tell you like this but I believe that everything that is happening to you know is happening for a reason.
Me: I don’t understand gramps
Her: the reason I always dismiss this thing with your parents it’s because they are evil
I chuckled but I stopped when I noticed the seriousness of the situation
Her: your mother was young and naive when she met your father. Her greatest mistake was to fall in love with that thing. Whatever he is. He came into our lives and he turned them upside down and then he disappeared
Me: Gramps what do you mean?
Her: that your father was
“Hey you’re awake. How are you feeling?”
We both looked at the door and it was a man dressed in a lab coat, my grandmother’s facial expression changed immediately.
Her: YOU! what are you doing here?
She said headed straight towards him with her hand pointing out at him. she was livid. I was so confused. Clearly they knew each other and by the looks of things it wasn’t pleasant at all.
Click walked into my room worried and panic written on his face
Him: Lisa what is it baby?
Me: the… the wall… the writing… Blood
I was pointing at the wall while looking at him.
Him: Lisa you not making any sense baby.
I turned to look and there was nothing on the wall and my hands were clean
Me: but there was blood. There was something written with blood on my wall. It said FATE CHOSE YOU
Him: Honey there is nothing there
Me: I can see that Click. Something happened to me today and its making me see things that aren’t there
Him: princess you must be tired.
Me: I’ll get you proof that I’m not crazy!
I said walking to my closet
Him: Lisa I didn’t say you crazy
Me: you didn’t have to.
I wore a tracksuit with running shoes and packed my things. I could hear him talking but I didn’t care to hear what he was saying. I walked towards the door but he blocked my way
Me: Click please
Him: Monalisa you not going anywhere
Me: Click I don’t have time for this
Him: and you think I do? You not leaving this house. Its late
Me: you weren’t in my life for 12 years. What makes you think you have a say in what I do and don’t do?
Him: as long as you live in my house you abide by my rules
I went to sit down in defeat. He came to sit next to me
Him: Monalisa I don’t think you crazy. it’s just that… Please understand where I’m coming from here. You call me to your room saying there’s blood on your wall and when I look there’s nothing
Me: you think I’m making this up?
Him: of cause not. it’s just that… look I will help you do whatever it is you feel like you need to do but only if you don’t rush things
Me: there’s no time Click. Weird crazy shiit is happening to me and I’m afraid that I might just die
Him: you not going to die
Me: Dad please. Please just let me do this and if the video proves nothing I swear I’ll drop it

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