Fate Chose Me

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Just then my phone rang and it was Mile.
Me: its Mile
Her: answer him. He’s probably done writing
I answered him putting him on speaker
//Me: nigga you’re on speaker
Him: yeah sure whatever. Where are you? Lwando’s been looking for you
Me: I’m with mom at the beach
Him: hey mom
Her: hey baby. How was the test?
Him: it was a revision test mom. nothing major
Her: it might just come in handy when your DP doesn’t add up
Him: when has my DP not added up Nathi? Don’t worry I’m good
Her: the kids I gave birth to. Sometimes I think I was given the wrong ones
We all laughed, I shoved her playfully and she shoved me back
Him: geez mom. we splitting images of dad
Her: that don’t mean I’m your mom
Me: MOM!
She laughe
Her: I’m kidding. You guys are mine!
Me: tell Lwando I’ll hala at him
Him: just call the guy ok. Anyway mommy dearest care, I’ll see you when I’m done here
Her: ok my baby
Me: alright. Bye twin.
Him: bye guys//
I ended the call
Her: I should go wash
Me: glad you noticed the stink!
She laughed
Her: I don’t stink!
I blocked my nose and she laughed hitting my shoulder
Her: I will spank you!
Me: mom language. That sounds so wrong
Her: you need to stop watching porn
Me: mom seriously
Her: yes seriously!
We made our way to the car and then we got in on either sides and I drove off
Me: you were saying something before Mile called
Her: its nothing baby. We’ll talk about it another time
Me: you sure?
Her: yeah I’m sure. So whats been going on with you? What happened to that girl? whats her name again? Shanon or something?
Me: I told you we weren’t dating.
Her: and the one we met on vacation last December… Uhmm Lisa is it?
Me: mom!
Her: what? I just want to know. what happened to her?
Me: it was a holiday thing, we didn’t even do anything either than to just chill. You know the usual
Her: I thought you liked her
Me: what gave you that impression?
Her: I don’t know. She brought out this loving side of you
Me: don’t I show you enough love
Her: you know what I mean. She makes you mushy and stuff
Me: stop before you get us into an accident.
She laughed and kissed my cheek. We got home and she went to shower while I made her something to eat. At least she was laughing again so that’s a good start. When mom was done washing she ate and then we drove back to the hospital. As we were walking in she was walking out. Lisa! The girl I met last December.
Me: Lisa
She looked at me with an estranged look. She was walking with an old lady, must be her grandmother or something
Doc: Mrs Sibeko please just let me do my job in peace and then I’ll be out of your hair
Her: you have no shame at all. After everything you did!
I cleared my throat and they both looked at me
Him: I’m doctor Travis Smith, your doctor who attended to you earlier had to rush somewhere so she asked me to take over. How are you feeling?
Me: dizzy. Heavy headed… literally
He laughed
Him: she jokes…
She flashed me with his pen in my eyes and then wrote something on his notepad
Him: you are fine to go home. I have prescribed you pills for the headaches and uhhm… yeah you free to go
Me: great
Him: Mrs Sibeko please sign here and here
He gave me a glass of water with pills to take and then he helped me up. I got off the bed
Him: your wrists, what happened?
Me: my wrists? What are you talking about?
I looked at my wrists and I had rope marks which were red almost as though I was tied up but funny it wasn’t painful at all
Me: i… I don’t know
Him: did she do this to you?
He said referring to my grandmother
Me: what? No. She didn’t do anything to me
Her: here you go. Lisa go get dressed and lets go
She spoke sternly, I knew she was not happy about something.
Him: Lisa I’m a doctor and by law I am subjected to report any form of abuse a patient may be suffering from
Her: what? I am not abusing my granddaughter
Him: then explain the rope marks. What were you doing to her? crucifying her?
She walked over to me and pulled my hands to her
Her: what are you talking about? There are no rope marks on these wrists
I looked at my wrists and there was nothing. they were fine
Him: what? But
Her: stay away from my granddaughter you hear me!
She took the prescription letter and walked out. The doc looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and left with his board. I finished dressing up and then met up with my grandmother in the passage. We made our way out of the hospital and as we were walking out I was intoxicated by a heavenly smell. I don’t know what heaven smells like but I’m sure it smelt like this guy. His scent was so strong I was even afraid to look up at him. You know that feeling of cold air brushing against your skin? Well that was me, I was suddenly cold. Not in a bad way, but in a calming soothing way like I was feeling the sea breeze or something.
Him: Lisa
OK! how does he know me? I looked up at him and GOOD LORD!!! There should be a fine to pay for looking that FINE! Where did he come from? His tattoos were visible on his arms, the piercing on his face… he was just a tall fine glass of cold water! I didn’t even know what to say to him.
I was brought back to earth by my grandmother scolding.
Me: uhhm gran
Him: Lisa. Feels like I haven’t see you in ages
‘that’s cause you havent’ my subconscious scolded.
Me: bye.
I quickly walked away from him. There was something about him that was very intimidating, I don’t know if it was him as a whole or it was his voice but there was definetly something. How did he know me?
After our mini session click gave me his car keys and told me to make sure I don’t get caughter, said he would call up a friend from the $pritz to meet me in school. I parked a bit further from the school compound and called this friend of his.
//Him: I’m almost there, got held up somewhere
Me: fine!//
I dropped the call and then walked to the back of the school. He called asking my whereabouts and then I told him, minutes later he was in front of me. He smelt great but he was old for me.
Him: name is Kevin
Me: Lisa
Him: so you the hacker? Nice
Me: I’m not a hacker
Him: don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. The $pritz have been looking for you high and low
Me: I’m sure they have. Focus. We need to get in and out of here unnoticed. Click has already disabled the security cameras so all you need to do is disable the fence and find us a way in
Him: sure thing.
He clicked on his tab and then minutes later the gate was opened. Its not that I couldn’t do it but Click insisted on me staying clear from this. We walked inside the school doors, the whole school system had been shut down. We made our way to the security room and we sat down and plugged in a flash drive on the main cpu and downloaded the footage. Since I don’t remember anything it was best we get the whole thing. When we were done we got out and enabled the system and headed our separate ways. When I got home Click wasn’t around so I plugged the flash into my laptop and fastforwarded the footage to until I was in the bathroom. I was talking to myself, after the bathroom I was late for class and after class I went to some office and there it was. This Heather woman blew something into my face making me loose consciousness and my memory while at it. After passing out she dragged me to her cupboard and then that was it. Nothing else shows after that. All I see is the cupboard door open and that’s it. I look through the toilets footage and there I was passed out on the floor. A child called someone and I was taken to the nurses office of which the nurse really did draw some blood but it was though a small syringe and that’s it. Nothing made any sense to me. The footage itself made no sense, a lot was missing. Too many pieces weren’t connecting. I needed to have a talk with Heather!

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