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Lacey always knew that she was different, but she didn't know how different she was until she and her best friend Ella went off to college and met their new house mate named Hazel. Hazel and her friends have a big secret that might destroy Lacey or guide her into something that could change history. Stumbling upon a family secret and starting a war between a family she has never known and a family she had created for herself. Being born to become something great or tragic was never anything Lacey could imagine her life would be like going to college. Will she follow her heart or her head when it comes down to the two guys fighting for her attention in the middle of a war?

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Chapter 1

Finally, Ella and I are alone in our new home on campus. We were lucky that both our dad’s went to college here, and they got first pickings of housing for us. They got an entire house for us, but we had to share the 5-bedrooms with someone.

We loved making new friends and thought it would be fun.

“When would she be here?” Ella asked from the stairs.

I rolled my eyes at her, “Ella, she’ll be here soon, it’s still early.” I had to remind her that every 15 minutes.

Ella shrugged and walked away; I was busy hanging photos up in the front room. Ella was photogenic, she had brown eyes and blond hair; she was beautiful.

Our parents met in high school and became best friends since then. We were like sisters, and we did everything together. Ella had put some music on, and loudly I might add. I walked into the living room and she was dancing to ‘Wannabe’ and I had to laugh at her, she sang along, and I had to join in.

The chorus came on and we were in our own little world; we didn’t even notice when people came into the house and watched us being weird. I saw something in my peripheral vision and yelled like a little girl when I saw two guys standing there. Ella darted down on the couch and started laughing.

I held my hand on my chest, “what the hell?” I asked.

Ella popped her head up from the couch, “you could’ve knock like humans do!” She yelled and gave them murderous looks.

The guys were good looking, no they were freaking HOT! My brain reminded me what they must have seen, and I went crimson in my entire face.

The taller one smiled at me weirdly, and I felt uncomfortable and shifted on my feet. He had dark brown hair and green eyes.

A girl walked in and stood between them. She had brown hair and green eyes like the tall guy.

“What did you weirdos do now?” she asked them.

The taller guy shoved his hand behind his neck and gave a shy smile, “Nothing Haze.”


Oh! Hazel, our house mate!

“Finally!” Ella sighed and then giggled.

“Sorry, she’s excited. I’m Lacey and this is Ella.” I introduced us with a smile.

She held her hand out towards me, “I’m Hazel, and this is Lonan,” she pointed at the tall guy, “and this is Chadli.” She pointed at the other guy.

Chadli gave a nod, Lonan held his hand out to me, and I shook it. He gave me a half smile, and I saw a dimple. I blushed again and Ella came to my rescue.

“Let’s get your stuff upstairs.” Ella locked her elbow with hers and went upstairs. I followed them slowly and when I looked around the guys were standing on the porch talking. Did they run out??

The guys helped Hazel to move in and then got pizza for all of us. They also helped us to move some furniture around. I was handy with two pairs of muscular arms here to help.

When they left, we sat in the living room talking and getting to know each other.

Hazel was Lonan’s niece and enrolled in the same college that he did. She grew up with him and Chadli.

She was nice, and we all became friends quickly. This year has started off great!

We all went to our bedrooms to get ready for our first day of college.

I went to take a shower in my bathroom; the house had two bedrooms that had their own bathrooms. Ella and I each took one and loved to have our own space.

I stood in front of the mirror and tied my hair up in a messy knot. I had black hair and grey eyes that everyone always saw first. I had my mom’s eyes and my dad’s hair. She told me it’s family traits from both sides. I never got to meet other family members, and mom never told me why we had no contact with them.

I finally got to bed and savoured the feeling of my bed after two days of moving and getting sorted out in the new house.

“Lacey! Get up! Time for class!” Ella yelled me awake, I looked at the time and it was only 6, classes didn’t start till 8 I thought. I turned around, and she stormed in.

“I’m up.” I groaned as I got out of bed.

Ella seemed satisfied and trotted out, I heard her yelling at Hazel and felt sorry for her waking up to that. I was used to it after all these years, Ella was like a firecracker and that made her so lovable.

I got dressed in black skinny jeans, a white shirt and black flats. Nothing spontaneous like Ella. She wore a short pink summer dress with grey heels. She always looked like a doll and that made her even more beautiful, guys always gave her a lot of attention. I was the tomboy friend that liked to be left alone.

We sat in the kitchen having coffee, Hazel came into the kitchen and she wore jeans, a pink shirt and sneakers. I smiled at her and she returned that smile.

“Wow, am I the only girl in the house?” Ella asked, and we laughed at her.

I liked Hazel much more than I already did.

We all drove to school together in Ella’s car, we always took turns with driving to school and Ella wanted the first shift.

We found a parking spot, and Ella parked the car. We got out, and we were laughing about the look on Hazel’s face.

“I know, her driving is… Interesting.” I laughed and Ella shot me a look.

“No one in the clan drives like that.” She laughed, and we frowned at her in question. She smiled, “oh, that’s just what the guys call the groups.” She said, and we all walked towards the school.

There was a group of kids standing by a truck. They all looked at us and Hazel bit her lip.

“Haze, who’s your friends?” One guy asked as he walked over to us.

He looked just like Lonan, but his hair was shorter, and he had tattoos on both his arms, he’s whole demeanour was different.

“Larc, just leave us alone.” She hissed, and we looked at them.

He smirked, “Nah, I haven’t introduced myself little niece. You guys keeping that one for yourself?” Larc pointed at me and my brows shot up.

“Excuse me?” I said, agitated.

He grinned and walked closer towards me and looked down at me; I lifted my chin and stared at him.

“Feisty little beast, just like your clan.” He said as if I should understand what he meant.

“I don’t know what ‘clan’ you are referring to, but you better walk away.” I growled.

I always had a minor problem with my temper. Mom always said I’m like a caged beast sometimes.

“You don’t know your clan?” He asked in surprise.

Ella touched my arm for me to rein my temper back in, “I’m her clan, and I suggest you leave now with all your still limbs attached.” Ella said sweetly.

“I’d like to see what you are capable off princess?” Larc mocked me and I snarled at him.

“Enough Larc.” Lonan said in a growl.

Larc looked at him, but I kept my eyes on him. I refused to back away from this, and Lonan realised that after I kept my stance.

“Lacey?” Lonan said and placed his hand on my arm, I shot him a look and he lifted his hands in surrender.

“Honey, he’s just a prick and you’ll get your chance.” Ella whispered and I took a deep breath to calm myself.

“Fine.” I hissed and shoved Larc out of my way with my shoulder as I passed him.

As I was walking towards school, I saw half of the school looked at me in shock and wonder. I kept my chin up and smiled at them. This year was starting just great.

“Lacey, wait!” Lonan shouted.

“What?” I smiled, and he frowned at me.

“Just ignore Larc, he likes to get under everyone’s skin and loves to prove his dominance.” He said with a grin.

I laughed, “yeah, I figured that much.” I said.

He nudged my shoulder with his, “great work back there, I’ve seen no girl stand their ground like that with him.” He smiled proudly. And I felt good about that.

“Well, there’s a new alpha in town.” I smirked.

He stopped in his tracks and frowned at me. I just kept walking and left it the conversation there.

The classes where a drag, the professors just introduced themselves and explained what we would learn during this semester. It was the class before lunch and Lonan sat next to me; he winked at me and I blushed.

“You want to sit with us at lunch? Hazel would be there.” He smiled.

I gave it a thought, “Why not?” I shrugged.

“Good.” He smiled and then continues to listen to the lecture.

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