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I was ready to kill him right there on the spot just for rejecting her – he had actually found his mate and he turned her away?! Fucking asshole! For centuries it has been getting harder and harder for shifters to find their true bond mates so to actually be successful is a miracle! And what does my turd of a brother do?

Says no.

Rory Clark… Jesus she impressed the hell out of me and likely everyone in the room that day who witnessed Killian’s shame. Not only was she unphased by his rejection – she shook his fucking hand and wished him well! Part of me is fairly sure it was more out of the fact that she didn’t give a shit either way which only makes it even more impressive. She wasn’t impressed by Killian, attracted to him or intimidated by him.

If anything I’d say right from the start, she thought he was a prick.

“Why son?” Our Mom’s voice broke as she stops to ask him why he rejected Rory, his mate. Her pain over losing Dad had never lessened, she has only grown more adept at learning to live with it. I can’t imagine what a slap in the face this was for her to witness, her – their, oldest son turning away the pack’s next Luna.

Killian just weakened the pack as a whole forever and there is no going back from this. He can choose a mate, but she’ll never be Luna – only bonded mates get that honour and Killian just rejected her. Everyone can pray to the Moon Goddess that Killi is blessed with a second-chance mate but after rejecting his first one for… whatever reason, that is unlikely. The Moon Goddess does what she does for a reason and does not appreciate having her plans screwed with. A pack is at it’s strongest with an Alpha and a Luna – two halves making a whole. Without one or the other the pack remains at half strength and that is the harsh reality of what Killian has just condemned Erie Waters to a future of.

With the next two words Killian tore our family apart and I don’t know if we’ll ever be whole again. Asher is pissed off, but I know he’s hurt too – hearing this kind of shit again is probably bringing up a lot of childhood shit for him except now he’s getting it from family.

It was the look on Mom’s face though that I’ll never forgive Killi for – ever.

He broke our Mom’s heart but worst, so much worst – he made her feel shame about who she is - who Asher is. SHAME! It took all I had in me not to let Timber tear him the fuck apart, I was so angry - I still am. After he answered Mom, she regained her composure before turning and leaving for what I’m sure is the last time. No way in hell she’s ever coming back here – her home! Two words and Killian drove our Mom away forever and I did the only thing I knew to keep me from killing him - I left. I turned around on the spot and went out the back door.

Timber took over immediately and I never looked back.

That was… two seasons ago.

Before leaving the pack’s territory I had mindlinked my big brother and Alpha and not only resigned my position as Beta but also my position within the Erie Waters Pack. I was rogue – to a degree. I know I can tread into the territory of any number of packs and I’ll be welcome, ‘rogue’ or not but for… however long it has been I We kept to neutral territory. Timber has been in control the entire time while I’ve been meditating and contemplating on recent developments.

In other words, feeling sorry for myself and my shit life.

This time alone has been good though and is as close as I can get to turning in my ‘adult’ card for awhile. With no pack to call my own and no cellphone I haven’t spoken to any of my family in awhile and for the first time in… a long time, I miss them. I don’t have a home of my own anymore but I’m sure my baby sister and her Alpha husband will welcome me, even if it means being surrounded by their millions of pups.

Mom is there, and I know that’s where Asher will return to when he is back stateside, not Michigan. Our childhood home is no longer ‘home’ and that makes me sad, especially since so many of my memories of my Dad are tied to there. Goddamn Killian! I’m so fucking angry at him and his selfishness! Two words and he has ruined so much goodness.

The heart of my family is in Oklahoma so that is where I’m going to go – I think I’m ready. I don’t want to see Killian yet; I don’t know if I ever will, but I do want to see everyone else. I miss them and I love them. Timber misses his family too – wolves are pack animals so he’s excited to be heading back despite the fun he’s had out here. I’m sure he’ll have lots of exaggerated stories to bore everyone else’s wolves with once we get back.

“Pfft.” Timber puffs his chest out to show me that he should be proud of his exploits since they’re nothing short of outstanding - there is nothing more annoying than a cocky wolf.

Two little words and my big brother tore our family apart but maybe the rest of us can bring it back together? Mom and Runt will want to, and I have no doubt Ash will be on board. Runt, Everly – baby sis…. Shit, I need to start calling her by name – Gabe is going to kick my ass if I call her Runt even once…

Just because Killian fucked up doesn’t mean he gets to ruin it for the rest of us – I want to fight for my family too. Dad would be so disappointed and devastated to see us broken apart like we are right now, and I refuse to let my Dad down. Two little words and Killian rejected Rory, the future Luna of the Erie Waters Pack but also not only put my family but the entire pack on a downward spiral.

Two little fucking words.

“She’s human.”

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