Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 10: Secrets Must Be Spilled

She slowly wraps her arms around me, then moves to rest her head on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Gia.” I can’t let the tears slip, “I don’t mean to be so detached.”

Gia rubs my back, “It’s okay, Saph, it’s alright.”
Her words trigger a trickle, “It’s just-” I sniffle squeezing my eyes shut, “I don’t want you to walk away from me, so I always thought if I reserved myself somehow, it would make you stay.”

Something like a remorseful chuckle comes from her, “I could never leave your side, what kind of friend would that make me?” Gia holds me away from her, taking in my sad face, “I’m not Kaisha, I’m not Xander or Aster,” When she says Asters name, a chill runs through my spine, “I’m not going anywhere, you can’t get rid of me that easy, even when I die I’ll haunt you in your sleep.”

I laugh a hideous laugh, wiping tears from my cheeks, “Please don’t haunt me when you die.”

“Ah, ah, ah too late now, my friend.” We both sit back in our seats. I breathe in and out again. I really needed that release. If I didn’t act soon I could have gotten us into a crash from being lost in thought. Even the strange encounter I had with that man doesn’t bother me half as much as it did earlier.

I should probably tell her about that as well.

“Speaking of haunting, some guy followed me to my house earlier.” I press the gas in the directions the GPS demands.

Gia lowers the mirror, then faces me, “Say what?”

I nod, “Yeah-” I chuckle, trying to relive the moment for her without flipping my shit. “At first I saw him at Chipotle’s, he sort of saved me from slipping on the ground,” Gia makes a sound of understanding, “Then after that he disappeared, like he just vanished, then when I finally got home I saw him from the sun room window in front of the driveway of my house.”

Gia gags, “What a creep, did he hurt you, I mean, I did call you earlier-”

Another laugh, “By the time you called he was already in my house.”


“My fucking house, I was so scared I almost peed on myself but I had the advantage, he was at gunpoint most of the time.”

“Most of the time, he should be dead, Saphyre-” Gia compresses her body in her seat, then smacks the dashboard, “How do you find it difficult to talk to my brother but manageable to talk to a stranger, who is in fact a certified, world class stalker, you could have gotten killed. Or much worse.”

I sigh, turning onto a highway, “You have a point, but he knows my name, Gia, he acted like he used to know me or something...” My own words trail off at the memory of his thumb on my lip.

“So the fuck what, any killer can play that role to a T,” Gia huffs, and crosses her arms, “You’re lucky I don’t tell your brother about this, much less Xander.”

My face goes numb. “Please don’t tell anyone, it’s bad enough I agreed to meet up with him again.”

“SAPHYRE AURORA IRIS?!” Gia shouts, “Were you born yesterday?”

Maybe I shouldn’t have told her that tiny detail. This is what happens when I get social. I talk a little too much.

A gulp gets stuck in my throat, “I take it that was a bad move.”

Gia grumbles a statement under her breath. Is she praying? She inhales then flips the mirror back up. “Okay, one thing at a time.” She pushes her hands out in front of her, “What did he look like?”

This is a simplex question, “I couldn’t get a good look at his face, he had the hood of a grim reaper for chrissake’s, but he was tall, broad shoulders, pretty well built.” “He wore all black but I could tell by his hands that he was African American.”

“So you mean to tell me that you saw all of this and not a single facial feature?” Gia asks

I am a sad excuse for a human being, aren’t I? “That’s what I’m saying.”

“D’oh..” Gia buries her face in her hands, “What time did you say you’d meet this creep, you need to take someone with you, you could be leading yourself straight into a death trap.”

That sounds like a good idea but I agreed to meet him on strict conditions, “I can’t it’ll only make things worse, besides, if he wanted to hurt me, he could have a few hours ago.”

Gia faces me, “Killers love to play with their bait, Saphyre.” She leans back in her seat, “This is a script straight out of Criminal Minds.”

I chuckle, “Don’t say that, you’re making me sound like I’m about to do something improbably stupid.”

“You are, genius.”

I laugh again and Gia groans in her hunched state.

Okay, I admit it felt good to remove that elephant from the room as well.

Gia sighs touching my hand placed on the gear knob, “Promise me to call before you go and as soon as you leave, if you don’t I’m calling the cops, stat.”

“I promise, Gia.”

She removes her hand with another breath, “Universe please, please, please don’t give me a daughter!”

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