Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 11: I Hate Bullies

Windy City High is a pretty nice school in my opinion. They sure do pack a punch when it comes to school pride though. I mean, I’m actually standing in a line stretching from the ticket booth inside to get a ticket for Gia and I. She insisted on paying but I begged her to either let me pay or I turn the car around. That instantly changed her tune.

6:30 pm.

Dammit, it’s going to take those ticket brokers forever to get us out of this vestibule.

If I knew the line was going to be this long and obnoxious I would have definitely lied about mae saying yes. In front of us must be people that either attend this school or relatives to the students that do. Either way, they are loud as hell and I am this close to stuffing headphones in my ear. Despite the vow I made to myself.

“Ughhh, how long?!” Gia complains knocking her head against my shoulder.

I smile, motioning her to step forward, from here I can see the people finally getting into the gymnasium. Windy City’s school colors are quite abstract. Unlike our choice of two colors they have three: Maroon, Gold and White. And by the looks of things, It seems as if their mascot is a Tiger. That was a pretty good choice. I don’t know if I could ever attend this school though, everyone here seems snobby and stuck up. Not to long ago, Gia and I were walking towards the double doors of the building and we were trailing right behind a family. Before we could even touch the handle the woman that was with them swings it behind her in hopes of shutting Gia and I out.

“You washed-out, inconsiderate cunt!” Gia yelled swinging the door open. The women looked back at her and faked the most theatrical apology that I have ever seen. I tried to stop Gia but when she’s angry, she moves at the speed of light. Gia turned her back on the piteous women, disregarding her altogether. Her husband didn’t even bother turning around to see what the commotion was all about, but other people did. Gia loves a good spotlight from time to time. Between the two of us, she’s definitely the extrovert.

We finally take our turn at the ticket booth.

“Just the two a ya’s?” A middle aged white lady says behind the booth. Gia answers before I can say anything, evil eying the women she had an encounter with who just made it into the gym. “That’ll be 3 dollas please.” Her accent is thick Italian. Really heavy eyes too, but the green in them is quite striking. Still, by the way her face is sagging she looks like she’s had a long day.

She and Gia’s feisty Italian self would make great friends.

I flip out a 20 to her, “I’m afraid I only have big bills with me, ma’am.” She takes it with a trembling hand then strikes it with a pen before opening the cash draw, “Keep the change, please.” Her eyes widen at me, and her spotty cheeks raise. There’s the smile I was looking for.

“You two enjoy ya’selves, thank you, kindly.” She says with a grateful posture.

I allow Gia to go ahead of me, “No, thank you, and have a good night.”

The gym is almost overcrowded on both sides. My anxiety immediately shoots through the raptors. I should have driven faster, we would have made better timing. This seating situation is going to be tough.

“Hey Gia and Saphyre, up here!” A voice shouts over the noise of the music and bouncing basketballs from in the bleachers, Gia and I both crane our necks to find it.

Gia waves looping her other arm through mine. “Hold on, Haley here we come!”

“She knows my name?” I ask as Gia practically pulls me up the stairwell.

She laughs, “Everyone does, silly, you just don’t know it because you don’t ‘people’.” Haley and her group scoot down to make room for us, and immediately they get to socializing and greeting Gia with over exaggerated cheers, smiles, and laughter.

I’m more focused on the court.

From here I can see a clear panoramic view of the home bleachers and both sides of the court. On the right is the Tigers team and on the left is ours, practicing their shots and stretching. The Tigers players are pretty tall, some even taller than Clayton and that’s saying something.

The entire team look like postman. I suppose that’s one of the many features of this school that makes them our rival. Both cheer squads are lined up on the walls of their designated walls. Our cheer squad is pretty good I’ll give them that. I heard through Gia that they went to state last year and beat a few records and took home the trophy. The funny thing is, they were going against Windy City.

“Now this is going to be fun!” Gia says handing me a chocolate Crunch Bar. She turns back to her purse.

I smirk at her, “Did you buy this while I wasn’t looking?”

“No, I smuggled it in, I went snack shopping before you picked me up.” She pops a craisin in her mouth from her Omega-3 snack bag, “Concession snacks are way too pricey.”

A loud laugh is heard from below.

It looks like Trey just made an attempt to dunk and failed. He takes his dangling body from off of the hoop and laughs with the rest of the guys who high five him for his good effort. Stupid kid, from what I’ve seen he’s always been one to push to the furthest limit. It’s a good trait though, one of the many things that sets him apart from his slimy dad.

“So Saphyre,” My name is being called, I look down the row we’re in to see Haley’s head peeking out from behind Gia, “Did you know that your brother, Trey, is dating this outcast named Veronica?”

Well, this news actually takes me by utter surprise, Gia leans back with a smile. It must really make her happy to see me engaging in meaningless gossip.

“No I didn’t actually.” I answer.

Haley smiles then points down the bleachers, “You see that girl, the one with the burgundy hair?”

I arch my neck to look down the bleachers.


Veronica is dressed in all black, wearing a diamond choker around her neck, and her thick hair bunched up in a ponytail. From behind it looks like she’s all by herself. The people beside her aren’t paying her any mind, or are facing the other way to talk to someone beside them. I can see her shoulders trembling, like her elbow is on her bouncing knee or something.


Haley leans across Gia, “That’s her, she never speaks to anyone but him.” Haley scoffs, “I find it disgusting, she acts so high and mighty just because her family is rich, if I were you, Saph, I would show her a thing or two for not talking to you first about being with Trey.”

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