Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 12: Let's Be Friends

“You know that did cross my mind.” I smile just as deviously, or so I hope, “You said her name was Veronica?”

Haley’s eyes glisten, “Her real name is Veronica but Von for short, that’s what I’ve heard Trey call her anyway.”

“I see.” Von is only 2 rows below us, but I don’t want to cause a scene and make her feel uncomfortable by yelling her name.

I tap a guys shoulder in front of my with a navy blue jacket. He turns around and his blue eyes widen. “Did you need something?”

He asks, and is he blushing? What a creep. I put on my best smile, “Could you, perhaps tap that girl right below you, with the burgundy hair?” I point to Veronica and he looks her way, “I was hoping you could ask her to join me and my friends up here.”

He smiles, “Sure.” And relays the message.

Veronica almost jumps when he touches her, then her big doe, green eyes face me so I smile and wave at her. She gives the man a thankful smile and gathers her purse.

Wow, she puts her Chanel bag on the floor? The girl has guts.

Gia grabs my arm, “You know, you don’t have to chew her out, Trey is a-”

“Who said I was going to chew her out?” I ask following Veronica with my eyes. Her head is lowered, concentrating on taking the steps one at a time. I can only imagine what she must be feeling right now. Scared, Overwhelmed, maybe anxious. I motion Gia to move down as she finally reaches our row.

Veronica clutches her purse in her small arms, “Y-you wanted me?”

I smile at her and pat the seat next to me, before extending my hand to help her sit, “Yes, please join me and my...“I look down the row, and Haley’s entire group is watching me with bulging eyes as if I dared to bring her in their vicinity, “Well, Gia’s friends.”

She smiles hopefully, taking my hand and adjusting herself next to me. This cute girl needs to eat more. Her metabolism is either way too good or her parents are forcing her to take up a modeling gig. Her diamond shaped face would certainly make the cut on the cover of Vogue. Everything about her is so miniature. Her shy demeanor makes her all the more pleasant.

Nice job, Trey.

“Y-” She tucks a stray hair behind her ear, “you know my name?”

I smirk, “Oh, right, that,” I look passed Gia, “Haley told me, and I believe she had some words for you, did you not, Haley?” Her group looks away, leaving Haley with the trouble.

Haley throws me an angry glance, then smiles, “No I don’t think I do, Saphyre.”

Did she just spit my name out of her mouth like that?

Geez, what a viper.

I smile back at her, then to Vee, “Well, than other than that false alarm, my name is Saphyre, but you can call me Saph, I’m Trey’s stepsister.”

Veronica looks at me wide-eyed then turns away with rosy cheeks, “Oh, I’m Veronica, my friends call me Von.”

Gia moves from behind me, “I’m Gia, but my friends call me Gia.” This makes Von and I laugh a little harder than we should have. I wonder why Trey never introduced me to her.

She’s just like me...

Okay, that’s not creepy whatsoever.

Gia offers her an Omega-3 snack bag, being conscious of her size. Von happily accepts and makes herself comfortable around Gia and I.

Haley on the other hand hasn’t stopped glaring in our direction ever since Von sat down. If it’s one thing I hate the most it’s a bully. My intuition always told me that Haley and her group were bad news but I gave them the benefit of the doubt since Gia was always around them. Maybe she likes them for the gossip or popularity.

But that’s exactly why I hate them. All of them.

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