Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 13: Let The Game Begin

face forward to see Xander standing before his opponent at half court. His teammates are spread out on both sides as are his opposing players. A heavy set referee steps outside the two, standing square in the middle. Xander and his rival squat simultaneously as the ball is raised in the air. As soon as the ref tosses it, they jump towards the ball.

Xander swats it behind him and Kevin catches it smoothly. The student section on our sides are going wild and the Tigers marching band begins playing a defensive score to motivate their school. This is actually much more exciting than I anticipated. I haven’t once thought about my headphones or the terrorizing, mysterious man.

Our offense easily spreads themselves away from their opponents as Kevin passes Trey the ball. Trey holds a sign on his fingers that only his teammates understand and they move as told. A defender approaches Trey with efficient pressure, in attempts to distract him from being able to spot his open teammates. Xander slides out at the shoulder of the court so Trey launches it towards him.

Xander fakes up as a guy steps toward him with a wide stance then crosses him weaving his way towards the basket. Instead of taking the shot, he cleverly bounce passes it to Kevin who then dishes it to Clayton.

Clayton, because of his outstanding height, easily lays the ball into the net.

Our side including the student section and the cheerleaders are on their feet, cheering and shouting Clayton’s name.

That was pretty good teamwork in my opinion. Here I thought Xander was going to be a ball hog.

“Number 45, Clayton!” The MC shouts over the cheers.

I contain myself as the rest of the crowd chants “Defense Raiders, defense!”

If I didn’t know anything about basketball tiers I would mistaken this game for a college game.

The guys take a low stance, spreading their arms out in front of their opponents.

Von sighs, “I wonder why they’re called point guards.”

Gia faces Von, “That’s because, that guy is in charge of pointing at all the guards and telling them where to go.”

Von beams, “Really, oh wow, that explains it?” I can’t hold it in. I cover my mouth way too late for her not to notice my amusement. “What, it does.”

“It’s okay, Von, Gia has a way of making things up so that she understands the concept herself.” I still can’t control my facial expression.

Gia shrugs, “I agree with Von, it makes perfectly good sense.”

Von shakes her head at Gia’s obscene remark, “I thought you were serious.”

“I was!”
“She was.”

Gia and I speak at the same time unintentionally and then three of us are in fits of laughter again.

Cheers from the other side of the gym erupt, snagging our attention. A guy with the number 32 runs down the gym with his finger up as if he had just made the shot of his entire high school career.

“An amazing jump shot made by Saiki Goldworthy!” The MC grunts into the mic. Both sides are on their feet again. I’m kind of relieved that I missed that. That guy has a very strange name and a pretty strange haircut as well.

Xander is behind the baseline, passing it in to Trey. He whispers something in his ear and then runs ahead of him along with the rest of the team. Trey passes half court and then stops at the very top.

He dribbles in place slowly, scanning the floor for an open man. His previous defender stays in his position, maybe hoping to avoid what happened last time he left a man open.

Trey effectively fakes it to Xander, causing the defense to face his way, then passes it to Kevin.

Kevin, being left open at the right shoulder of the 3 point line takes a shot anddddd....

“YES, GO KEVIN!” Gia jumps out of her seat yanking at my arm, screaming and clapping for Kevin.

The Tigers make a move to take it down the court quicker than our guys take to get into position. The one dribbling the ball attempts to cross Maxum, but he steals the ball smoothly bouncing it in between his legs jetting pack down the court.

Our side of the bleachers cheers are cheering so obnoxiously, I can’t even hear the MC’s comments. Maxim passes it to Kevin who’s running along side Xander.
Xander sprints ahead.

“He’s gonna dunk.” Von whispers with both fists clenched in anticipation.

Kevin tosses the ball up before Xander leaps, putting it through his legs and slamming it into the hoop! Gia and I grab each other in excitement, as the lights in the gym blink in a strobe manner.

“An impressive slam dunk, made by Xander Fergusson!”

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